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Smoky & Intimate - Flo Handy2008-12-17CD3d Japan
Introducing Sue Childs - Sue Childs2008-12-17CD3d Japan
The Cat's Meow - Suzanne GrzannaSound Clips2002-06-19CD3d Japan
Frankie Randall Sings & Swings - Frankie RandallSound Clips2006-03-06CD3D Japan 308
A Fine Romance: Joanie Sommers & Jerome Kern - Joanie Sommers2004-11-26CDAbsord Japan
エビータ - Tokyo CastSound Clips2004-01-26CDAbsord Music Japan ABCS-57
アナと雪の女王: エルサのサプライズ - Japanese SoundtrackSound Clips2015-04-22CDAvex Japan
ライオン・キング - Japanese Soundtrack2000-08-09CDAvex Japan AVCW-12139
Disney on Classic: A Magical Night 2011 - Concert Cast2012-01-112-CDAvex Japan AVCW-12873~4
ターザン - Japanese Soundtrack1999-12-08CDAvex Japan AVCW12064
The Lion King - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2006-02-06CDAvex Japan / Walt Disney Records / EMI 0946 353216 2 3
Disney on Classic: A Magical Night 2009 - Concert Cast2010-02-092-CDAvex Trax Japan AVCW 12763~4
美女と野獣 [Special Edition]
美女と野獣 - Japanese Soundtrack
2002CDAvex Trax Japan AVCW-12252
Disney on Classic: A Magical Night 2007 - Concert Cast2008-10-082-CDAvex Trax Japan AVCW-12688-9
Disney on Classic: A Magical Night 2010 - Concert Cast2011-02-082-CDAvex Trax Japan AVCW-12812~3
Peggy Connelly - Peggy ConnellyCDBethlehem, Nippon Columbia Japan COCY-9919
Lena, A New Album - Lena HorneCDBMG (Japan) BVCJ-7488
Bistro Ballads Sung By Audrey Morris - Audrey Morris2007-09-03CDBMG / Ariola Japan BVC-J 38153
Julie Budd - Julie BuddSound Clips2007-02-21CDBMG JAPAN
The Vivacious One - Ann-MargretSound Clips2004-08-25CDBMG JAPAN
Give the Lady What She Wants - Lena HorneSound Clips2004-08-25CDBMG JAPAN
The West Coast of Broadway - Nancie MalcombSound Clips2007-09-26CDBMG JAPAN
And Here She Is - Ann-MargretSound Clips2008-11-05CDBMG JAPAN
Bachelors' Paradise - Ann-MargretSound Clips2004-07-21CDBMG JAPAN
Beauty And The Beard - Ann-Margret & Al HirtSound Clips2004-08-25CDBMG JAPAN
After Midnight - Helen GraycoSound Clips2007-09-26CDBMG JAPAN
My Kind of Waltztime - Ethel Ennis1999-03-25CDBMG JAPAN
Gisele MacKenzie - Gisele MacKenzieSound Clips2008-10-22CDBmg Japan
My Coloring Book And Her Other Great Hits - Kitty Kallen2007-09-03CDBmg Japan
Bouquet Of Blues - Dinah ShoreSound Clips2007-09-03CDBmg Japan
Love Letters from Maureen O'Hara - Maureen O'HaraSound Clips2007-09-03CDBmg Japan 1953
Midnight, Moonlight & Magic: The Very Best of Henry Mancini - VariousSound Clips2004-10-20CDBmg Japan 31137
Making Every Moment Count - Peter AllenSound Clips2008-10-22CDBmg Japan 35527
A Touch of Tabasco - Rosemary ClooneySound Clips2007-04-02CDBmg Japan 37569
Clap Hands! Here Comes Rosie! - Rosemary ClooneySound Clips2007-09-03CDBmg Japan 38147
Welcome To My Heart - Gogi GrantSound Clips2007-09-03CDBMG Japan 38154
Susan Barrett - Susan Barrett2008-10-22CDBMG Japan 38181
A Girl and Her Songs - Teddi KingSound Clips2008-10-22CDBmg Japan 38188
A Touch of Tabasco - Rosemary ClooneySound Clips1997-12-17CDBmg Japan 7469
Songs by Burke and Van Heusen - Lena HorneSound Clips1958CDBMG Japan BVCJ-35926
Live on Tour - Perry Como1993CDBMG Japan BVCP-1015
My Heart Sings - Tony Bennett1990CDColumbia CBS Sony Japan CSCS-5245
A Time for Love - Tony Bennett1990-08-22CDColumbia CBS/Sony Japan CSCS-5243
Best of Musical - Kojiro Oka2014-08-272-CDColumbia Japan COCQ-38693-4
The Prayer - Kojiro Oka2006-08-02CDCOLUMBIA JAPAN COCQ-84194
Cross Currents - Eliane Elias ‎Sound Clips2009-12-08CDColumbia Japan / Zoom
Golden Bat - Original Off-Broadway Cast2015-06-242-CDDIW Records (JAPAN)
Something for You: Eliane Elias Sings & Plays Bill Evans - Eliane EliasSound Clips2007-12-14CDEMI Japan
Come Swing with Me - Beverly KenneySound Clips2003-03-26LPEMI Japan
Sings for Johnny Smith - Beverly KenneySound Clips2002-12-26CDEMI Japan
Just Before Dawn - Pat HealySound Clips2002-07-26CDEMI Japan
Gypsy - Tony Scott and his Buddies2011-12-27CDEMI Japan
Julie Is Her Name - Julie LondonSound Clips2010-06-29CDEMI Japan 0687957
Lonely Girl - Julie LondonSound Clips2010-06-29CDEMI Japan 0687958
Love Letters - Julie LondonSound Clips2010-06-29CDEMI Japan 0687972
When Your Lover Has Gone - Sue Raney2012-04-24CDEMI Japan 0689269
All by Myself - Sue Raney2012-04-24CDEMI Japan 0689270
Everything's Coming Up Rosy - Rosemary Squires2012-05-01CDEMI Japan 0689271
I Can't Resist You - Anna Maria Alberghetti2012-05-29CDEMI Japan 0689355
Crazy In Love - Trudy Richards2012-05-29CDEMI Japan 0689359
Jeri Southern at the Crescendo - Jeri Southern2012-05-29CDEMI Japan 0689360
Teach Me Tiger! - April StevensSound Clips2012-05-29CDEMI Japan 0689364
Gypsy - Tony Scott and his Buddies2011-12-21CDEMI Japan TOCJ-50248
The Songs of Harry Warren: At Separate Tables - Lu Ann Simms2012-05-29CDEMI Japan TOCJ-9743
ベスト・ミュージカル - 4 KnightsSound Clips2004-04-01CDEMI Japan Inc. TOCT-24715
Four Freshmen And 5 Trombones - The Four Freshmen2010-09-28CDEmi Japan/Zoom
Julie Is Her Name, Vol. 2 - Julie LondonSound Clips2010-07-06CDEMI Japan/Zoom 0687963
Swingin' on Broadway - Jonah Jones Quartet2011-04-20CDEMI Music Japan 0688545
Perhaps Love (如果爱) - Soundtrack2006-10-18CDEMIMUSIC JAPAN TOCP-70045
Akinori Nakagawa's The Wiz - Akinori Nakagawa2013-10-23CDExton Japan OVCA 00030
The Sound Of Music - Film
Listen Here - Sue RaneySound Clips2011-04-26CDIndies Japan / Zoom
Peggy Connelly - Peggy Connelly2002-09-13CDJapan
The Selection From 10th Anniversary Show Jewel - Rena Sasamoto2009-03-18CDJapan (Megaphon Importservice) IECL-10002A
マルグリット - Original Japanese Cast2009-07-29CDJapan (Megaphon)
'Round Midnight - Teddi KingSound Clips2002-10-29CDJapanese Import
Sommer's Seasons - Joanie SommersSound Clips2005-12-21CDJapanese Indies
The Singing Reed - Lucy ReedSound Clips2006-03-24CDJvc Japan
Nice Work If You Can Get It - Ella Fitzgerald & Andre PrevinSound Clips2006-06-21CDJvc Japan
Modern Jazz Performances Of Songs From My Fair Lady - Shelly Manne & His FriendsSound Clips2006-07-03CDJvc Japan 41592
Jackie Paris Sings The Lyrics Of Ira Gershwin - Jackie ParisSound Clips2008-10-22CDJvc Japan 61550
Someone Like You - Susan WongSound Clips2008-09-26CDKing Japan
I Wish You Love - Susan WongSound Clips2005-01-03CDKing Japan
Songs of Love - Sylvia SymsSound Clips1999-12-01CDMCA Japan
Born to Be Blue - Beverly KenneySound Clips1999-11-03CDMCA Japan
Dream Street - Peggy LeeSound Clips1999-11-03CDMCA Japan 19195
Oklahoma! - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1987CDMCA Japan DMCL 1658
There's No Business Like Show Business - Film Soundtrack1992CDMCA Japan MVCM 167
The Sound Of Music - Paul Smith QuartetSound Clips1996-08-19CDPolydor Japan 2585
Starlight Express - Australian Cast1987CDPony Canyon Inc., Japan D32A0345
リトルマーメイド - Japanese Soundtrack1998-07-17CDPony Canyon Inc., Japan PCCD 00217
リトルマーメイド - Japanese Soundtrack1995-12-16CDPony Canyon Inc., Japan PCCD-00142
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Japanese SoundtrackSound Clips1996-08-21CDPony Canyon Inc., Japan PCCD-00160
ヘラクレス - Japanese Soundtrack1997-07-18CDPony Canyon Inc., Japan PCCD-00187
美女と野獣 - Japanese Soundtrack1998-07-17CDPony Canyon Inc., Japan PCCD-00222
アラジン - Japanese Soundtrack1998-07-17CDPony Canyon Inc., Japan PCCD-00224
Mulan - Japanese Soundtrack1998-09-09CDPony Canyon Inc., Japan PCCD-00241
リトルマーメイド - Japanese Soundtrack1991-06-21CDPony Canyon Inc., Japan PCCW-00020
Show Boat - Kenny Dorham Jazz QuintetSound Clips2001-07-18CDPony Canyon Japan 30106
ライオン・キング - Japanese Soundtrack1994-12-07CDPony Canyon Japan PCCD00118
From My Heart - Tony PerkinsCDRCA / BMG Japan
Jaye P. Morgan - Jaye P. Morgan2004-11-16CDRCA/BMG Entertainment (JAPAN)
525600 Min. - KSound Clips2008-11-05CDSony Japan
Night in Manhattan - Lee WileySound Clips2007-04-16CDSony Japan
Ramin - Ramin KarimlooSound Clips2013-01-15CDSony Japan 6618845
Love Songs - Kanji IshimaruSound Clips2013-06-26CDSony Japan SICL 268
かいじん百面相 - Kanji Ishimaru2015-05-13CD SingleSony Japan SICL 274
Annie - Film Soundtrack2015-01-29CDSONY JAPAN SICP 4376
My Musical Life - Kanji IshimaruSound Clips2015-11-25CDSONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN
石丸幹二のミュージカルへようこそ - Kanji Ishimaru2011-09-212-CDSony Music Japan
Distance - Kanji IshimaruSound Clips2011-09-21CD, DVDSony Music Japan SICL 258~9
My Favorite Songs - Kanji Ishimaru2017-11-08CDSony Music Japan SICL 30036
Jeri Southern Meets Johnny Smith - Jeri Southern2003-04-07CDToshiba EMI Japan
Yellow Submarine - Soundtrack1999-09-08CDToshiba EMI Japan 65300
Julie Is Her Name, Vol. 2 - Julie London2006-10-02CDToshiba EMI Japan 6840
Fools Rush in - Monica LewisSound Clips2007CDToshiba EMI Japan 6859
About the Blues - Julie LondonSound Clips2008-01-13CDToshiba EMI Japan 6864
Diva: The Singles Collection - Sarah BrightmanSound Clips2006-10-04CDToshiba EMI Japan 70120
Warm and Willing - Anna Maria AlberghettiSound Clips2005-06-29CDToshiba EMI Japan 9641
We Belong Together - The Barry SistersSound Clips2005-06-29CDToshiba EMI Japan 9652
Warm Brandy - Dolores GraySound Clips2012-06-05CDToshiba-EMI Japan 0689356
Chet Baker Plays The Best Of Lerner & Loewe - Chet BakerSound Clips1991-07-01CDUniversal Japan
Pal Joey - The Kenny Drew TrioSound Clips1996-02-12CDUniversal Japan
Let The Sunshine In - Diana Ross & The SupremesSound Clips2007-07-04CDUniversal Japan
That's Him - Abbey LincolnSound Clips2007-10-17CDUniversal Japan
Can't We Be Friends? - Jane Powell2004-12-01CDUniversal Japan
Leave It to Jane - Jane Harvey2008-11-19CDUniversal Japan
Mood Indigo - Fran Warren2007-01-17CDUniversal Japan
Lolita Go Home - Jane BirkinSound Clips2007-03-28CDUniversal Japan
Sings for Playboys - Beverly KenneySound Clips2006-09-06CDUniversal Japan
Run Wild, Run Free - Claudine Longet2007-06-20CDUniversal Japan
I Hear a Symphony - The SupremesSound Clips2007-07-16CDUniversal Japan
Mitzi - Mitzi GaynorSound Clips2007-01-29CDUniversal Japan
Miss Wonderful - Peggy Lee2007-01-29CDUniversal Japan
All The Sad Young Men - Anita O'DaySound Clips2012-06-19CDUniversal Japan 0558967
This Is Anita - Anita O'Day2012-01-31SACDUniversal Japan 0569493
Anita Sings the Most - Anita O'Day2012-01-31SACDUniversal Japan 0569494
Anita O'Day at Mister Kelly's - Anita O'DaySound Clips2012-01-31SACDUniversal Japan 0569571
Anita O'Day Sings The Winners - Anita O'DaySound Clips2012-03-27CDUniversal Japan 0569647
Les Misérables - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2013-01-08CDUniversal Japan 0574686
Chet Baker Plays The Best Of Lerner & Loewe - Chet Baker2013-02-19CDUniversal Japan 0574790
Pal Joey - The Kenny Drew Trio2013-02-19CDUniversal Japan 0574808
Slow and Easy - Jaye P. Morgan2013-05-28CDUniversal Japan 0576755
Eydie Gorme on Stage - Eydie GormeSound Clips2001-04-10CDUniversal Japan 19208
Music on a Silver Platter - The Mary Kaye Trio2008-01-13CDUniversal Japan 3079
Past Midnight - Margaret WhitingSound Clips2008-11-19CDUniversal Japan 3098
Broadway, Right Now! - Mel Tormé & Margaret Whiting2008-11-19CDUniversal Japan 3099
Swing Around Rosie - Rosemary ClooneySound Clips2002-04-09CDUniversal Japan 314 589 485-2
Waltz For Debby - Monica ZetterlundSound Clips2003-05-05CDUniversal Japan 5036
This Is Anita - Anita O'Day2003-05-05CDUniversal Japan 5040
An Evening with Billie Holiday - Billie HolidaySound Clips2004-01-13CDUniversal Japan 9119
Jack Jones Sings - Jack Jones2006-02-06CDUniversal Japan 9149
Eydie in Love - Eydie GorméSound Clips2007-01-29CDUniversal Japan 9332
Fine And Dandy - Debbie ReynoldsSound Clips2007-01-29CDUniversal Japan 9341
With A Song In My Heart - Stevie WonderSound Clips2008-12-03CDUniversal Japan 93866
Waltz For Debby - Monica ZetterlundSound Clips2008-06-03CDUniversal Japan UCCU9466
Passage - The CarpentersSound Clips2009-09-01CDUniversal Japan / Zoom
Faubourg 36 - Soundtrack
2009-09-02CDUniversal Music Japan
マンマ・ミーア! - Japanese CastSound Clips2014-04-30CDUNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN
Our Shining Hour - Sammy Davis Jr.Sound Clips2004-10-27CDUniversal/Japan
Fine And Dandy - Debbie ReynoldsSound Clips2008-12-17CDVerve Japan 9648
Fairy - Mayo Suzukaze2016-09-07CD, DVDVictor Japan VIZL-1017
Avant Gershwin - Patti AustinSound Clips2007-03-06CDVideo Arts Japan 5123
ライオン キング - Japanese CastSound Clips2011-09-28CDWalt Disney / Avex Japan AVCW-12851
Frozen - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2014-03-12CDWalt Disney Records / Avex Japan
アラジン - Original Tokyo Cast2015-07-22CDWalt Disney Records / Avex Japan
Tangled - Japanese SoundtrackSound Clips2011CDWalt Disney Records / AVEX Japan AVCW 12820
Cinderella - Film Soundtrack2005CDWalt Disney Records / Avex Japan AVCW-12464 (AVCX-12464)
The Bells of Notre Dame
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips2002-10-11CDWalt Disney Records / Avex Japan AVCW12169
Pocahontas - Film Soundtrack2000-10-12CDWalt Disney Records / Avex Japan AVCW1217
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Film Soundtrack2000CDWalt Disney Records / FOA Records Japan OCD-65001
Cinderella - Film Soundtrack2000CDWalt Disney Records / FOA Records Japan OCD-65005
The Little Mermaid - Film Soundtrack2000CDWalt Disney Records / FOA Records Japan OCD-65012
Lady and the Tramp - Film Soundtrack1998-01-21CDWalt Disney Records / Pony Canyon Japan PCCD 00204
Beauty and the Beast - Film Soundtrack1992-05-21CDWalt Disney Records / Pony Canyon Japan PCCD-00061
Hercules - Film Soundtrack1997-07-18CDWalt Disney Records / Pony Canyon Japan PCCD-00186
Hercules Mighty Collection
Hercules - Film Soundtrack
1998-02-18CDWalt Disney Records / Pony Canyon Japan PCCD-00205
Two Of Us - Kim Seung Dae & Jeon Dong Suk2013-09-102-CDWarner Japan WPZL-30698
What's New - Linda RonstadtSound Clips2008-12-17CDWarner Music Japan
Johnny Get Angry - Joanie SommersSound Clips2008-06-25CDWarner Music Japan
Live! Her Piano and Trio - Barbara Carroll2013-07-30CDWea Japan
Nobody Else But Me: Betty Bennett Sings The Arrangements Of Shorty Rogers & André Previn - Betty BennettSound Clips2008-01-13CDWea Japan 25021
Destry Rides Again - Roland Hanna2012-05-29CDWea Japan 7411678
Roberta: The Original Jazz Performance - Morris Nanton TrioSound Clips2012-05-29CDWea Japan 7411684
Ann, Man! - Ann Richards2012-08-14CDWea Japan 7412049
The Most Happy Fella: The Jazz Modes Play Excerpts From The Frank Loesser Musical - The Jazz Modes2013-01-29CDWea Japan 7413018
Positively the Most! - Joanie SommersSound Clips2013-01-29CDWea Japan 7413045
Mary Poppins - Duke Ellington Plays with the Original Motion Picture Score2013-02-26CDWea Japan 7413097