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Almost Like Being In Love - Stevie HollandSound Clips2003-09-30CD150 150M05
Taking My Turn - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2010-09-21CD150 Music
Love, Linda: The Life of Mrs. Cole Porter - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2010-02-09CD150 Music 11
Life Goes On - Stevie HollandSound Clips2015-06-30CD150 Music 150
More Than Words Can Say - Stevie HollandSound Clips2006-05-30CD150 Music 150M07
Before Love Has Gone - Stevie HollandSound Clips2008-06-24CD150 Music 150M09
The Me Nobody Knows - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2001-09-05CD150 Music 150Music02
Do You Ever Dream? - Stevie HollandSound Clips2000-01-01CD150 Music 3643