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Valmouth - Original London CastSound Clips1992-12-16CDDRG
Listen To My Heart - Laurie Beechman1992-06-30CDDRG
Julie Wilson Sings the Cy Coleman Songbook - Julie WilsonSound Clips2000-01-11CDDRG
A Visit with Kander & Ebb: A Musical Life in Concert - Concert Cast1994-11-23VHSDRG
A Visit with Sheldon Harnick: A Musical Life in Concert - Concert Cast1994-11-23VHSDRG
A Visit with Mitchell Parish: A Musical Life in Concert - Concert Cast1994-11-23VHSDRG
Charlotte Sweet - Off-Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1993-02-10CassetteDRG
Georges Guetary in Paris - Georges Guetary1990-10-25CDDrg
An Evening to Remember: Live with the Australian Pops Orchestra - Joan Sutherland1992-06-30CDDRG
Tony Bennett Sings 10 Rodgers and Hart Songs - Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett Sings... More Great Rodgers and Hart - Tony Bennett
Forbidden Broadway: Alive and Kicking (Vol 11) - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2012-11-27CDDRG
How Glad I Am - Nancy Wilson
Gentle Is My Love - Nancy Wilson
Spamilton - Original Off-Broadway Cast2017-05-12LPDRG
Together With Music - Television SoundtrackSound Clips1990-10-25CDDRG 1103
A Day In Hollywood, A Night In The Ukraine - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1992-04-10CDDRG 12580
Forbidden Broadway - Off-Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1992-04-10CDDRG 12585
Nunsense - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1990-10-25CDDRG 12589
Oil City Symphony - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1998-11-17CDDRG 12594
Forbidden Broadway, Vol 2 - Studio CastSound Clips1992-04-10CDDRG 12599
Falsettoland - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1992-04-10CDDRG 12601
Nunsense II - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1993-04-01CDDRG 12608
Forbidden Broadway, Vol 3 - Off-Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1994-01-31CDDRG 12609
Lunch - Studio CastSound Clips1994-11-23CDDRG 12610
Forbidden Broadway Strikes Back (Vol 4) - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1997-03-18CDDRG 12614
Forbidden Broadway Cleans Up Its Act! (Vol 5) - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1999-03-23CDDRG 12616
Nunsense Jamboree - Original CastSound Clips1999-11-30CDDRG 12623
Nuncrackers - World Premiere ProductionSound Clips1999-09-21CDDRG 12624
Lucky in the Rain - Goodspeed Opera House ProductionSound Clips2000-05-23CDDRG 12625
Forbidden Broadway: 20th Anniversary
Forbidden Broadway - Off-Off-Broadway Cast
Forbidden Broadway: 20th Anniversary (Vol 6) - Original Off-Broadway Cast
Forbidden Broadway, Vol 3 - Off-Off-Broadway Cast
Forbidden Broadway Cleans Up Its Act! (Vol 5) - Original Off-Broadway Cast
Forbidden Broadway, Vol 2 - Studio Cast
Forbidden Broadway Strikes Back (Vol 4) - Original Off-Broadway Cast
Sound Clips2000-06-27CDDRG 12626
Forbidden Broadway 2001: A Spoof Odyssey (Vol 7) - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2001-02-13CDDRG 12627
25th Anniversary Show Stopping Performances - Various ArtistsSound Clips2001-10-232-CDDRG 12628
Forbidden Broadway: Special Victims Unit (Vol 8) - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2005-04-26CDDRG 12629
Forever Plaid - Las Vegas CastSound Clips2005-09-20CDDRG 12630
Forbidden Broadway: Rude Awakening (Vol 9) - 25th Anniversary CastSound Clips2008-01-22CDDRG 12632
Forbidden Broadway Goes To Rehab (Vol 10) - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2009-01-13CDDRG 12633
Forbidden Broadway Comes Out Swinging! (Vol 12) - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2014-07-22CDDRG 12635
Kiss Me, Kate - Broadway CastSound Clips2000-01-25CDDRG 12988
The Green Bird - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2000-08-22CDDRG 12989
Godspell - Touring CastSound Clips2001-01-09CDDRG 12990
4 Guys Named José - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2001-02-13CDDRG 12991
3hree - Prince Music Theater CastSound Clips2001-03-13CDDRG 12992
Bea Arthur on Broadway - Just Between Friends - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2002-02-12CDDRG 12993
Elaine Stritch: at Liberty - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2002-04-022-CDDRG 12994
Miss Spectacular - Concept AlbumSound Clips2002-06-11CDDRG 12995
Flower Drum Song - Broadway CastSound Clips2003-01-07CDDRG 12996
Wild Women Blues - European Tour CastSound Clips2003-11-11CDDRG 12997
Little Shop Of Horrors - Broadway CastSound Clips2003-10-21CDDRG 12998
Wonderful Town - Revival CastSound Clips2004-03-09CDDRG 12999
An Evening to Remember: Live with the Australian Pops Orchestra - Joan Sutherland1993-02-11CDDRG 13103
Evita - Korean cast1993-01-142-CDDRG 13104
Scarlett - Japanese CastSound Clips1993-01-142-CDDRG 13105
Bubbling Brown Sugar - Original London Cast1992-12-312-CDDRG 13106
High Spirits - Original London Cast
High Spirits - Noel Coward sings High Spirits
Sound Clips1992-12-16CDDRG 13107
Little Mary Sunshine - Original London CastSound Clips1992-12-16CDDRG 13108
Marlene Dietrich in London - Marlene DietrichSound Clips1992-12-16CDDRG 13110
Little Me - Original London CastSound Clips1993-07-27CDDRG 13111
Jazz Baby - Carol Channing1994-01-31CDDRG 13112
Jazz Baby - Carol ChanningSound Clips2011-10-11CDDRG 13112
Jazz Baby - Carol Channing1993CDDRG 13112XP
Oscar Levant Plays Levant and Gershwin - Oscar LevantSound Clips1994-10-19CDDRG 13113
A Slice of Pye
Barnardo - Studio cast
A Slice of Pye - Collected London Cast Recordings
Mr. Burke, M.P. - Original London Cast
Our House - Sidney James
Annie - Rosa Michelle
Bar Mitzvah Boy - Barry Angel
Songbook - Diane Langton
Charlie Girl - Joe Brown
Opposite Your Smile / Moving on - Jackie Trent & Tony Hatch
Funny Girl - Lisa Shane
Sound Clips1996-03-05CDDRG 13114
Hans Andersen - London CastSound Clips1996-04-23CDDRG 13116
Songbook - Original London CastSound Clips1996-01-23CDDRG 13117
Funny Face - Film SoundtrackSound Clips1990-10-25CDDRG 15001
Best Foot Forward - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1993-08-01CDDRG 15003
Leave It to Jane - Revival Cast
Oh, Kay! - Revival Cast
Sound Clips1992-06-30CDDRG 15017
The Good Companions - Original London CastSound Clips1992-12-16CDDRG 15020
Aladdin - Original London CastLPDRG 15027
A Visit with E.Y. "Yip" Harbug: A Musical Life in Concert - Concert Cast1994-11-23VHSDRG 17001
A Visit with Charles Strouse: A Musical Life in Concert - Concert Cast1994-11-23VHSDRG 17002
A Visit with Alan Jay Lerner: A Musical Life in Concert - Concert Cast1994VHSDRG 17003
A Visit with Burton Lane: A Musical Life in Concert - Concert Cast1994-11-23VHSDRG 17004
Blood & Feathers: Live from the Café Carlyle - Ute Lemper2005-11-08DVDDRG 18002
Black and Blue - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1992-04-10CDDRG 19001
Meet Me in St. Louis - Broadway CastSound Clips1992-04-10CDDRG 19002
Song of Singapore - Original Cast MembersSound Clips1992-09-23CDDRG 19003
Balancing Act - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1993-01-14CDDRG 19004
The Fantasticks - Japan Tour CastSound Clips1993-04-01CDDRG 19005
Greenwillow - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1995-05-23CDDRG 19006
Inside Out - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1997-02-18CDDRG 19007
The Show Goes On - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1998-06-16CDDRG 19008
John Murray Anderson's Almanac and Other Broadway-London Revues
John Murray Anderson's Almanac and Other Broadway-London Revues - Various Artists
La Gingold - Hermione Gingold
Odd Songs and a Poem - Cyril Ritchard
Sound Clips1999-01-19CDDRG 19009
Fame - American Touring CastSound Clips1999-03-23CDDRG 19010
High Society - Broadway CastSound Clips1999-04-20CDDRG 19011
Taking My Turn - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2000-08-22CDDRG 19012
Gay Century Songbook - New York City Gay Men's Chorus CastSound Clips2000-09-12CDDrg 19015
Pokémon Live! - Tour Cast2001-02-27CDDRG 19016
Guys and Dolls - 50th Anniversary Cast
Guys and Dolls - Composer's Demo
Sound Clips2001-11-06CDDRG 19017
The Student Prince - Studio Cast (Dorothy Kirsten and Robert Rounseville)Sound Clips2002-02-26CDDRG 19018
The Girl In Pink Tights - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2002-03-12CDDRG 19019
The Nervous Set - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2002-02-26CDDRG 19020
Christine - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2002-04-09CDDRG 19021
The Band Wagon - Studio Cast
Anything Goes - Studio Cast
You're Just In Love / Get Those Old Records - Mary Martin & Her Son Larry
Sound Clips2002-04-09CDDRG 19022
Ben Franklin in Paris - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2002-04-09CDDRG 19023
Of Thee I Sing - Broadway CastSound Clips2002-05-07CDDRG 19024
Tovarich - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2002-05-07CDDRG 19025
Skyscraper - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2002-04-23CDDRG 19026
Bells Are Ringing - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2002-05-21CDDRG 19027
No Strings (With Strings) - Ralph Burns and His OrchestraSound Clips2002-07-09CDDRG 19028
Kean - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2002-07-09CDDRG 19029
Oh Captain! - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2002-08-27CDDRG 19030
Bravo Giovanni - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2002-08-27CDDRG 19031
The Happiest Girl In The World - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2002-09-10CDDRG 19032
The Merry Widow - Studio Cast (Dorothy Kirsten)Sound Clips2002-09-24CDDRG 19033
Paris '90 - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2003-02-11CDDRG 19034
Oh! Calcutta! - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2002-10-08CDDRG 19035
First Impressions - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2002-08-27CDDRG 19036
Noel Coward at Las Vegas - Noel CowardSound Clips2003-03-25CDDRG 19037
Noel Coward in New York - Noel CowardSound Clips2003-03-11CDDRG 19038
The Girl Most Likely - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2003-01-21CDDRG 19040
Top Banana - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2003-03-11CDDRG 19041
By the Beautiful Sea - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2003-02-11CDDRG 19042
Plain and Fancy - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2003-02-11CDDRG 19043
Blues Opera Suite - InstrumentalSound Clips2003-04-08CDDRG 19044
Ernest in Love - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2003-04-08CDDRG 19045
Now Is the Time for All Good Men - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2003-04-22CDDRG 19046
Runaways - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2003-05-06CDDRG 19047
The Adventures Of Marco Polo - TV CastSound Clips2003-05-06CDDRG 19048
Pal Joey - Revival Cast Members
With a Song In My Heart - Soundtrack
Sound Clips2003-08-26CDDRG 19054
Satins and Spurs
Satins and Spurs - Television Cast
A Square in the Social Circle / Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief - Betty Hutton
His Rocking Horse Ran Away / It Had to Be You - Betty Hutton
I Wake Up in the Morning Feeling Fine / (Where Are You?) Now That I Need You - Betty Hutton
That's Loyalty / Hamlet - Betty Hutton
Sound Clips2003-08-12CDDRG 19055
Carmen Jones - Studio CastSound Clips2003-08-12CDDRG 19057
Miss Bette Davis
Miss Bette Davis Sings! - Bette Davis
Sound Clips2003-10-07CDDRG 19058
Flahooley - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2004-03-23CDDRG 19059
Clooney Tunes - Rosemary ClooneySound Clips2004-04-06CDDRG 19062
archy and mehitabel - Studio CastSound Clips2004-06-29CDDRG 19064
No Strings - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2004-06-08CDDRG 19065
A Family Affair - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2005-10-18CDDRG 19068
The Gay Life - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2005-02-22CDDRG 19069
New Faces of 1968 - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2005-08-23CDDRG 19070
Brigadoon - Studio CastSound Clips2005-03-22CDDRG 19071
The Mad Show - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2005-02-22CDDRG 19072
Roberta - Studio Cast (Joan Roberts)Sound Clips2005-03-22CDDRG 19073
Les Demoiselles de Rochefort - French Film SoundtrackSound Clips2005-06-072-CDDRG 19074
Sweet Charity - Broadway CastSound Clips2005-11-22CDDRG 19077
St. Louis Woman - Original Broadway Cast
Harold Arlen and His Songs - Harold Arlen
Sound Clips2006-01-24CDDRG 19078
Golden Boy - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2006-02-21CDDRG 19079
Merry Andrew - SoundtrackSound Clips2006-07-11CDDRG 19082
Sail Away - Original Broadway Cast
Noel Coward Sings His New Broadway Hit Sail Away - Noel Coward
Sound Clips2006-05-022-CDDRG 19083
The Great Waltz - Los Angeles CastSound Clips2006-05-02CDDRG 19084
The Boys From Syracuse - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2006-04-04CDDRG 19085
Three Wishes for Jamie - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2006-08-22CDDRG 19086
Salvation - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2006-08-22CDDRG 19087
Cabin in the Sky - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2006-08-08CDDRG 19088
Beyond the Fringe - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2006-05-23CDDRG 19089
There Is a Time - Liza Minnelli
It Amazes Me - Liza Minnelli
Liza! Liza! - Liza Minnelli
Sound Clips2006-07-252-CDDRG 19093
Kismet - Studio CastSound Clips2006-08-22CDDRG 19094
Little Mary Sunshine - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2007-02-13CDDRG 19099
A Jolly Theatrical Season - Robert Morse & Charles Nelson ReillySound Clips2007-02-13CDDRG 19101
The Letter - Studio CastSound Clips2007-03-13CDDRG 19102
Manhattan Tower - Studio CastSound Clips2007-07-31CDDRG 19104
By Jupiter - Revival CastSound Clips2007-09-11CDDRG 19105
The Mikado - TV CastSound Clips2007-09-11CDDRG 19106
Garland At The Grove - Judy GarlandSound Clips2008-03-04CDDRG 19107
Happy Hunting - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2008-04-29CDDRG 19108
Say, Darling - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2008-03-04CDDRG 19109
Annie Get Your Gun - Studio CastSound Clips2008-03-04CDDRG 19112
Kiss Me, Kate - Studio Cast
South Pacific - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2008-04-29CDDRG 19113
Milk and Honey - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2008-06-24CDDRG 19114
Me and Juliet - Original Broadway Cast
Me and Juliet - Perry Como
Sound Clips2008-06-24CDDRG 19115
Take Me Along - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2009-01-13CDDRG 19116
Silk Stockings - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2009-03-10CDDRG 19118
Wildcat - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2009-01-27CDDRG 19119
New Girl in Town - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2009-04-07CDDRG 19120
Wish You Were Here - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2009-02-24CDDRG 19121
To Broadway with Love - Original CastSound Clips2009-01-27CDDRG 19122
Maggie Flynn - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2009-02-10CDDRG 19123
Mr. President - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2009-02-24CDDRG 19124
Live at the London Palladium - Judy Garland and Liza MinnelliSound Clips2010-02-23CDDRG 19126
One Man, Two Guvnors - The CrazeSound Clips2012-04-24CDDRG 19882
The Mystery Of Edwin Drood - Broadway CastSound Clips2013-01-292-CDDRG 19883
March of the Falsettos - Original Off-Broadway Cast
Falsettoland - Original Off-Broadway Cast
Sound Clips1992-06-302-CDDRG 22600
Over the Rainbow: The Music of Harold Arlen - S.T.A.G.E. ConcertSound Clips1995-11-212-CDDRG 32915
March of the Falsettos - Original Off-Broadway Cast198145DRG 45-18811
An Evening With Dorothy Fields - Dorothy FieldsSound Clips1998-05-19CDDrg 5167
An Evening With Frank Loesser
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying - Composer's Demo
The Most Happy Fella - Studio Demo
Guys and Dolls - Composer's Demo
Sound Clips1992-11-10CDDRG 5169
Loesser by Loesser: A Salute to Frank Loesser - Studio CastSound Clips1992-11-17CDDRG 5170
An Evening with John Kander & Fred Ebb - Concert CastSound Clips1992-11-17CDDRG 5171
An Evening with Sammy Cahn - Sammy CahnSound Clips1993-01-14CDDRG 5172
An Evening With Jerry Herman - Jerry HermanSound Clips1992-11-17CDDrg 5173
An Evening with Sheldon Harnick - Sheldon HarnickSound Clips1993-01-14CDDrg 5174
An Evening With Alan Jay Lerner - Alan Jay LernerSound Clips1992-09-23CDDRG 5175
An Evening with Johnny Mercer - Johnny MercerSound Clips1992-09-23CDDRG 5176
A Party With Betty Comden And Adolph Green - Broadway CastSound Clips1996-05-212-CDDRG 5177
The Girl Who Came To Supper - Studio Cast1995-08-22CDDRG 5178
A Different Side of Sondheim - Richard Rodney BennettSound Clips1995-04-18CDDRG 5182
Clap Yo' Hands
Featuring The Hi-Lo's - The Hi-Lo's
Sound Clips1999-02-16CDDrg 5184
Broadway Baby - Dorothy LoudonSound Clips1996-05-21CDDRG 5203
Sings The Stephen Sondheim Songbook - Julie WilsonSound Clips1999-01-19CDDRG 5206
Julie Wilson Sings The Kurt Weill Songbook - Julie WilsonSound Clips1999-01-19CDDrg 5207
Julie Wilson Sings The Cole Porter Songbook - Julie WilsonSound Clips1999-01-19CDDrg 5208
Julie Wilson Sings The Harold Arlen Songbook - Julie WilsonSound Clips1992-06-30CDDRG 5211
The Madwoman Of Central Park West - Original Broadway Cast1992-04-10CDDRG 5212
Unchained Melodies - Karen AkersSound Clips1992-06-30CDDrg 5214
Billy Stritch - Billy StritchSound Clips1992-01-14CDDRG 5215
Time Between the Time - Laurie BeechmanSound Clips1993-10-22CDDRG 5230
Just Imagine... - Karen AkersSound Clips1994-06-28CDDRG 5231
Ralph Sharon Swings the Sammy Cahn Songbook - Ralph Sharon TrioSound Clips1995-02-21CDDRG 5232
My Huckleberry Friend: Johnny Mercer Sings the Songs of Johnny Mercer
The Johnny Mercer Songbook - Johnny Mercer
Sound Clips1996-03-19CDDRG 5244
Lyrics By Lerner: Alan Jay Lerner Performs His Own Songs - Alan Jay Lerner
Huckleberry Finn - Demos
Sound Clips1998-02-17CDDRG 5246
Comden and Green Perform Their Own Songs
Songs from the MGM Gene Kelly film "It's Always Fair Weather": Show Music At Its Best, Vol. 2 - Betty Comden and Adolph Green
Comden and Green Perform Their Own Songs - Betty Comden and Adolph Green
Sound Clips1998-02-17CDDRG 5247
A Touch of Rome
Fanny - Harold Rome
A Touch of Rome - Harold Rome
Rome-Antics - Harold J. Rome
Sound Clips1999-01-19CDDRG 5249
Plays the Frank Loesser Songbook - Ralph Sharon TrioSound Clips1999-03-23CDDRG 5250
Julie Wilson Sings the Gershwin Songbook - Julie WilsonSound Clips1999-03-23CDDRG 5251
The Ralph Sharon Quartet Plays the Ralph Blane Songbook - Ralph Sharon QuartetSound Clips2001-08-14CDDRG 5253
Warm Brandy - Dolores GraySound Clips2007-03-13CDDRG 5257
Infiniment - Jacques BrelSound Clips2004-09-212-CDDRG 5578
Scrambled Feet - Original Off-Broadway CastLPDRG 6015
Very Good Eddie - Broadway CastSound Clips1992-04-10CDDRG 6100
The Act - Original Broadway Cast1978LPDRG 6101
Special Occasions: Richard Rodney Bennett Plays The Ballet Music of Cole Porter, Harold Arlen & Richard Rodgers - Richard Rodney Bennett1978LPDRG 6102
Special Occasions: Richard Rodney Bennett Plays The Ballet Music of Cole Porter, Harold Arlen & Richard Rodgers - Richard Rodney BennettSound Clips1993-11-18CDDRG 6102
Snoopy!!! - San Francisco CastSound Clips1992-04-10CDDRG 6103
Scrambled Feet - Original Off-Broadway Cast1995-01-20CDDRG 6105
Seesaw - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1990-10-25CDDRG 6108
I Love My Wife - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1992-04-10CDDRG 6109
Charlotte Sweet - Off-Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1992-04-10CDDRG 6300
Musical Selections from The Ridiculous Theatrical Company - Original CastSound Clips1993-01-14CDDrg 6301
A Visit with Arthur Schwartz: A Musical Life in Concert - Concert Cast1994-11-23VHSDRG 7005
The Magic of Marilyn - Marilyn MonroeSound Clips2001-09-11CDDRG 77501
Swings Jule Styne - Monica Lewis1992-06-30CDDrg 802
Swingin' Pretty - Keely Smith2009-06-02CDDrg 8409
At Vine St Live - Anita O'DaySound Clips1992-06-30CDDRG 8435
Next: Jacques Brel - Studio CastSound Clips2005-03-08CDDRG 8484
L'Homme De La Mancha - Original Paris CastSound Clips2005-04-12CDDRG 8485
Concert A L'Olympia - Jacques Brel
Olympia 64 - Jacques Brel
Sound Clips2005-11-082-CDDRG 8487
Porgy and Bess - Diahann Carroll and the Andre Previn TrioSound Clips2006-03-21CDDRG 8501
Frances Faye: The Capitol Years - Frances Faye
No Reservations - Frances Faye
Sound Clips2007-02-13CDDRG 8503
Jeri Southern Meets Cole Porter - Jeri Southern
Something Broadway, Something Latin - June Christy
Sound Clips2009-05-05CDDRG 8507
Julie London Sings the Choicest of Cole Porter
All Through The Night: Julie London Sings the Choicest Cole Porter - Julie London
Sound Clips2009-06-02CDDRG 8508
Tryout - Kurt Weill and Ira GershwinSound Clips1992-06-30CDDRG 904
Comden and Green Perform Their Own Songs - Betty Comden and Adolph Green1984LPDRG 906
Then Along Came Bill - Sylvia SymsSound Clips1992-06-30CDDRG 91402
Then and Now - Margaret WhitingSound Clips1992-06-30CDDRG 91403
Saloon - Dorothy LoudonSound Clips1992-06-30CDDRG 91404
Marcovicci Sings Movies - Andrea Marcovicci1991CDDRG 91405
Live At The Carlyle - Barbara CarrollSound Clips1992-06-30CDDRG 91407
Hey, Ma... - Kaye BallardSound Clips1992-06-30CDDRG 91408
The Dorothy Fields Songbook - Sally MayesSound Clips1992-06-30CDDRG 91410
Ann Hampton Callaway - Ann Hampton CallawaySound Clips1992-09-23CDDRG 91411
Close as Pages in a Book - Barbara CookSound Clips1993-09-22CDDRG 91412
Crazy World - KT SullivanSound Clips1993-04-01CDDRG 91413
A Cabaret Christmas - Various ArtistsSound Clips1993-10-22CDDRG 91415
This Heart of Mine - Barbara CarrollSound Clips1994-06-28CDDrg 91416
Bring Back Romance - Ann Hampton CallawaySound Clips1994-09-25CDDrg 91417
Live from London - Barbara CookSound Clips1994-10-19CDDrg 91430
Back in Business - Eartha KittSound Clips1994-11-23CDDRG 91431
Live from Rainbow & Stars - Amanda McBroomSound Clips1995-02-21CDDRG 91432
Jazz Portrait of Johnny Mercer - Sylvia SymsSound Clips1995-02-23CDDRG 91433
Stritch - Elaine StritchSound Clips1995-07-18CDDRG 91434
Love Is Letting Go - Eileen FarrellSound Clips1995-09-19CDDRG 91436
Sing My Heart: The Songs of Harold Arlen - KT SullivanSound Clips1995-11-21CDDRG 91437
Let Me Love You: The Songs of Bart Howard - Portia NelsonSound Clips1995-11-21CDDRG 91442
Sibling Revelry - Ann Hampton Callaway and Liz CallawaySound Clips1996-02-20CDDRG 91443
This Life - Portia NelsonSound Clips1996-03-19CDDRG 91445
Music is Forever - Annie Ross1996CDDRG 91446
Portrait of Harold - Ralph Sharon TrioSound Clips1996-04-23CDDRG 91447
Oscar Winners: The Lyrics Of Oscar Hammerstein II - Barbara CookSound Clips1997-04-22CDDRG 91448
In Other Words: The Songs of Bart Howard - KT SullivanSound Clips1997-07-15CDDRG 91449
Live From Rainbow & Stars - Karen AkersSound Clips1997-09-16CDDRG 91450
Love Songs for a Late Evening - Portia Nelson
Autumn Leaves - Portia Nelson
Sound Clips1998-03-17CDDRG 91451
The Mood is Romance - Joni James1998-09-152-CDDRG 91452
Dream - Tom PostilioSound Clips1998-11-17CDDRG 91455
All I Ask Of You - Barbara CookSound Clips1999-03-23CDDRG 91456
The Champion Season: Live at the Cafe Carlyle - Barbara CookSound Clips1999-09-21CDDRG 91458
Sunday in New York - Portia NelsonSound Clips1999-11-16CDDRG 91459
A Leap of Faith - Faith PrinceSound Clips2000-04-11CDDRG 91460
KT Sullivan Sings The Sweetest Sounds of Richard Rodgers - KT SullivanSound Clips2000-06-27CDDRG 91462
Barbara Cook Sings Mostly Sondheim - Barbara CookSound Clips2001-05-082-CDDRG 91464
Feels Like Home - Karen AkersSound Clips2001-05-22CDDrg 91465
Trouble Is A Man - Judy HollidaySound Clips2001-08-28CDDRG 91467
Tropical Nights - Liza MinnelliSound Clips2002-02-12CDDRG 91469
Live at the Palace - Shirley MaclaineSound Clips2002-04-23CDDRG 91470
Close Enough for Love - Peggy LeeSound Clips2002-04-09CDDRG 91471
It's About Time - James NaughtonSound Clips2002-10-08CDDrg 91473
Ladies Of The Silver Screen - KT SullivanSound Clips2002-10-08CDDRG 91474
It's Better With a Band - Barbara CookSound Clips2002-09-24CDDRG 91475
With Love From Hollywood - Shirley Jones & Jack Cassidy
Speaking of Love - Shirley Jones & Jack Cassidy
Sound Clips2002-10-22CDDRG 91476
Great Cabaret Performances - CompilationSound Clips2001-10-23CDDRG 91477
Count Your Blessings - Barbara CookSound Clips2003-10-07CDDRG 91479
Julie London In Person At The Americana - Julie LondonSound Clips2004-03-09CDDRG 91482
If We Only Have Love - Karen AkersSound Clips2004-06-08CDDrg 91483
Barbara Cook's Broadway - Barbara CookSound Clips2004-05-25CDDRG 91484
Barbara Cook Sings From The Heart: The Best of Rodgers and Hart - Barbara CookSound Clips2004-10-05CDDRG 91485
The Magic of Joel Grey
Only The Beginning - Joel Grey
Sound Clips2004-09-07CDDRG 91487
The Magic of Diahann Carroll
Diahann Carroll: The André Previn Trio - Diahann Carroll
The Persian Room Presents Diahann Carroll - Diahann Carroll
Sound Clips2005-01-25CDDRG 91488
Blood & Feathers: Live from the Café Carlyle - Ute LemperSound Clips2005-06-07CDDrg 91490
Tribute - Barbara CookSound Clips2005-09-06CDDRG 91493
Live From Carnegie Hall - Shirley BasseySound Clips2006CDDRG 91496
Barbara Cook at the Met - Barbara CookSound Clips2006-06-06CDDRG 91497
Like It Was - Karen AkersSound Clips2006-06-06CDDrg 91498
Eartha Kitt Live From The Café Carlyle - Eartha KittSound Clips2006-10-17CDDRG 91499
No One Is Alone - Barbara CookSound Clips2007-05-22CDDRG 91501
The Girl I Left Home For - Gwen VerdonSound Clips2007-09-11CDDRG 91502
Lena In Hollywood - Lena Horne
Feelin' Good - Lena Horne
Sound Clips2007-10-30CDDRG 91503
Simply Styne - Karen AkersSound Clips2008-04-01CDDRG 91506
Swingin' With the Starr - Kay Starr2008-07-22CDDRG 91507
A Sure Thing: Music of Jerome Kern - Barry TuckwellSound Clips2008-08-19CDDRG 91510
Mr. Wonderful: The Complete RCA Singles (1956-1958) - Teddi KingSound Clips2009-07-07CDDrg 91516
Autumn in New York and Other Classics - Jo StaffordSound Clips2009-04-21CDDRG 91518
The Laziest Gal In Town - Jane KrakowskiSound Clips2010-07-13CDDRG 91519
Loverman - Barbara CookSound Clips2012-09-25CDDrg 91520
The Essential Barbara Cook
Barbara Cook at the Met - Barbara Cook
Live from London - Barbara Cook
Close as Pages in a Book - Barbara Cook
All I Ask Of You - Barbara Cook
Mostly Sondheim - Barbara Cook
Sound Clips2009-10-135-CD, DVDDRG 92500
Call Me Madam - New York Concert CastSound Clips1995-05-23CDDRG 94761
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Broadway CastSound Clips1995-05-23CDDRG 94762
Pal Joey - New York Concert CastSound Clips1995-10-17CDDRG 94763
Out of This World - New York Concert CastSound Clips1996-02-20CDDRG 94764
State Fair - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1996-06-18CDDRG 94765
Louisiana Purchase - New York Concert CastSound Clips1996-11-19CDDRG 94766
The Boys From Syracuse - New York Concert CastSound Clips1997-09-16CDDRG 94767
Do Re Mi - New York Concert CastSound Clips1999-09-21CDDRG 94768
Babes in Arms - New York Concert CastSound Clips1999-11-16CDDRG 94769
Tenderloin - Concert CastSound Clips2000-07-25CDDRG 94770
Encores from Encores
Encores from Encores! - Compilation
Sound Clips2003-05-06CDDRG 94771
The Thing About Men - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2004-04-06CDDRG 94772
Taboo - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2004-05-25CDDRG 94773
Show Stoppers, Too - CompilationSound Clips2004-10-19CDDRG 94774
Wonderful Town - Revival Replacement Cast (Brooke Shields)
Wonderful Town - Revival Cast
Sound Clips2004-12-07CDDRG 94776
Sweet Charity - Broadway Revival Cast
Sweet Charity - Composer Demo
Sound Clips2005-07-12CDDRG 94777
A Fine Romance: A Dorothy Fields Songbook - KT Sullivan & Mark NadlerSound Clips2006-01-24CDDRG 94780
Face the Music - Encores CastSound Clips2007-07-03CDDRG 94781
Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder - Barbara CookSound Clips2008-11-11CDDRG 94782
The Man I Love - Peggy LeeSound Clips2009-07-07CDDRG 94783
Jump For Joy - Peggy LeeSound Clips2009-07-07CDDRG 94784
The Garland Touch - Judy GarlandSound Clips2009-09-29CDDRG 94785
You Make Me Feel So Young: Live at Feinstein's At The Loews Regency - Barbara CookSound Clips2011-09-27CDDRG 94786
Stage Door Canteen: Broadway Responds to WWII - Concert CastSound Clips2011-11-21CDDRG 94799
Very Good Eddie - Broadway Cast1978CassetteDRG C-6100
In Retrospect - Cleo LaineSound Clips1990-01-29CDDRG CDMRS 502
Goes Latin & Sings Your Requests
Like Latin - Lena Horne
Sings Your Requests - Lena Horne
Sound Clips1992-06-30CDDRG CDMRS 510
My Favorite Things - Monica Lewis1992-06-30CDDRG CDMRS 712
The Special Magic of Tony Bennett - Tony Bennett1990-10-25CDDRG CDMRS 801
Astairable Fred
An Evening with Fred Astaire - Television Soundtrack
Another Evening with Fred Astaire - Television Soundtrack
Astaire Time - Television Soundtrack
The Act - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1990-10-25CDDRG CDRG-6101
March of the Falsettos - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1992-04-10CDDRG CDSBL 12581
Close Enough for Love - Peggy Lee1990CDDRG CDSL 5190
Holliday With Mulligan - Judy HollidaySound Clips1990-10-25CDDRG CDSL 5191
Comin' Home - Cy ColemanSound Clips1990-10-25CDDRG CDSL5205
Tintypes - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1990-10-25CDDRG CDXP 5196
Cleo Laine Live!!! at Carnegie Hall - Cleo Laine1984CDDRG CDXP2101
Queen Bea
An Evening With Beatrice Lillie - Original Cast
Auntie Bea - Beatrice Lillie
19792-LPDRG DARC-2-1101
Together With Music - Television Soundtrack2-LPDRG DARC-2-1103
The Astaire Story - Fred Astaire19783-LPDRG DARC-3-1102
Quiet Please, There's a Diva on Stage - Various ArtistsSound Clips2000-12-12CDDRG DRG 2000
Martin & Blane Sing Martin And Blane - Studio CastSound Clips1994-01-31CDDRG DRG 5168
Where Have You Been - Elisabeth Welch1992-06-30CDDRG DRG 5202
Very Good Eddie - Broadway Cast1977LPDRG DRG 6100
Snoopy!!! - San Francisco Cast1975LPDRG DRG-6103
Mostly Sondheim - Barbara Cook2003-06-09DVDDRG DRG-DV-18001
The Belle Of New York - Film Soundtrack1978LPDRG DS 15004
No Strings - Original London CastCDDRG DS 15013
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - Studio Cast1980LPDRG DS 15025
Divorce Me, Darling! - Original London CastLPDRG DS-15009
A Richard Rodgers Centennial Celebration - CompilationSound Clips2002-01-08CDDRG LC 05866
An Evening with Cleo Laine - Cleo Laine19832-LPDRG MR2S 608
Goes Latin
Like Latin - Lena Horne
Trouble Is A Man - Judy HollidayLPDRG MRS 602
Lyrics By Lerner: Alan Jay Lerner Performs His Own Songs - Alan Jay LernerLPDRG MRS 903
Tryout - Kurt Weill and Ira Gershwin1983LPDRG MRS 904
Easy Street
Stritch - Elaine Stritch
I Can Cook, Too - Nancy WalkerLPDRG MRS-909
Remember These: Songs from "Treasure Girl" & "Chee-Chee" - Betty ComdenLPDRG MRS905
Tintypes - Original Broadway Cast19812-LPDRG S2L 5196
Three Evenings with Fred Astaire
An Evening with Fred Astaire - Television Soundtrack
Another Evening with Fred Astaire - Television Soundtrack
Astaire Time - Television Soundtrack
19803-LPDRG S3L 5181
A Day In Hollywood, A Night In The Ukraine - Original Broadway CastLPDRG SBL 12580
March of the Falsettos - Original Off-Broadway Cast1982LPDRG SBL 12581
The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas Nickleby - Television Cast1982LPDRG SBL 12583
Forbidden Broadway - Off-Off-Broadway CastLPDRG SBL 12585
Nunsense - Original Off-Broadway Cast1986LPDRG SBL 12589
A Special Event
High Spirits - Noel Coward sings High Spirits
London Morning - London Philharmonic Orchestra
1978LPDRG SL 5180
A Different Side of Sondheim - Richard Rodney BennettLPDRG SL 5182
Clap Yo' Hands
Featuring The Hi-Lo's - The Hi-Lo's
1980LPDRG SL 5184
Joyce Grenfell Requests The Pleasure Of Your Company - Original London CastLPDRG SL 5186
Judy Garland: The Beginning...
Girl Crazy - Film Cast
1978LPDRG SL 5187
Close Enough for Love - Peggy Lee1979LPDRG SL 5190
Holliday With Mulligan - Judy Holliday1980LPDRG SL 5191
Accustomed to Her Face
Rex Harrison Records "His Favourite Songs" - Rex Harrison
1980LPDRG SL 5193
Where Have You Been - Elisabeth Welch1986LPDRG SL 5202
Broadway Baby - Dorothy Loudon1986LPDRG SL 5203
The Girl Who Came To Supper - Studio Cast1977LPDRG SL5178
Comin' Home - Cy ColemanSound Clips1993-02-11CassetteDRG SLC 5205
The Madwoman Of Central Park West - Original Broadway Cast1993-02-11CassetteDRG SLC 5212
Oil City Symphony - Original Off-Broadway CastLPDRG SRL 12594
Blossoms on Broadway
Blossom Dearie, Soubrette, Sings Broadway Hit Songs - Blossom Dearie
Blossom Dearie Sings Comden and Green - Blossom Dearie
19792-LPDRG Archive DARC-2-1105
La Gingold - Hermione Gingold1978LPDRG Archive MRS 902
Blossoms On Broadway - Blossom DearieLPDRG Records 2-1105
Spamilton - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2017-03-03CDDRG Records DRG-CD-12636
Together Again - Tony Bennett & Bill EvansSound Clips1977LPDRG Records MRS 901
Comin' Home - Cy Coleman1987LPDRG Records SL-5205
Little Shop of Horrors (Highlights from the New Broadway Musical)
Little Shop Of Horrors - Broadway Cast
2003CDDRG Records Inc
Best Foot Forward - Off-Broadway Cast1977LPDRG Stet DS15003
Guys and Dolls - Film Soundtrack
Call Me Madam - Film Soundtrack
1981LPStet / DRG DS 25001