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Andy Williams Sings Rodgers & Hammerstein - Andy WilliamsSound Clips2000-09-12CDCollectables
Bachelors' Paradise / On The Way Up
Bachelors' Paradise - Ann-Margret
Getting Sentimental Over Tommy Dorsey - Jo Stafford2002-06-18CDCollectables
Stage Show / Love Affair
Love Affair - The Four Lads
But You've Never Heard Gershwin With Bongos / Savage And Sensuous Bongos
But You've Never Heard Gershwin With Bongos - Don Ralke & His Orchestra
Sound Clips2011-03-11CDCollectables
Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte / Gentle on My Mind
Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte - Patti Page
Portrait In Music - George Maharis2000-07-11CDCollectables
Carnegie Hall Concert - John Gary2004-06-22CDCollectables
Swingin' Down the Lane / Hello, Young Lovers
Hello, Young Lovers - Richard Maltby and his Orchestra
Swingin' Down the Lane - Richard Maltby and his Orchestra
Why Can't I Walk Away - Vic Damone2003-01-21CDCollectables
The Kostelanetz Sound Of Today - Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra
Today's Greatest Movie Hits - Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra
Dinah Washington Meets Faye Adams - Dinah Washington and Faye Adams2009-09-29CDCollectables 1422
Billie Holiday Meets Gloria Lynne - Billie Holiday and Gloria Lynne2009-09-29CDCollectables 1427
The Columbia Album of Victor Herbert - Percy Faith and his OrchestraSound Clips2003-09-16CDCollectables 17565
Make Way For - Dionne Warwick2011-11-29CDCollectables 18110
Sing To Me, Mr. C. - Perry Como
By Request - Perry Como
2001-05-082-CDCollectables 2762
Saturday Night With Mr. C. - Perry ComoSound Clips2001-05-082-CDCollectables 2763
Como Swings - Perry Como
For The Young At Heart - Perry Como
2001-05-08CDCollectables 2765
TV Favorites - Perry ComoSound Clips2001-05-08CDCollectables 2766
Marvelous Marv Johnson / More Marv Johnson
Marvelous Marv Johnson - Marv Johnson
Sound Clips2001-08-14CDCollectables 2770
Real Gone! / Our New Nellie
Our New Nellie - Nellie Lutcher
Real Gone! - Nellie Lutcher
2000-10-17CDCollectables 2788
Catch a Rising Star / Encore
Encore - John Gary
Sound Clips2002-02-05CDCollectables 2805
So Tenderly - John Gary
A Little Bit Of Heaven - John Gary
2002-02-05CDCollectables 2806
That Bad Eartha/Down To Eartha
That Bad Eartha - Eartha Kitt
2002-04-16CDCollectables 2840
At the Waldorf Astoria - Lena Horne
Lena at the Sands - Lena Horne
Sound Clips2002-04-02CDCollectables 2841
The Nearness Of You - John Gary2002-02-05CDCollectables 2844
Jamaica - Original Broadway Cast
Porgy and Bess - Studio cast (Lena Horne, Harry Belafonte)
Sound Clips2003-01-212-CDCollectables 2845
The Exciting Voice of Sergio Franchi - Sergio Franchi
Live at the Cocoanut Grove - Sergio Franchi
Sound Clips2003-01-212-CDCollectables 2851
Rockin' With Kay / I Hear the Word
Rockin' With Kay - Kay Starr
2002-11-05CDCollectables 2859
Choice - John Gary
A Heart Filled With Song - John Gary
2004-01-27CDCollectables 2865
Doctor Dolittle - Studio CastSound Clips2005-03-08CDCollectables 497
Golden Classics - Dinah Washington1992-11-03CDCollectables 5200
Baubles, Bangles, And Beads - The Kirby Stone FourSound Clips1994-03-21CDCollectables 5473
The New Sound Of Ernestine Anderson - Ernestine Anderson1996-09-24CDCollectables 5756
My Fair Lady - Percy Faith and his Orchestra
Camelot - Percy Faith
Sound Clips1998-01-05CDCollectables 5832
Sincerely Yours... - Robert GouletSound Clips1997-07-01CDCollectables 5847
After Hours - Gloria Lynne
Gloria, Marty & Strings - Gloria Lynne
1998-01-05CDCollectables 5853
I Wish You Love - Gloria Lynne
Go! Go! Go! - Gloria Lynne
Sound Clips1998-01-02CDCollectables 5855
Steady Date With Tommy Sands - Tommy Sands1998-01-05CDCollectables 5869
A Taste Of The Fantastic - Michele LeeSound Clips1999-11-09CDCollectables 5882
Music of George Gershwin - Andre KostelanetzSound Clips1999-11-09CDCollectables 5886
Music Of Jerome Kern - André Kostelanetz And His OrchestraSound Clips1999-11-09CDCollectables 5899
Suddenly It's The Hi-Lo's - The Hi-Lo's1999-08-03CDCollectables 6026
You'll Never Walk Alone - Roy Hamilton
The Golden Boy - Roy Hamilton
Sound Clips1999-05-25CDCollectables 6043
Leslie Uggams on TV - Leslie Uggams
More Leslie Uggams on TV - Leslie Uggams
Sound Clips1999-07-27CDCollectables 6059
My Buddy - Buddy Greco
On Stage - Buddy Greco
Sound Clips1999-09-28CDCollectables 6079
Bergen Sings Morgan - Polly Bergen
The Party's Over - Polly Bergen
Sound Clips2000-01-25CDCollectables 6084
Lovingly - Sylvia SymsSound Clips2001-08-14CDCollectables 6175
Shelley! / The Things We Did Last Summer
Shelley! - Shelley Fabares
2000-09-12CDCollectables 6223
Esther Phillips Sings - Esther Phillips
And I Love Him - Esther Phillips
Sound Clips1999-05-25CDCollectables 6228
My Dad / Lollipops & Roses
My Dad - Paul Petersen
1999-06-08CDCollectables 6230
The Music Man - Jazz CoverSound Clips1999-06-08CDCollectables 6248
Love Letters: 14 Original Classics - Ketty LesterSound Clips1999-09-28CDCollectables 6289
The World in My Arms - Anita EllisSound Clips2004-03-09CDCollectables 6392
Live at Leo's Casino - Gloria Lynne2005-01-25CDCollectables 6399
And That Reminds Me / A Date With Della Reese
A Date with Della Reese - Della Reese
Sound Clips2000-07-11CDCollectables 6412
Melancholy Baby - Della Reese
The Story of the Blues - Della Reese
Sound Clips2000-07-11CDCollectables 6413
Ring Around Rosie With the Hi-Lo's / Hollywood's Best
Ring Around Rosie - Rosemary Clooney & The Hi-Lo's
Hollywood's Best - Rosemary Clooney & Harry James
Sound Clips2000-07-11CDCollectables 6460
Dancing Theatre Party - Lester Lanin And His OrchestraSound Clips2000-07-11CDCollectables 6463
Broadway Playbill - The Hi-Lo's
Now Hear This - The Hi-Lo's
Sound Clips2000-10-17CDCollectables 6465
Be My Love / Have You Looked Into Your Heart
Be My Love - Jerry Vale
2000-09-12CDCollectables 6482
Wein, Women and Song - George WeinSound Clips2004-09-14CDCollectables 6525
Nobody Else But Me: Betty Bennett Sings The Arrangements Of Shorty Rogers & André Previn - Betty BennettSound Clips2000-09-12CDCollectables 6623
Music Of Vincent Youmans - Andre Kostelanetz and his Orchestra
Music By Cole Porter - Andre Kostelanetz
Sound Clips2001-01-30CDCollectables 6630
Music Of Irving Berlin - Andre KostelanetzSound Clips2000-11-14CDCollectables 6632
In My Style - Jane Morgan2000-11-14CDCollectables 6639
Bacchanal! / Portraits
Portraits - Frank De Vol and his Orchestra
2000-10-17CDCollectables 6647
On The Sunny Side - The Four Lads
Breezin' Along - The Four Lads
2001-01-16CDCollectables 6648
The Complete DeJohn Sisters - DeJohn Sisters2001-01-30CDCollectables 6663
The Four Lads Sing Frank Loesser - The Four LadsSound Clips2001-01-30CDCollectables 6666
On Moonlight Bay - Studio Cast
By the Light of the Silvery Moon - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2001-01-30CDCollectables 6667
Romance / A Date with Jane Powell
A Date with Jane Powell - Jane Powell
Romance - Jane Powell
Sound Clips2001-02-27CDCollectables 6670
Red Garters - Film Soundtrack
White Christmas - Studio Cast (Rosemary Clooney)
Sound Clips2001-06-12CDCollectables 6685
Tea for Two - Soundtrack
Lullaby of Broadway - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2001-06-12CDCollectables 6690
Can-Can - Ferrante & Teicher
Me and Juliet - Ferrante & Teicher
Continental Holiday - Ferrante & Teacher
Sound Clips2001-07-10CDCollectables 6692
Love Nest / All Over the Place
All Over The Place - The Hi-Lo's
2001-07-10CDCollectables 6694
Songs For My Man - Frances Wayne2001-06-12CDCollectables 6696
Dinah Shore: From the Columbia Vaults - Dinah ShoreSound Clips2001-07-10CDCollectables 6698
The Pajama Game - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2001-07-10CDCollectables 6699
No Strings: An After-Theatre Version - Various ArtisitsSound Clips2004-12-07CDCollectables 6714
Porgy and Bess: A Symphonic Picture - Andre Kostelanetz
André Kostelanetz Conducts the Philadelphia Orchestra "Pops" - Philadelphia Pops Orchestra
An American In Paris - André Kostelanetz & His Orchestra
Sound Clips2001-07-10CDCollectables 6800
Billy Rose's Jumbo - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2001-07-10CDCollectables 6801
Something Wonderful - Carmen McRaeSound Clips2001-06-12CDCollectables 6802
The Roar Of The Greasepaint, The Smell Of The Crowd - Herbie MannSound Clips2001-08-14CDCollectables 6829
The Art of Mabel Mercer
Songs By Mabel Mercer, Volume Two - Mabel Mercer
Songs By Mabel Mercer, Volume One - Mabel Mercer
Sound Clips2001-08-14CDCollectables 6838
At Town Hall - Mabel Mercer & Bobby Short
Second Town Hall Concert - Mabel Mercer & Bobby Short
Sound Clips2001-08-142-CDCollectables 6839
Bobby Short Loves Cole Porter - Bobby Short
Guess Who's In Town: Bobby Short Performs the Songs of Andy Razaf - Bobby Short
Sound Clips2001-08-142-CDCollectables 6844
Cuttin' Capers - Doris Day
Bright and Shiny - Doris Day
Sound Clips2001-11-13CDCollectables 6860
Everything Goes! - The Four Lads2001-07-31CDCollectables 6866
What Every Girl Should Know - Doris Day
I Have Dreamed - Doris Day
Sound Clips2001-07-31CDCollectables 6868
Duet - Doris DaySound Clips2001-09-25CDCollectables 6874
I Wonder What Became of Me - Anita Ellis2001-11-13CDCollectables 6891
Black Nativity - Studio CastSound Clips2001-01-30CDCollectables 7161
The One And Only - John Gary2004-10-26CDCollectables 7320
Harmony Time/Harmony Time Volume II
Harmony Time - The Chordettes
Harmony Time Volume II - The Chordettes
2002-02-05CDCollectables 7403
Come to Broadway / Put the Blame on Mame
Come To Broadway - Somethin' Smith and the Redheads
2002-04-16CDCollectables 7406
The Swingin'est Gals In Town - Bobby Hackett
Jazz Impressions of Oliver! - Bobby Hackett
Sound Clips2002-02-19CDCollectables 7410
Warm & Willing / Newest Hits
Warm and Willing - Andy Williams
2002-02-05CDCollectables 7425
Rosemary Clooney at the London Palladium - Rosemary Clooney
Tenderly - Rosemary Clooney
Date with the King - Benny Goodman & Rosemary Clooney
Sound Clips2002-11-05CDCollectables 7427
Harmony Encores/Sing Your Requests
Sing Your Requests - The Chordettes
2002-02-05CDCollectables 7430
The Happy Sound of Ray Conniff - Ray ConniffSound Clips2002-02-05CDCollectables 7434
Tells It Like It Is / In a New Mood
In A New Mood - Oscar Brown Jr.
2002-01-22CDCollectables 7436
The Lerner And Loewe Bandbook - Les Brown
The Richard Rodgers Bandbook - Les Brown
Sound Clips2002-03-19CDCollectables 7460
Porgy and Bess - Percy Faith and his Orchestra
The Most Happy Fella - Percy Faith and his Orchestra
Sound Clips2002-05-21CDCollectables 7469
The Love Goddesses / Hollywood's Great Themes
Hollywood's Great Themes - Percy Faith and his Orchestra
2002-03-19CDCollectables 7478
Do I Hear a Waltz? - Percy Faith
Subways Are for Sleeping - Percy Faith
Sound Clips2002-05-21CDCollectables 7480
Herschel Bernardi sings Fiddler on the Roof - Herschel Bernardi
Show Stopper - Herschel Bernardi
Theme from 'Zorba' (Life Is) / Only Love - Herschel Bernardi
Pencil Marks on the Wall / In My Own Lifetime - Herschel Bernardi
Sound Clips2002-10-082-CDCollectables 7502
Jesus Christ Superstar - Percy FaithSound Clips2002-11-19CDCollectables 7507
Polly Bergen Sings Songs from Do Re Mi & Annie Get Your Gun - Studio CastSound Clips2003-02-18CDCollectables 7518
The Complete Columbia Recordings - Merv Griffin2003-11-04CDCollectables 7533
Georgia Gibbs' Greatest Hits - Georgia Gibbs2003-01-21CDCollectables 7534
This Time It's Love - The Hi-Lo's2003-04-15CDCollectables 7552
Rarities - Dinah ShoreSound Clips2003-10-21CDCollectables 7576
A Night with Rudolf Friml / Shakespeare's Greatest Hits
A Night with Rudolf Friml - Earl Wrightson
Sound Clips2003-06-24CDCollectables 7581
There Goes My Everything/Take a Message to Mary
There Goes My Everything - Don Cherry
2003-09-16CDCollectables 7582
The Columbia Years - Sylvia Syms
Poor Everybody Else / There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This - Sylvia Syms
Sweet September / Love, Come Take Me Again - Sylvia Syms
Sound Clips2004-01-27CDCollectables 7584
The Columbia Albums Of Irving Berlin
The Columbia Album Of Irving Berlin - Frank DeVol and His Orchestra
Sound Clips2003-09-02CDCollectables 7586
The Writing on the Wall: The Very Best of Adam Wade - Adam Wade2004-03-09CDCollectables 7587
Swingin' For Two - Don Cherry2004-04-27CDCollectables 7588
You Don't Have to Say You Love Me - Jerry Vale
I Don't Know How to Love Her - Jerry Vale
2003-11-25CDCollectables 7595
European Holiday - Studio CastSound Clips2003-11-25CDCollectables 7596
Today My Way / Honey Come Back
Honey Come Back - Patti Page
2003-11-25CDCollectables 7597
Say Wonderful Things / Love After Midnight
Love After Midnight - Patti Page
2003-11-25CDCollectables 7598
Girl Meets Boy - Peggy King
Wish Upon a Star - Peggy King
Sound Clips2003-11-25CDCollectables 7614
Blue Swing - Eileen RodgersSound Clips2004-03-09CDCollectables 7625
On The Sunny Side - Julius LaRosa
Love Songs À La Rosa - Julius LaRosa
2004-07-27CDCollectables 7631
My Heart Sings - Polly Bergen
I Feel Sorry for the Boy / He Didn't Call - Polly Bergen
The Happiest Girl in the World / Bye Bye Blackbird - Polly Bergen
The Party's Over / Do It Yourself - Polly Bergen
Sound Clips2004-08-31CDCollectables 7640
The Unmistakable Tammy Grimes - Tammy Grimes
Tammy Grimes - Tammy Grimes
Sound Clips2004-08-31CDCollectables 7649
The Livin' End - Barbara McNairSound Clips2006-02-28CDCollectables 7736
I Enjoy Being a Girl - Barbara McNairSound Clips2006-02-28CDCollectables 7737
Have Organ, Will Swing - Buddy Cole
Buddy Cole Plays Cole Porter - Buddy Cole
2008-05-27CDCollectables 78650
Wonderland of Golden Hits / I Wish You Love
I Wish You Love - Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra
Wonderland of Golden Hits - Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra
2008-07-29CDCollectables 7875
Time Alone Will Tell / This Guy's In Love With You
Time Alone Will Tell and Other Great Hits of Today - Jerry Vale
2008-07-29CDCollectables 7877
We Belong Together - The Barry SistersSound Clips2008-07-29CDCollectables 7941
At Home With The Barry Sisters / Side By Side
Side By Side - The Barry Sisters
2008-07-29CDCollectables 7942
It's a Great Feeling - Pearl Bailey
Mame / If My Friends Could See Me Now - Pearl Bailey
Sound Clips2005-02-22CDCollectables 8051
Beautiful Ballads - Rosemary ClooneySound Clips2004-10-12CDCollectables 8058
Beautiful Ballads - Doris DaySound Clips2005-03-15CDCollectables 8061
All That Jazz
All That Jazz / My Own Best Friend - Liza Minnelli
2005-03-15CDCollectables 8074
Who Can I Turn To - Tony BennettSound Clips2004-12-21CDCollectables 8090
Back to Back Hits: Two Generations of Genius - Judy Garland & Liza Minnelli2004CDCollectables 9441
Johnny Angel
Bye Bye Birdie - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2005-07-19CDCollectables 9931
The Great Sound of Les Elgart - Les Elgart
It's De-Lovely - Les Elgart
Sound Clips2000-10-17CDCollectables A-31526
My Cup Runneth Over - Ed Ames1997-10-21CDCollectables CDL-2704
Time of My Life / A Kind of Hush
A Kind Of Hush - John Davidson
Sound Clips1999-08-31CDCollectables COL 6078
Mary Poppins - Duke Ellington Plays with the Original Motion Picture ScoreSound Clips2005-03-15CDCollectables COL 6732
Bye Bye Birdie - Studio CastSound Clips2005-06-14CDCollectables COL 7682
Sincerely Yours... - Robert Goulet
My Love Forgive Me - Robert Goulet
1997-07-01CDCollectables COL-5847
Gloria Lynne At Basin Street East / Gloria Lynne At The Las Vegas Thunderbird
At The Las Vegas Thunderbird - Gloria Lynne
1997CDCollectables COL-5854
Where Does Love Go - Charles BoyerSound Clips2008-04-29CDCollectables COL-CD-0823
In Person at the Empire Room - Gisele MacKenzieSound Clips2006-12-05CDCollectables COL-CD-0852
So Smooth - Perry Como
We Get Letters - Perry Como
Sound Clips2001-05-08CDCollectables COL-CD-2764
Meet Marvelous Marilyn Maye - Marilyn Maye
The Lamp Is Low - Marilyn Maye
Sound Clips2001-05-08CDCollectables COL-CD-2807
Eddie Fisher Sings Irving Berlin Favorites - Eddie Fisher
Eddie Fisher Sings Academy Award Winning Songs - Eddie Fisher
Broadway Classics - Eddie Fisher
Sound Clips2002-04-16CDCollectables COL-CD-2832
That's Entertainment! - Judy Garland
I Could Go On Singing - Soundtrack
Sound Clips2002CDCollectables COL-CD-2839
Miss Show Business - Judy Garland
Judy - Judy Garland
2002-03-19CDCollectables COL-CD-2846
Discovery! - Vikki Carr
Color Her Great - Vikki Carr
Sound Clips2006-09-05CDCollectables COL-CD-2901
Dakota at Storyville - Dakota Staton1991CDCollectables COL-CD-5233
Dear Heart - Andy Williams
The Shadow Of Your Smile - Andy Williams
1999-03-23CDCollectables COL-CD-6048
Born Free / Love, Andy
Born Free - Andy Williams
Love, Andy - Andy Williams
Sound Clips1999-03-22CDCollectables COL-CD-6049
The Great Songs From My Fair Lady - Andy Williams
Call Me Irresponsible And Other Hit Songs From The Movies - Andy Williams
Sound Clips1999-03-23CDCollectables COL-CD-6051
Camelot - Andre Previn & his TrioSound Clips1999-09-28CDCollectables COL-CD-6086 / SONY A-30921
Tonight With Eddie Fisher - Eddie FisherSound Clips2000-07-11CDCollectables COL-CD-6128
Fun Life - Diahann CarrollSound Clips2002-09-10CDCollectables COL-CD-6192
Merman in Vegas - Ethel MermanSound Clips2002CDCollectables COL-CD-6193
Merely Marvelous - Mabel Mercer1999-05-25CDCollectables COL-CD-6249
Lower Basin Street Revisited - Dinah ShoreSound Clips2002-09-10CDCollectables COL-CD-6320
Ann, Man! - Ann RichardsSound Clips2002-08-13CDCollectables COL-CD-6321
On the Swingin' Side - Vic Damone
That Towering Feeling! - Vic Damone
2000-06-06CDCollectables COL-CD-6467
Kismet - Percy Faith & His OrchestraSound Clips2000-08-15CDCollectables COL-CD-6473
Andy Williams' Best / Under Paris Skies
Andy Williams' Best - Andy Williams
Under Paris Skies - Andy Williams
Sound Clips2000-09-12CDCollectables COL-CD-6497
Jimmy Durante at the Copacabana - Jimmy DuranteSound Clips2004-08-31CDCollectables COL-CD-6516
Songs By Bobby Short - Bobby ShortSound Clips2005-01-25CDCollectables COL-CD-6520
Midnight At Mabel Mercer's - Mabel Mercer
Once In A Blue Moon - Mabel Mercer
Sound Clips2000-09-26CDCollectables COL-CD-6603
Four on the Aisle - The Four LadsSound Clips2000-11-14CDCollectables COL-CD-6661
Nobody Sees Me Cry / The Best of the Columbia Years
Nobody Sees Me Cry - Diahann Carroll
Sound Clips2001-06-12CDCollectables COL-CD-6688
I'll See You In My Dreams - Studio Album
Calamity Jane - Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips2001-06-12CDCollectables COL-CD-6689
Four Seasons of Love - Polly Bergen
All Alone by the Telephone - Polly Bergen
Sound Clips2001-11-13CDCollectables COL-CD-6693 / Sony-A 52042
Sylvia Syms Sings - Sylvia SymsSound Clips2006-10-10CDCollectables COL-CD-6748
Bobby Short Is Mad About Noel Coward - Bobby ShortSound Clips2006-10-10CDCollectables COL-CD-6769
Rodgers Revisited: Cy Walter Plays Richard Rodgers Compositions - Cy WalterSound Clips2008-03-25CDCollectables COL-CD-6915
Dream Along With Me - Perry ComoSound Clips2004-10-26CDCollectables COL-CD-7316
Meet Robert Clary - Robert ClarySound Clips2001-10-09CDCollectables COL-CD-7408
Danny Boy and Other Songs I Love to Sing - Andy Wiliams
The Wonderful World Of Andy Williams - Andy Williams
2002-01-22CDCollectables COL-CD-7426
Robert Goulet In Person - Robert Goulet
Always You - Robert Goulet
Sound Clips2002-02-05CDCollectables COL-CD-7431
Hims - Anita EllsSound Clips2001-11-13CDCollectables COL-CD-7446
Closer Than a Kiss - Vic Damone
This Game of Love - Vic Damone
2003-01-21CDCollectables COL-CD-7530
Baby, Baby, Baby - Mindy CarsonSound Clips2004-03-09CDCollectables COL-CD-7623
Lucky Me - Film Soundtrack
The West Point Story - Film Soundtrack
Young At Heart - Soundtrack
April in Paris - Doris Day
Sound Clips2004-08-17CDCollectables COL-CD-7652
Hello, Young Lovers - Jimmy DuranteSound Clips2004-12-21CDCollectables COL-CD-7683
Hits from Funny Girl, Finian's Rainbow and Star! - Andre Kostelanetz
Wonderland Of Sound: Broadway's Greatest Hits - Andre Kostelanetz
Sound Clips2005-03-29CDCollectables COL-CD-7813
Phineas Newborn Jr. Plays Jamaica - Phineas Newborn, Jr.Sound Clips1999-02-02CDCollectables COLCD 2740
A Night With Jerome Kern - Percy Faith And His Orchestra
A Night With Sigmund Romberg - Percy Faith And His Orchestra
Sound Clips2001-01-16CDCollectables COLCD 6640
Speaking Of Love - Bobby Short
Sing Me A Swing Song - Bobby Short
Sound Clips2001-08-14CDCollectables COLCD 6843
My Personal Property - Bobby Short
The Mad Twenties - Bobby Short
Sound Clips2001-08-14CDCollectables COLCD 6845
On The East Side / Moments Like This
Moments Like This - Bobby Short
On The East Side - Bobby Short
Sound Clips2004-10-12CDCollectables COLCD 7655
Live at the Cafe Carlyle - Bobby ShortSound Clips2006-08-08CDCollectables COLCD 7771
House of Flowers - Percy Faith and his OrchestraSound Clips2003-11-25CDCollectables COLCD7612
Only The Best Of Judy Garland - Judy GarlandCDCollectables Records
Red Garters - Film Soundtrack
White Christmas - Studio Cast (Rosemary Clooney)
Rosemary Clooney at the London Palladium - Rosemary Clooney
Tenderly - Rosemary Clooney
Collectables Classics: Rosemary Clooney - Rosemary Clooney
Beautiful Ballads - Rosemary Clooney
Ring Around Rosie - Rosemary Clooney & The Hi-Lo's
Hollywood's Best - Rosemary Clooney & Harry James
Date with the King - Benny Goodman & Rosemary Clooney
2010-03-294-CDCollectables Records
Only The Best of Judy Garland
That's Entertainment! - Judy Garland
I Could Go On Singing - Soundtrack
Miss Show Business - Judy Garland
Judy - Judy Garland
Only The Best Of Judy Garland - Judy Garland
Back to Back Hits: Two Generations of Genius - Judy Garland & Liza Minnelli
Sound Clips2008-10-283-CDCollectables Records 1142
Shelly Fabares Meets Paul Petersen
Bye Bye Birdie - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2009-07-28CDCollectables Records 1382
Bundle of Joy - SoundtrackSound Clips2002-04-02CDCollectables Records 2835
Hey... Let Yourself Go! - Nelson Riddle And His OrchestraSound Clips2008-01-29CDCollectables Records 2920
The Most Happy Fella: The Jazz Modes Play Excerpts From The Frank Loesser Musical - The Jazz ModesSound Clips2006-09-05CDCollectables Records 6761
Sometimes I'm Happy... Sometimes I'm Blue - Jill CoreySound Clips2003-11-25CDCollectables Records 7585
The Best of Jo Stafford - Jo StaffordSound Clips2003-07-22CDCollectables Records COL-CD-9383
Bobby Short Is K-Ra-Zy For Gershwin - Bobby ShortSound Clips2006-12-052-CDCollectables Records COLCD 7848