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Anna Karenina - Studio CastCD3t Magyar Polygram PRO 0294
Riel - Studio CastSound Clips1999-01-012-CDAmbiances Magnétiques 073-2CD
The Rose Of Persia - Studio Cast2000CDBBC Music Magazine BBC MM81US
The Rose Of Persia - Studio Cast20002-CDBBC Music Magazine Vol. 7 No. 9
Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross - Concept RecordingSound Clips2010-03-15CDCharlemagne Productions Ltd 104
Fantasmic! - Original Disney MGM Studios Cast1999-08-08CDDisney Magic Productions DMPCD1002
Звезда и смерть Хоакина Мурьеты - Film2008DVDDVD Magiya
Superstar Of The West End & Broadway - Gertrude LawrenceCD-REvergreen Magazine CCYE
Slow Down - Gilles ChiassonSound Clips2003-08-26CDGilles Chiasson & Sound Magick
Angelique - Studio CastSound Clips2005-07-11CDHommage 011220
Oklahoma! - London Revival Cast2012-12-04BlurayImage
Stars and the Moon: Live At The Donmar - Betty Buckley2002-03-05DVDImage ID1130BZDVD
Passion - Broadway Cast2003-06-10DVDImage Entertainment
Follies in Concert - Documentary2001-07-24DVDImage Entertainment
Jekyll & Hyde - Broadway Replacement Cast2006-11-14DVDImage Entertainment
Into the Woods - Original Broadway Cast1997-08-27DVDImage Entertainment
Sweeney Todd in Concert - Concert Cast2002-05-14DVDImage Entertainment
Cinderella - TV Cast2004-12-14DVDImage Entertainment
Working - TV Film2002-01-05DVDImage Entertainment
Elaine Stritch: at Liberty - Elaine Stritch2003-10-21DVDImage Entertainment
Fosse - Broadway Cast2002-02-05DVDImage Entertainment
Victor / Victoria - Broadway Cast2000-04-04DVDImage Entertainment
Nunsense - TV Cast1998-08-12DVDImage Entertainment
Putting It Together - Broadway CastSound Clips2006-12-12DVDImage Entertainment
Some Enchanted Evening: Richard Rodgers Tribute Gala - Concert Cast2003-11-18DVDImage Entertainment
Kiss Me, Kate - London Cast2003-05-13DVDImage Entertainment
The First Nudie Musical - Film2002-06-25VHSImage Entertainment
Royal Wedding - FilmSound Clips1997-07-15DVDImage Entertainment
The Magic Show - Toronto Cast2001-07-24DVDImage Entertainment
Carol Channing & Pearl Bailey On Broadway - TV Cast2000-11-28DVDImage Entertainment
My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies - Concert Cast1999-12-14VHSImage Entertainment
The Stephen Sondheim Collection
Sunday in the Park with George - Broadway Cast
Passion - Broadway Cast
Follies in Concert - Documentary
Into the Woods - Original Broadway Cast
Sweeney Todd in Concert - Concert Cast
Sondheim: A Celebration at Carnegie Hall - Concert Cast
2003-09-236-DVDImage Entertainment
Second Chorus - Film2006-07-25DVDImage Entertainment
My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies - Concert CastDVDImage Entertainment
The Slipper and the Rose - Film2000DVDImage Entertainment
The Mikado - Film1998-12-22DVDImage Entertainment
Duck Soup - FilmSound Clips1998-01-21DVDImage Entertainment
The Cocoanuts - FilmSound Clips1998-07-08DVDImage Entertainment
Monkey Business - FilmSound Clips1998-06-24DVDImage Entertainment
Jerry Herman's Broadway at the Hollywood Bowl - Concert CastSound Clips2006-05-30DVDImage Entertainment
The Pee-Wee Herman Show - Original Los Angeles Cast2006-07-18DVDImage Entertainment
Cinderella - TV Cast2004-12-07VHSImage Entertainment
Kiss Me, Kate - London Cast2003-05-13VHSImage Entertainment
Company - Broadway CastSound Clips2008-05-20BlurayImage Entertainment
The Rat Pack: Live From Las Vegas - London Cast2005-10-18DVDImage Entertainment
Jack B. Nimble - Studio CastSound Clips2001-07-31CDImage Entertainment
Marianne Faithfull Sings Kurt Weill - Marianne Faithfull2002-01-29DVDImage Entertainment
Into the Woods - Original Broadway Cast1997-05-07VHSImage Entertainment
Something To Sing About - Film2003-12-16DVDImage Entertainment
Road To Utopia - Film1998-10-21DVDImage Entertainment
Sondheim: The Birthday Concert - Concert Cast2010-11-16DVDIMAGE ENTERTAINMENT
Victor / Victoria - Broadway Cast2010-07-27BlurayIMAGE ENTERTAINMENT
Sinderella and the Golden Bra - Film2003-05-20DVDImage Entertainment
Sondheim: The Birthday Concert - Concert Cast2010-11-16BlurayIMAGE ENTERTAINMENT
Evergreen - Film1993-05-11VHSImage Entertainment
Belle Of The Nineties - Film1998-05-27DVDImage Entertainment
Stage Door Canteen - Film2002-03-26DVDImage Entertainment
The Slipper and the Rose - Film2000-04-25VHSImage Entertainment
The Gondoliers - Opera Australia2001-03-20DVDImage Entertainment
Michael Feinstein The Sinatra Legacy - Michael Feinstein2011-12-06DVDIMAGE ENTERTAINMENT
Michael Feinstein The Sinatra Legacy - Michael Feinstein2011-12-06BlurayIMAGE ENTERTAINMENT
Direct From Broadway
Jekyll & Hyde - Broadway Replacement Cast
Putting It Together - Broadway Cast
Smokey Joe's Cafe - Original Broadway Cast
2012-05-153-DVDImage Entertainment
Chillerama - Film2011-11-29DVDImage Entertainment
Chillerama - Film2011-11-29BlurayImage Entertainment
Victor / Victoria - Broadway Cast2000-04-04VHSImage Entertainment
Lady of Burlesque - Film2001-05-01DVDImage Entertainment
I'm No Angel - Film1998-03-18DVDImage Entertainment
Company - New York Philharmonic2012-11-13DVDImage Entertainment
Company - New York Philharmonic2012-11-13BlurayImage Entertainment
Into the Woods - Original Broadway Cast2014-12-02BlurayImage Entertainment
Into the Woods - Original Broadway Cast2014-10-07DVDImage Entertainment
The Stephen Sondheim Collection
Sunday in the Park with George - Broadway Cast
Follies in Concert - Documentary
Into the Woods - Original Broadway Cast
Sweeney Todd in Concert - Concert Cast
Sondheim: The Birthday Concert - Concert Cast
Company - New York Philharmonic
2015-04-146-DVDImage Entertainment
Into the Woods - Original Broadway Cast2015-02-10BlurayImage Entertainment
365 Nights in Hollywood - Film2012-03-02DVDImage Entertainment
Street Scene - Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz Production2001-05-01DVDImage Entertainment 100 098
Oklahoma! - London Revival Cast2003-11-182-DVDImage Entertainment 10570-KDVD
Aesop's Fables: The Donkey And The Wolf, The Shepherd Boy And The Wolf - Studio CastSound Clips2001-10-02CDImage Entertainment 1287
A Chorus Line - Film2-LaserdiscImage Entertainment 21835
The Slipper and the Rose - SoundtrackSound Clips2001-10-09CDImage Entertainment 306
Fanny - Soundtrack
Fanny - Film
2008-06-17DVD, CDImage Entertainment 43102
Sunday in the Park with George - Broadway CastSound Clips1999-03-23DVDImage Entertainment 4586
Sweeney Todd in Concert - Concert Cast2006-04-10DVDImage Entertainment 74321 93022 9
Sunday in the Park with George - Broadway Cast19862-LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID-5151
My Favorite Broadway: The Love Songs - Concert Cast2001-03-13DVDImage Entertainment ID0595MODVD
The First Nudie Musical - Film2002DVDImage Entertainment ID1416BQDVD
The First Nudie Musical - Soundtrack2002CDImage Entertainment ID1416BQDVD
Copacabana - TV Cast2002-08-20DVDImage Entertainment ID1813DPDVD
The Fred Astaire - Ginger Rogers Collection
Top Hat - Film
Follow the Fleet - Film
The Gay Divorcée - Film
Shall We Dance - Film
1994-11-234-LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID2443TU
Candide - New York Philharmonic2005-05-17DVDImage Entertainment ID2762EMDVD
Cinderella - TV Cast1995-11-15LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID3173HL
Shinbone Alley - Animated Film2006-08-08DVDImage Entertainment ID3264FYDVD
An Evening With Lena Horne - Lena HorneLaserdiscImage Entertainment ID3463AN
Sunday in the Park with George - Broadway Cast1999-03-232-LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID3514MB
Top Hat - Film1996LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID3566TU
Passion - Broadway CastLaserdiscImage Entertainment ID3803AD
Melody Ranch - Film2003-05-20DVDImage Entertainment ID3994UQDVD
Company - Broadway CastSound Clips2008-05-20DVDImage Entertainment ID4480EKDVD
The Beggar's Opera - TV Cast2000-10-31DVDImage Entertainment ID5795RADVD
Follies in Concert - Documentary1989LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID6322FR
Sophisticated Ladies - Broadway CastLaserdiscImage Entertainment ID6371J2
Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - Tour Cast1990LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID6423TU
Too Many Girls - Film1989LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID6774TU
The Story Of Vernon And Irene Castle - Film1989LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID6780TU
Show Business - Film1990LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID6983TU
A Damsel In Distress - Film1990-12-30LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID7054TU
Shall We Dance - Film1991LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID7084TU
A Little Night Music - Film19902-LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID7557NL
Peter Pan - TV Cast1990-08-25LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID7810GT
Barnum - London Cast1990LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID7887VP
Karen Akers: On Stage at Wolf Trap - Karen Akers1991-08-30LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID8005VW
Into the Woods - Original Broadway Cast19962-LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID8285MB
Follow the Fleet - Film1991-11-22LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID8293TU
The Gay Divorcée - Film1991LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID8303TU
Swing Time - Film1993-02-05LaserdiscImage Entertainment ID8560TU
Nunsense 2: The Sequel - TV Cast2000-09-26DVDImage Entertainment ID9494DLDVD
My Favorite Broadway: The Love Songs - Concert Cast2003-08-25DVDImage Entertainment IX0595MOUKD
My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies - Concert Cast2000-11-20VHSImage Entertainment IX9155MOUKV
Man of La Mancha: The Musical Story of Don Quixote - Studio Cast (for children)Sound Clips2002-03-26CDImage Entertainment PUR1382
The Great Muppet Caper - FilmLaserdiscImage Entertainment / Jim Henseon Video 1603 AS
Noah: The Musical - Original Cast2005CDImage House Productions
The Amuse-ical Tales of Robin Hood - Original Cast2005CDImageHouse
Fly Blackbird - Original Los Angeles Cast1961LPImaginate LK-1 V-13786
We Can Be Kind: West End Cares at Centre Stage - Concert Cast1996CDImagination WEC1
Cyrano das Musical - German CastCDImagination Company 99/01
Lincoln: A Poetic Opera - Manhattan Choral EnsembleSound Clips2010-03-30CDImagination Sound
Looking for Roberto Clemente - Original CastCDImagination Stage
Broadway Collection Sampler - Various Artists2006CDImagine 41223
One Love One Lifetime - Elizabeth De GraziaSound ClipsCDImagine Sound Studios Toronto
Music Of The Knight
Andrew Lloyd Webber: Love Songs - Compilation Album
1993CDIPC Magazines Ltd IPC ALW 901
Affinity / West Side Story
West Side Story - Oscar Peterson Trio
Sound Clips2016-10-21CDJazz Images
Lady Sings the Blues - Billie HolidaySound Clips2016-09-23CDJazz Images
Stay with Me - Billie HolidaySound Clips2016-10-07CDJazz Images 535774
Brass Theater III: Blending Brass and Broadway - Star of IndianaSound Clips1997-06-17CDMAG
The Music Man - Wisconsin Cast1962LPMag-Na-Craft NO8P-4988
Bran Nue Dae - Jimmy Chi3-CDMagabala Books
The Marvelous Wonderettes: Caps and Gowns - Original CastSound Clips2012-11-20CDMagic Bean Theatricals
Honky Tonk Laundry - Original Cast2017-11-24Audio FileMagic Bean Theatricals
Nights on Broadway - Emile PandolfiSound Clips1994-01-01CDMagic Music MMC-149
Just The Two Of Us - Matt Dusk & MargaretCDMagic Records 476 730 1
Stage Show - The Dorsey Brothers, Tommy and Jimmy Live1987LPMagic Records AWE 30
Dancers Delight - Tex Beneke1996-07-30CDMagic Records UK 79
El show de terror de Rocky - Mexican CastCDMagic Sound Records
Magic Violins Play The Enchantment of Rodgers And Hammerstein - Magic ViolinsLPMagic Violins SS-2502
Diva's Are Forever - Shirley Bassey2003DVDMAGICSIGN 2002FDVD1509
Leonardo - - the Absolute Man - Concept AlbumSound Clips2001-07-24CDMagna Carta MAX-9029-2
Carlton America Classic Family Fun Pack Vol. 8
Aladdin - Film
2-DVDMagna Pacific
Athena - FilmDVDMagna Pacific DVD01790
Follow the Fleet - Film
Shall We Dance - Film
2001DVDMagna Pacific DVD05100
Д’Артаньян и три мушкетёра - Film2008DVDMagnat
Приключения Петрова и Васечкина, обыкновенные и невероятные - Film2008DVDMagnat
Каникулы Петрова и Васечкина, обыкновенные и невероятные - Film2008DVDMagnat
Gladiátor - Original CastSound Clips2015-11CDMagneoton
A Szépség és a Szörnyeteg - Zoltán Bereczki & Ágota SiménfalvySound Clips2005CDMagneoton 5046-78261-2
Movie Movie - FilmVHSMagnetic Video
Hello, Dolly! - Film19812-LaserdiscMagnetic Video 1001-80
The King And I - Film19812-LaserdiscMagnetic Video 1004-80
The Sound Of Music - Film19812-LaserdiscMagnetic Video 1051-80
All That Jazz - Film19812-LaserdiscMagnetic Video 1095-80
Stage Fright - Film2014-07-08DVDMagnolia Home Entertainment
Blaise le savetier - Studio CastSound Clips2014-07-08CDMaguelone Music
A 3 Testőr - Original Hungarian Cast2007CDMagyar
Aida - Original Hungarian Cast2007CDMagyarul MG 4527
Grease Instrumental Collection: Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - Instrumental AlbumSound Clips2016-06-10Audio FileMovie Magic Instrumental
La tiendita de los horrores - Mexican Cast2011CDMS MAGIC SOUND RECORDS MEXICO
Ghostlight - Betty BuckleySound Clips2014-09-16CDPractical Magic 2174
Ghostlight - Betty BuckleySound Clips2014-09-162-LPPractical Magic 2174
Bootleg: Boardmixes from the Road - Betty BuckleySound Clips2010-11-19CDPractical Magic Productions 777
Prima Show In The Casbar - Louis PrimaLPPrima Magnagroove PM 3001
The King Of Clubs - Louis Prima & Gia MaioneLPPrima Magnagroove PS 3003
Evergreen:Music From The Films Of Barbra Streisand - City of Prague PhilharmonicSound Clips1999-09-07CDSonic Images
Peter Pan - Original Colombian Cast2016CDTan solo hay que imaginar