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Piaf - Original Reykjavik Cast2004CD12 Tónar
Galdrakarlinn í OZ - Icelandic CastCD12 Tónar
Söngvaseiður - Icelandic CastCD12 Tónar 12T049
Funny Lady - Film1995-04-03VHS2 Entertain Video / International Video CVT 11850
The Musical Hero - Original Cast2-CDAcom International Co., LTD.
How to Win Against History - Original CastSound Clips2017-08-03Audio FileÁine Flanagan Productions and Seiriol Davies
S'Wonderful - The Spitfire BandSound Clips1998-02-03CDAlanna Records ACD 5572
BIg Band Swing Things - The Spitfire BandSound Clips1999-02-09CDAlanna Records ACD 5576
Bye Bye Birdie - Television Cast2004-11-19DVDAllumination
OWT Play's Number One's - Werner Tauber OrchestraCDALPANA CD 14170
My Fair Lady - 101 StringsLPAlshire International S-5231
Jack Dorsey Conducts Music from Fiddler on the Roof and Other Songs
Fiddler on the Roof - 101 Strings
1973LPAlshire International Records QS 15
Antonio 1807-1995 - Original Spanish Cast19952-CDAna Classic ANA-1
El diario de Ana Frank - Original Madrid CastCDAna Frank
Haunted - Ana MarinaSound Clips2016-04-15CDAna Marina
Broadway / Montreal - Robert MarienSound Clips2006-10-26CDAnalekta 20001
Gershwin Songbook for Piano Four Hands - Duo Campion-VachonSound Clips2007-04-05CDAnalekta FL23074
On Your Feet! - Original Broadway Cast2016-12-022-LPAnalog Spark 00011
Company - Original Broadway Cast2017-04-21LPAnalog Spark 00025
Gypsy - Original Broadway Cast2017-04-21LPAnalog Spark 00026
South Pacific - Original Broadway Cast2017-04-21LPAnalog Spark 00027
Dream - Anna O'ByrneSound ClipsAudio FileAnna O'Byrne
Dream - Anna O'ByrneCDAnna O'Byrne
Le Pays du Sourire - Radio CastSound Clips2013-07-01Audio FileAnna Records
St. Louis Blues - Nat "King" Cole2011-09-13SACD, CDApo (Analogue Productions)
More Tea Vicar ? - Susan Flannery & Michael LuntsCDArena SFMLCD1
La maja de Goya - Original Madrid Cast1997CDAryna Records ARYCD003/97
Smiley, The Musical - Studio CastCDAstar International Attractions AIA001
Lucky Me - Film Soundtrack
Incendiary Blonde - Soundtrack
LPAthena LMIB-9
And Brilliance - Della ReeseLPAtlanta International Records AIR 10112
South Park: Más Grande, más largo y sin cortes - Spanish SoundtrackCDAtlantic España
Белая ворона - Studio Cast19912-LPAudio Ukraina
Jesus Christ Superstar - Austrian CastSound Clips2004CDAustro Mechana HX 230704JCS
The Mayflower - Original CastLPAvenue International AVE/INT 700
National Lampoon Lemmings - Original Off-Broadway CastLPBanana BTS-6006
Gershwin Live - Bill Wright1995-10-19CDBill Wright / Original Cast 9524
High School Musical: El desafío - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2008-07-08CDBMG Argentina 733020
Jesucristo Superstar - Original Madrid CastSound Clips1996-11-082-CDBMG Ariola España 9K 353229
Take Me Along - Marty Paich and his Jazz Piano Quartet2004-11-16CDBMG Espana BMGF 58111
From a Distance - Elaine PaigeSound Clips1999-02-02CDBMG International 153579
What You See Is What You Sweat - Aretha FranklinSound Clips2001-05-08CDBMG International 26172
Kid Galahad - Film Soundtrack2004CDBMG International 666396
Back to Earth - Lisa EkdahlSound Clips2006-02-20CDBMG International 74321 61463 2
Puttin' On The Ritz - TacoSound Clips1998-10-06CDBMG International 74575
Della - Della ReeseSound Clips1996-10-08CDBMG International/Camden 74321 415012
The Broadway Concert - Lea Salonga2002CDBMG Records (Pilipinas)
Songs From The Screen - Lea SalongaSound ClipsCDBMG Records Pilipinas
I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing - Lea SalongaCDBMG Records Pilipinas
100%: Lea Gives Her Best - Lea SalongaCDBMG Records Pilipinas
Starboy - SoundtrackSound ClipsCDBonafide Records
Mary Poppins - Dutch Soundtrack2005CDBuena Vista
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Studio Cast1985-06CassetteBuena Vista
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Film1997-03-04VHSBuena Vista
Aida - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2006-02-06CDBuena Vista
Song of the South - Film2000-07-03VHSBuena Vista
Lady and the Tramp - Film1998-08-17VHSBuena Vista
Dance Annette - Annette Funicello1961LPBuena Vista
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Film SoundtrackLPBuena Vista 102
The Hobbit - Soundtrack19772-LPBuena Vista 103
Bambi - Film Soundtrack1982CassetteBuena Vista 160 FP
Mary Poppins - Film SoundtrackEPBuena Vista 45VS609
Bedknobs and Broomsticks - Film SoundtrackLPBuena Vista 5003
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Radio City Music Hall1979LPBuena Vista 5009
The Music Man - TV CastSound Clips2003-02-11CDBuena Vista 60077-7
Aida - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2000-06-06CDBuena Vista 60671-7
Enchanted - Film2008-05-07DVDBuena Vista BHA0785316
Let's Fly With Mary Poppins - Louis PrimaLPBuena Vista BV 3333
Mary Poppins - Film Soundtrack1964LPBuena Vista BV 4026
The Happiest Millionaire - Film Soundtrack1967LPBuena Vista BV 5001
Lady and the Tramp - Film Soundtrack
Songs from Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp - Peggy Lee
1963LPBuena Vista BV 5008
Say One for Me - SoundtrackLPBuena Vista BV-1302
Let's Get Together With Hayley Mills - Hayley Mills1962LPBuena Vista BV-3311
Muscle Beach Party - Annette1964-04LPBuena Vista BV-3314
Babes In Toyland - Soundtrack1961LPBuena Vista BV-4022
Camarata Conducts a Modern Musical Interpretation of Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Studio Cast1967LPBuena Vista BV-4023
Carousel - Brussels World's Fair1966LPBuena Vista BV-4029
Camarata Conducts Brigadoon - Studio CastLPBuena Vista BV-4032
Camarata Conducts Man of La Mancha - Camarata and the Mike Sammes Singers1967LPBuena Vista BV4027
Mary Poppins - Film SoundtrackEPBuena Vista BVE 200
The Happiest Millionaire - Film Soundtrack1967LPBuena Vista BVS 5001
Beauty and the Beast - Film2002-11-04VHSBuena Vista D213252
Let's Get Together / Cobbler, Cobbler
Let's Get Together With Hayley Mills - Hayley Mills
196145Buena Vista F-385
Supercalifragilistic-Espiralidoso / Jolly Holiday
Let's Fly With Mary Poppins - Louis Prima
45Buena Vista F-446
Hi-Ho / Whistle While You Work
Hi-Ho: Mary Sings and Mary Swings Walt Disney Favorites - Mary Martin
45Buena Vista F-458
The Parent Trap - Film1961LPBuena Vista STER 3309
Mary Poppins - Film Soundtrack1964LPBuena Vista STER 4026
The Happiest Millionaire - Film Soundtrack1967LPBuena Vista STER 5001
Mary Poppins - Film Soundtrack1973LPBuena Vista STER 5005
Let's Get Together With Hayley Mills - Hayley Mills1962LPBuena Vista STER-3311
Mary Poppins - French Soundtrack1964LPBuena Vista STER-3335
Camarata Conducts Brigadoon - Studio Cast1968LPBuena Vista STER-4032
Finian's Rainbow - Studio Cast1968LPBuena Vista STER-4034
Sleeping Beauty - Film Soundtrack1970LPBuena Vista STER-4036
The One And Only Genuine Original Family Band - Film Soundtrack1968-11LPBuena Vista STER-5002
The Parent Trap - Film1997-02-04VHSBuena Vista Distribution Company
The Parent Trap - Film1995-05-15VHSBuena Vista Distribution Company
The Parent Trap - Film2002-05-07VHSBuena Vista Distribution Company
Hey, Cinderella! - Film1994-01-11VHSBuena Vista Home Ent
Babes In Toyland - Film1996-10-01VHSBuena Vista Home Ent
Les Demoiselles de Rochefort - Film2000DVDBuena Vista Home Entertainment
El geperut de Notre Dame
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Film
1997VHSBuena Vista Home Entertainment
Mary Poppins - Film2005-03-07DVDBuena Vista Home Entertainment D881229
Chicago - Film2003-08-04DVDBuena Vista Home Entertainment D888819
Once Upon a Mattress - TV Cast2005-12-20DVDBuena Vista Home Entertainment / Disney
The Muppets' Wizard of Oz - TV Cast2005-08-09DVDBuena Vista Home Entertainment / Disney
The Nightmare Before Christmas - FilmSound Clips2000-10-03DVDBuena Vista Home Entertainment / Touchstone
Cradle Will Rock - Film2000-05-16DVDBuena Vista Home Video
Sleeping Beauty - Film2000-09-01VHSBuena Vista Home Video
The Muppets' Wizard of Oz - TV Cast2005-08-09VHSBuena Vista Home Video
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Film1994VHSBuena Vista Home Video 11524
The Best of Broadway Musicals - Ed Sullivan ShowVHSBuena Vista Home Video 2235
Beauty and the Beast - Film Soundtrack1991CDBuena Vista Pictures BVHV 458
The Parent Trap - FilmSound ClipsAudio FileBuena Vista Records
Aida - Original Broadway Cast2000CDBuena Vista Records 03MS37400
Robin Hood - Film Soundtrack197345Buena Vista Records 493
Walt Disney World Spectromagic Parade - SoundtrackSound Clips2001CDBuena Vista Records 60055-7
Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular - California CastSound Clips2003CDBuena Vista Records 61003-7
The Music Of Walt Disney - Various Artists1965LPBuena Vista Records BV-2000
Stavisky - SoundtrackSound Clips1993-11-30CDCam Original Soundtracks
A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night & More
A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night - Harry Nilsson
2002-12-17CDCamden International 195027
The Fig Leaves Are Falling - DemoSound Clips2016-06-19CD-RCamp Granada
The Fig Leaves Are Falling - Allan Sherman
The Fig Leaves Are Falling - Compilation
Sound Clips2016-05-31CD-RCamp Granada
When We Were Singing - Studio Cast2000CDCanada Council for the Arts
Mandragola - Radio CastLPCanadian Broadcasting Corpation LM 448
Panama Hattie - Stage CastCDCanadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC Audio)
Santo & Johnny - Santo and Johnny FarinaLPCanadian-American Records CALP 1001
Encore - Santo & Johnny FarinaLPCanadian-American Records CALP 1002
Starlight, Starbright - Linda Scott1961LPCanadian-American Records CALP 1005
Come On In... - Santo & Johnny FarinaLPCanadian-American Records CALP 1006
Around The World With Santo & Johnny - Santo & Johnny FarinaLPCanadian-American Records SCALP 1008
Off Shore - Santo & Johnny FarinaLPCanadian-American Records SCALP 1011
The Hills Are Alive - Brooklyn Rundfunk OrkestraSound Clips2011-03-08CDCanal
Kuifje: De Zonnetempel - Original Antwerp Cast2001DVDCanal +
Makiddo - Workshop CastCDCappies National Company - DemoCDCappies National Company
The Birthday Feast - Original CastSound Clips2014-12-16CDCardinal Stage Company 700261417004
The Rocky Horror Show - Minneapolis CastSound Clips2011-06-01Audio FileCardinal Theatricals
Songs of Cinema - Michael Bolton2017-02-10CDCaroline International 776
Street Lights - Studio CastSound Clips2009-10-30CDCautionary Noises
Desafinado - Doris Day1990CDCéDé International ‎ CD 66123
Kaunotar Ja Hirviö - Finnish SoundtrackCDChappell Music Scandinavia AB 7393834000265
Life of the Party - Christina BiancoSound Clips2018-10-06Audio FileChristina Bianco
So This Is Love - Christina WatsonSound Clips2018-11-04Audio FileChristina Watson
Cabaret - Madrid Cast2004CDCIE / Stage Entertainment España
Cats - Original Madrid Cast2003CDCIE / Stage Entertainment España
Mamma Mia! - Original Madrid Cast Promo2005EPCIE / Stage Entertainment España
Funny Girl - Film2007-12-03VHSCinema Club / International Video CVT 10145
Malditos Yanquis
Damn Yankees - Film
DVDCinema International Media LL1195
The Dolly Sisters - Film SoundtrackLPClassic International Filmusicals C.I.F. 3010
Roberta - SoundtrackCDClassic International Filmusicals C.I.F. 3011
State Fair - Film Soundtrack
Centennial Summer - Soundtrack
LPClassic International Filmusicals CIF 3009
State Fair - Film Soundtrack
Centennial Summer - Soundtrack
CassetteClassic International Filmusicals CIFC-3009
Judy Garland at the Palace (Closing Night) - Judy GarlandLPClassic International Theatremusic CIT 2001
Show Boat - SoundtrackSound Clips2005-03-15CDClassic Soundtracks - Snapper Music SFILMCD005
Stan Gilmer Sings Sammy - Stan GilmerSound Clips2003-07-15CDColonnade of Music
Pal Joey - Film1998-08-03VHSColumbia Pictures International Video CVT 11205
Mamá, quiero ser famoso - Original Spanish CastSound Clips2003CDColumna Música
Cuando Harry encontró a Sally - Original Madrid CastSound Clips2008-11-21CDColumna Música 1CM-0097
Treasures in my life 1.5 - Kazutaka IshiiSound Clips2018-04-08CDConAmor RECORDS KAZU-008
Eliana ao vivo - Eliana Pittman1968LPCopacabana CLP 11528
War Horse - Original CastSound Clips2008-09-22CDCordafonia Records / National Theatre CORDAF01
Ein Walzertraum - Wiener Volksoper
Der Vetter Aus Dingsda - Studio Cast (Highlights)
Sound Clips2008-11-26CDCorona Classic Collection 0000752CCC
Orpheus In Der Unterwelt - German CastSound ClipsAudio FileCorona Classics Collection
Telepasión española - Various Artists2-CDCorporación Discográfica Iberoamericana
Sweet Redemption Music Company - Original Cast1978LPCovenant Recordings SRMC
The Planemaker - Concept Album19782-LPCovenant Records
City of Angels - Covina Playhouse Cast1999CDCovina Playhouse
Join in the Whirl of Gang Show 1975 - Melbourne / Australian Cast19752-LPCrest International
The RAAF Convert Band Salutes 25 Years of the Australian Gang Show - RAAF Concert Band1977LPCrest International CRT 12 SLP-034
The Boy Who Dared to Dream - Concept Recording1976LPCrest International CRT-12-037
The Star Lovers - Studio CastSound ClipsAudio FileCynthia Sternau
When You're Young And In Love - Kathy KeeganLPDCP International DCL 3800
Goin' Out Of My Head - Little Anthony and The ImperialsLPDCP International DCL 3808
I'll Never Go There Anymore - Sandy Stewart196545DCP International DCP1122
I'm On The Outside (Looking In) - Little Anthony and The ImperialsLPDCP International DCS 6801
Don Costa Plays Music from the Motion Picture Les Parapluies de Cherbourg - Don Costa and his Orchestra1964LPDCP International DCS-6806
Spring Awakening - Original Broadway Cast2009-02-23CDDecca Broadway / Fascination 1797707
Music Of The Night - Jan WernerSound Clips2007-09-25CDDecca International
Det er jo mitt show! - Original Bergen Cast1981LPDen Nationale Scene DNS-02
Scarlet and Gold - Studio CastLPDenali Reocrds 1001
Pink - Diana Panton Trio + 1Sound Clips2011-01-18CDDiana Panton 9
Live at the Lyric - Original Cast1994CDDivana
O Despertar da Primavera - Original Brazilian Cast2009CDDivina Comédia & Aventura Entretenimento
La Vedova Allegra
The Merry Widow - Film
Mr. Woolworth Had a Notion - Original Cast1965-06-16LPDonahue Sales Corp 2686
Sing A Song of Sewing - Studio Cast1960LPDonahue Sales Corporation
The North Arcade - Original CastSound ClipsCDDonna Rae Davidson / Robinski Jones
Standing Ovation: A Tribute To Dress Circle - Compilation2011-08-17CDDress Circle / Pirate Management
Cinderella - Studio CastSound Clips1999-04-06CDDrive Archive / Liberty International 47215
Boy's Own Macbeth - Original Australian Cast1979LPDunsinane Records (no number)
First Take: Musical Theater - Dwayna LitzSound Clips2013-03-18Audio FileDwayna Litz
Armchair Melodies - David GrayCassetteDynaHouse CD 2028C
Armchair Melodies - David GraySound Clips1975LPDynaHouse CD2028
It's a Grand Night for Singing: The Music of Rodgers & Hammerstein - Compilation2013-06-043-CDDynamic
Tom Jones - Swiss CastSound Clips20092-CDDynamic
Death In Venice - Teatro La FeniceSound Clips2011-01-01DVDDynamic
Les Contes D'Hoffmann - Filarmonica MarchigianaDVDDynamic 33470
My Very Best - Connie Francis2013-07-023-CDDynamic 3579
Best of Pops - Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra2013-07-023-CDDynamic 3580
Side by Side - Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme2015-11-132-CDDynamic 4936
La Grande-Duchesse de Gerolstein - Studio CastSound Clips2016-08-262-CDDynamic CDS 7764/1-2
Chicago - Studio Cast2004CDDYNAMIC DYN 2502
Miss Saigon - Studio Cast2005-03-01CDDYNAMIC DYN 2507
West Side Story - Studio Cast2004CDDYNAMIC DYN 2508
Grease - West End Orchestra & Singers2004CDDYNAMIC DYN 2511
Fiddler on the Roof - London Theatre Orchestra & Cast2005-03-01CDDYNAMIC DYN 2514
Les Misérables - Studio CastSound Clips2004CDDYNAMIC DYN 2515
Cabaret - Studio Cast2004CDDynamic DYN 2516
Hair - Studio Cast2005-03-01CDDYNAMIC DYN 2517
Oliver! - West End Orchestra & SingersSound Clips2005-03-01CDDYNAMIC DYN 2518
The Sound Of Music - West End Orchestra & Singers2004CDDYNAMIC DYN 2519
Chess - Studio Cast2005-03-01CDDYNAMIC DYN 2520
My Fair Lady - Studio Cast2004CDDYNAMIC DYN 2521
Godspell - C. C. Productions2005-03-01CDDYNAMIC DYN 2522
Buddy - Studio CastSound ClipsCDDYNAMIC DYN 2523
Funny Girl - Original Broadway Cast1992CDDYNAMIC ST 52056
Fiddler on the Roof - Original Broadway Cast1992CDDYNAMIC ST 52075
Doris Day: It's Magic - Doris DaySound Clips2007-11-20CDDynamic Ent 2952
Mr. Imperium - Film2003-10-06DVDDynamic Entertainment Ltd DYNDVD1043
Kill Bear Comes Home - Original Cast1996CDDynamic Recording DRK154
West End Orchestra & Singers Sing the Hits of ABBA
Mamma Mia! - The Showtime Orchestra & Singers
2006-12-18CDDynamicm DYN 2501
The Rocky Horror Show - Studio Cast2007-07-23CDDynamicm DYN 2505
West End Classic: Ballads - West End Orchestra & Singers2005-03-01CDDynamicm DYN 2525
West End Classics: Showstoppers - West End Orchestra & Singers2005-03-01CDDynamicm DYN 2526
West End Classics: More Showstoppers - West End Orchestra & Singers2005-03-01CDDynamicm DYN 2527
West End Classics: Love Songs - West End Orchestra & Singers2005-03-01CDDynamicm DYN 2528
I'll Be Seeing You - Janet Carroll2000-05-09CDDynasty Records
The Great Songs Of Andrew Lloyd Webber Pan Pipes Album - Edgar VillarroelSound Clips1998CDE2 / Music Collection International ETDCD 012
C'era Una Volta... Scugnizzi - Italian CastSound Clips2011-01-21CDEasy Records Italiana
Gli Uomini Sono Tutti Bambini - Original Italian Cast1998-12-01CDEasy Records Italiana EP70862
C'era Una Volta... Scugnizzi - Italian CastSound Clips2008-08-09CDEasy Records Italiana ESY 0601
Charley's Aunt - Film SoundtrackLPECNAD 216
Goodbye To Love - Claudia ThompsonLPEdison International P-500
Le Prince de Madrid - Original Paris Cast2009-05-19DVDEditions Montparnasse
A Damsel In Distress - Film2006-03-01DVDEditions Montparnasse
Hitting a New High - FilmDVDEditions Montparnasse
Double Dynamite - Film2008-10-03DVDEditions Montparnasse
Sur les Ailes de la Danse
Swing Time - Film
DVDEditions Montparnasse
Perfect Picture - Studio Cast2013-10-31CDEileen Bluestone Sherman / EBS ORIGINALS
State Fair - 20th Century Strings Orchestra1962LPEmber Records International EMB 3345
Singing Sondheim: Songs by Stephen Sondheim - Aaron Morishita2015-10-19CDEmenar Records 5638578379
Excalibur II: The Celtic Ring
Excalibur II: L'anneau Des Celtes - Concept Recording
Sound Clips2007-02-19CDEMI International 385631
Operetten-Boulevard - Compilation2012-08-312-CDEMI International 4783142
The Needfire: A Celtic Celebration - Original Canadian Cast2002-09-04CDEMI Music Canada
Hércules - Latin American Spanish Soundtrack1997CDEMI Odeon S.A.I.C. Argentina 60664-7
La sirenita - Latin American Spanish Soundtrack1991CDEMI Odeon, S.A. Madrid (España) CDP 7 95787 2
Hair - Zen45Enna Gham STD 74
Hänsel Und Gretel - Studio Cast45Eterna 5 20 428
Brecht Weill - Gisela May1989LPETERNA 7 29 246
Brecht / Weill - Gisela May1966LPETERNA 8 20 427
Die 7 Todsünden Der Kleinbürger
Die Sieben Todsünden - Radio Cast
1968LPETERNA 8 20 732
Gisela May Singt Brecht Weill
Brecht / Weill - Gisela May
1977LPETERNA 8 25 427
Salon Pitzelberger - Studio Cast1974LPEterna 8 25 929
Hänsel Und Gretel - Studio Cast2-LPEterna 8 26 177-178
Hänsel Und Gretel - Studio CastLPEterna 8 26 179
Porgy and Bess - Studio CastLPEterna 820 432
An Irving Berlin Tribute
A Tribute to Irving Berlin - Radio Cast
LPFamous Personality FPS 1001
Jeptišky - Czech Cast1997CD-RFAN Acentura Mejsnar
Què - Original Barcelona Cast Promo2008CDFanàtic
Fellow Travelers - Original CastSound Clips2017-09-292-CDFanfare Cincinnati FC-011
Rodgers & Hammerstein: A Show Spectacular - Various ArtistsSound Clips2007-07-16CDFastforward Music/Signature SIGNCD2042
Finders Keepers - Film2015-03-09DVDFinal Cut Entertainment
Follow That Dream - Film2015-03-23BlurayFinal Cut Entertainment
Follow That Dream - Film2015-06-29DVDFinal Cut Entertainment
Heart & Soul: The Life and Music of Frank Loesser - Documentary2007-01-26DVDFinal Cut Productions
Dracula - Original Basel Cast2004CDFine Arts Management 903472
City of Angels - Original London CastSound Clips1995CDFirst Night / Original Cast Records OCR CD6034
Portorico - Original Paris CastCDFlarenasch / Carrere (France)
Portorico - Original Paris Cast1990CDFlarenasch/Carrère Flarenasch' 50.057
Portrait Of Judy Garland - Judy Garland1996CDFlute International FLCD 2030
The Showstoppers - Cleo Laine, George Chakiris & Doreen HumeLPFontana
The Four From Porgy And Bess - Various ArtistsEPFontana 467 059 TE
Brubeck Plays Songs from West Side Story - Dave Brubeck Quartet45Fontana 467 242 TE
Lolita Go Home - Jane BirkinLPFontana 6325 342
Tequila - Xavier Cugat and his OrchestraLPFontana 6430.031
Plays Some Of The Oscars At The Lowrey Organ - Jerry AllenLPFontana 6438 027
The Wedding - Julie RogersLPFontana 6438 052
British Concert - Nana Mouskouri2-LPFontana 6651 003
Piano After MIdnight - Joe BushkinLPFontana 682 120 TL
Swing! - Coleman HawkinsLPFontana 683 252 JCL
Move! - Erroll GarnerLPFontana 683 253 JCL
Blues In Thirds - Earl HinesLPFontana 683.902 JCL
Operetta For Theatre Organ - Leonard MacClainLPFontana 687 117 YZL
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes - Eden KaneSound ClipsLPFontana 687 315 TL
Midnight Session - Gerry Mulligan featuring Lee Konitz & Chet BakerLPFontana 688 105 ZL
Lookin' Ahead - The Jazz CrusadersSound ClipsLPFontana 688 117 ZL
Strictly Confidential - Bud PowellLPFontana 688.318 TL
Waltzes By Johann Strauss Jr. - Vienna Symphony OrchestraLPFontana 700 133 WGY
Die Dreigroschenoper - Studio Cast2-LPFontana 700180/181 WGY
Feel So Fine - Buck Clayton and Big Joe TurnerLPFontana 826 200 QY
Etoile de plumes - Zizi JeanmaireLPFontana 826.511 QY
At The Country Club - Lester LaninLPFontana 858 065 FPY
The Best of Bassey - Shirley BasseyLPFontana 859051 FZY
Intimate! - Ben WebsterLPFontana 883 276 JCY
Gilbert & Sullivan - The Famous CWS (Manchester) Band1962LPFontana 886 154 TY
Bye Bye Birdie - Original Broadway Cast1960LPFontana CFL1073
Jazz from a Swinging Era - Buck Clayton-Earl Hines All StarsLPFontana DTL.200
Annie Get Your Gun - Berlin Cast45Fontana E 76 809
My Fair Lady - Munich CastLPFontana E-001
Love Is / It's Not The Truth - Gloria Lynne196745Fontana F1567
Big Ben Time! - Ben WebsterLPFontana FJL316
Two By Two: Ruby Braff And Ellis Larkins Play Rodgers and Hart - Ruby Braff And Ellis Larkins1956LPFontana FJL403
Blossom Time - Blossom DearieLPFontana MGF 27562
My Fair Lady - Munich Cast1962LPFontana P 72 802
Bye Bye Birdie - Original Broadway Cast1960LPFontana SCFL137
The Best of White Horse Inn - Studio Cast
Four from the New Moon - Studio Cast
The Girl Friend - Studio Cast
LPFontana SFL 13005
The Sound Of Music - Richard Hayman and his Orchestra1960LPFontana SFL 13009
Brigadoon - Studio Cast
Kiss Me, Kate - Studio Cast
LPFontana SFL 13020
Annie Get Your Gun - Studio Cast
Oklahoma! - Studio Cast
1965LPFontana SFL 13021
Carousel - Studio Cast
The King and I - Studio Cast
1965LPFontana SFL 13023
My Fair Lady - Studio Cast1965LPFontana SFL 13024
The Desert Song - Studio CastLPFontana SFL 13026
Show Tunes - Bill McGuffie1961LPFontana SFL 13070
Dora - Dora BryanLPFontana SFL 13114
The Sound of Julie
Julie Rogers - Julie Rogers
LPFontana SFL 13143
Chartbusters - Winifred AtwellSound ClipsLPFontana SFL 13172
Phil The Fluter - Studio Cast1969LPFontana SFL 13190
West Side Story - Studio CastLPFontana SFL-13019
South Pacific - Studio CastLPFontana SFL-13022
Promises, Promises - Studio Cast1969LPFontana SFL-13192
Paint Your Wagon - Studio CastLPFontana SFL-13210
Iolanthe - Studio Cast (Highlights)LPFontana SFL13032
The Gondoliers - Studio Cast1966LPFontana SFL13033
My Fair Lady and Other Musical Bouquets - Robert Farnon & Orchestra1964LPFontana SFL13047
The Threepenny Opera
Die Dreigroschenoper - Studio Cast
2-LPFontana SFL14077/78
Highlights from Rose Marie and The New Moon - Studio Cast1965LPFontana Special SFL 13027
The Mikado - Studio CastLPFontana Special SFL13029
The House Of Leather - Original Off-Broadway CastLPFontana SRF-67591
Jazz Meanz Hines - Earl HinesLPFontana STL 5378
Facade - Studio CastLPFontana STL 5449
Soon It's Gonna Rain - Blossom Dearie1967LPFontana STL.5454
Swingin' New Big Band - Buddy Rich1967LPFontana STL5408
The Applicant - Studio CastLPFontana STL5506
We're In Love
People Will Say We're In Love / Oh What A Beautiful Morning - Frank Sinatra
EPFontana TFE 17042
Four from Showboat - Studio CastEPFontana TFE 17102
Four from No, No, Nanette - Studio CastEPFontana TFE 17103
Four from the New Moon - Studio CastEPFontana TFE 17147
The Best of White Horse Inn - Studio CastEPFontana TFE 17148
The Girl Friend - Studio CastEPFontana TFE 17149
The Cat And The Fiddle - Studio CastEPFontana TFE.17173
The Fabulous Cleo - Cleo Laine1961EPFontana TFE.17381
Chrysanthemum - Robb StewartEPFontana TFE17098
Johnny Mathis - Johnny MathisLPFontana TFL 5011
Four from No, No, Nanette - Studio Cast
Four from Showboat - Studio Cast
1958LPFontana TFL 5016
Dance to "The Sound of Music" and to the Other "Sound of Music" of Richard Rodgers - Tommy Kinsman And His OrchestraLPFontana TFL 5139UK
Sables And Sepia - Johnny Gregory and The Lower StringsLPFontana TFL5009
The Best of White Horse Inn - Studio Cast
Four from the New Moon - Studio Cast
The Girl Friend - Studio Cast
1959LPFontana TFL5112
Funky Trumpet On Broadway - Ray Davies with Orchestra & Voices1967LPFontana TL 5440
Tenor Of Jazz - Various ArtistsLPFontana TL5453
The King And I - Studio Cast1960LPFontana Z 4047
The Music Man Goes Dixieland - Jimmy McPartland's All StarsLPFontana Z4060
Carousel - Studio CastLPFontana Fortune
Stan Freeman At The Blue Angel - Stan FreemanLPFontana Fortune Z 4013
The King and I and Flower Drum Song - Dino Martinelli and his Orchestra1969LPFontana Fortune Z4001
Intimate Moments - Gloria LynneLPFontana Records MGF 27528
Love And A Woman - Gloria LynneLPFontana Records MGF-27546
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Hit the Deck - Studio Cast
The Cat And The Fiddle - Studio Cast
LPFontana Records TFL 5028
The Mikado - Studio CastLPFontana Special 859 019 FZY
Naughty Marietta - Studio Cast
The Student Prince - Studio Cast
1965LPFontana Special SFL 13025
The Student Prince and Naughty Marietta
Naughty Marietta - Studio Cast
1965LPFontana Special SFL 13025
The Pirates of Penzance - Studio Cast1966LPFontana Special SFL 13031
My Fair Lady - Munich Cast
Annie Get Your Gun - German Cast
LPFontana Spezial 200 124 WGL
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Y: A Rock Musical - Original Cast1972LPGanaraska Music
Lean - Original Cast2-CDGary Granada
On Broadway - Ella Mae MorseSound Clips2011-10-12CDGilmanac Records
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The Music Box - DemoAudio FileGraber & Napolitano Productions
Bugsy Malone - FilmDVDGranada Ventures 3711520033
West Side Story - Broadway Musicals SocietyLPGuide International du disque M-2254
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Les Cloches De Corneville - Studio Cast
LPGuilde Internationale Du Disque MMS 2200
Le Pays Du Sourire - Studio CastLP 10"Guilde Internationale Du Disque MMS 134
Das Land Des Lächelns - Studio CastLP 10"Guilde Internationale Du Disque MMS 134 D
L'auberge du Cheval-Blanc - Studio Cast1961LPGuilde Internationale Du Disque MMS 2199
Les Contes D'Hoffmann - Studio Cast2-LPGuilde Internationale Du Disque MMS-2108
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Grease: Pro Vocal Women's Edition - Karaoke2007-11-01CDHal Leonard Corporation
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Jason Robert Brown plays Jason Robert Brown: Women's Edition - Jason Robert BrownSound Clips2012-03-12CDHal Leonard Corporation
Jack and the Beanstalk - TV CastLPHanna Barbera HST 9511
Jack and the Beanstalk - TV CastLPHanna Barbera Records 8511
Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble in Songs from Mary Poppins - Studio Cast1965LPHanna Barbera Records HLP 2035
Jack and the Beanstalk - TV CastVHSHanna-Barbera
Hannah the Musical - Hannah HooseSound Clips2009-03-10CDHannah Hoose
Stranger in a Dream - Stacy SullivanSound Clips2016-03-25CDHarbinger/Naxos
Subject to Change! - Sylvia McNairSound Clips2016-04-29CDHarbinger/Naxos 3203
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Something Inside So Strong - Hugh Maynard2015-03-02CDHugh Maynard HUGHCD01
Hair - Barcelona Cast Promo2010-09Audio FileIlluminati Production Group
Hair - Barcelona Cast2010-12-30CDIlluminati Production Group
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Grease - Barcelona Cast2011-12LPIlluminati Production Group
Fly Blackbird - Original Los Angeles Cast1961LPImaginate LK-1 V-13786
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La Périchole - Radio Cast2015-06-03Audio FileIna, musique(s)
Standard Time - Sam HarrisSound Clips1995-01-17CassetteIndependent Nat'l Di
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Jesus Christ Superstar the Rock Opera
Excerpts from the Rock Opera Jesus Christ Superstar - Alan Caddy Orchestra & Singers
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Around the World In 80 Days and The King And I - Bravo Pops Symphony OrchestraLPInternational Award Series AKS 102
Lerner and Loewe's Gigi & My Fair Lady - Bravo Pops Symphony OrchestraLPInternational Award Series AKS 104
Porgy & Bess and Rhapsody In Blue - Bravo Pops Symphony OrchestraLPInternational Award Series AKS 119
Flower Drum Song - Bravo Pops Symphony OrchestraLPInternational Award Series AKS 120
Music From Can-Can & Other Cole Porter Favorites - John Senati & His OrchestraLPInternational Award Series AKS 144
Music From Award Winning Films - Dean Franconi & His Sound Stage OrchestraLPInternational Award Series AKS 150
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Oklahoma! - Studio CastLPInternational Award Series AKS 207
Bye Bye Birdie - Studio CastLPInternational Award Series AKS 238
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Sugar Babies - Broadway CastLPInternational Book & Record IBR 9012
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De Vliegende Hollander - Original Dutch Cast2004CDInternational Storytellers Ltd.
De Vliegende Hollander - Alternative Dutch Cast2004CDInternational Storytellers Ltd.
Life Is A Cycle On The Planet Earth - Studio CastSound ClipsCDJack G. Maynard Jr.
Aznavour/Minnelli au Palais des Congres de Paris
Paris - Charles Aznavour, Liza Minnelli
2006-07-11DVDJajou Canada EDV 140
Blancanieves Boulevard - Original Madrid Cast2010-01-10CDJana Producciones
Blancanieves Boulevard - Original Madrid CastDVDJana Producciones
Cenicienta y el zapatito de cristal - Original Spanish CastSound Clips2018-01-10CDJana Producciones
La leyenda del unicornio - Original Spanish CastSound Clips2013CDJana Producciones
En nombre de la Infanta Carlota - Original Madrid Cast2001CDJana Producciones CD 13012
Antígona tiene un plan - Original Madrid Cast2005CDJana Producciones CD-20051
The Arrival Of Kenny Dorham - Kenny DorhamLPJaro International JAM 5007
Gettin' It On - Art Farmer and Phil WoodsLPJazz International JIS 1102
The Great Muppet Caper - Film1994-04-11VHSJim Henson Video/Buena Vista
Calling Card - Johanna AllenSound Clips2012-09-10CDJohanna Allen
Look Straight Ahead - John AbernathySound Clips2005-10-25CDJohn Abernathy
Live Out Loud! - John AbernathySound ClipsCDJohn Abernathy
Les Plus Belles Chansons de Notre Dame de Paris
Notre Dame de Paris - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2001CDJoker International CD39081DDD
The New Picasso: Act One
The New Picasso - Concept Album
Sound Clips2008-01-15CDJonathan David Sloate
The New Picasso: Act Two
The New Picasso - Concept Album
Sound Clips2008-01-15CDJonathan David Sloate
Whatever I Want It To Be - Jonathan Reid GealtSound Clips2015-11-29Audio FileJonathan Reid Gealt
Here for You: Ballads for Broadway Impact - Broadway ImpactSound Clips2013-04-30CDJonathan Reid Gealt 5638116923
Live at the Laurie Beechman Theatre - Jonathan WhittonSound Clips2007-11-13CDJonathan Whitton
Visions - London Symphony Orchestra1986CDK-Tel International ONCD 3199
Don't Forget To Remember - Original Cast1981-03CassetteKANADA Music
Aventurera - Mexican Cast1996CDKaynah
Milda Makter! Snobben & Co. - Original Swedish Cast1967EPKnappupp KNEP 168
My Funny Valentine: The Chet Baker Songbook - Matt DuskSound Clips2013-02-12CDKoch International
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He Loves & She Loves - Judy Kaye1990-01-01CDKoch International 3-7028-2
Irving Sings Berlin - Irving Berlin
Miss Liberty - Demo
Call Me Madam - Demo
A Tribute to Irving Berlin - Radio Cast
Sound Clips2001-05-22CDKoch International 3-7510-2
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The Confession - Original Cast2010CDKunaki, LLC
Josiah for President - Original Cast2014-09-25CDKunaki, LLC
Music From Grease - Friday Night at the MoviesSound Clips2010-07-27CDKyna - OMP
La importància de ser Frank - Original Barcelona CastSound Clips2018-06-14Audio FileLa Bacanal
La belle et la bête - French Soundtrack1991CDLa Compagnie Walt Disney (Canada) Ltée 626182
La petite sirène - French Soundtrack1989CDLa Compagnie Walt Disney (Canada) Ltée 628417 (CD-01822)
Le roi lion II: La fierté de Simba - Canadian French Soundtrack2004-08-31CDLa Compagnie Walt Disney (Canada) Ltée.
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La petite sirène - Canadian French Soundtrack2006CDLa Compagnie Walt Disney (Canada) Ltée.
Mulan - Canadian French Soundtrack1998CDLa Compagnie Walt Disney (Canada) Ltée. 62631-7
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La belle et la bête: Un Noël enchanté - Canadian French Soundtrack1997CDLa Compagnie Walt Disney (Canada) Ltée. 62948-7
Cómeme el coco, negro - Spanish Tour Cast2007Audio FileLa Cubana
Nuts Coconuts - Edinburgh Cast2005Audio FileLa Cubana
Campanades de boda - Original Barcelona Cast2012Audio FileLa Cubana
The Love Parade - Film Soundtrack
The Merry Widow - Film Soundtrack
1983LPLa Nadine Du Disco 260
Cenicienta - Original Madrid CastCD-RLa Zona M-40863
A Kulcs - Studio Cast2010-04-14CDLaguna
A Végtelen Vár
A Kulcs - Studio Cast
2010-05-04Audio FileLaguna
Lanza: the Last Serenade - Studio CastCDLast Serenade Productions LSP 1
Something Wonderful - Pam TateSound Clips2005-04-12CDLeft Field Records / Original Cast Record 1627
Frankenstein's Bride Sings
Songs For A Shuttered Parlor - Elsa Lanchester
Songs for a Smoke-Filled Room - Elsa Lanchester
Sound Clips2009-11-11CDLegacy International CD 363
Edgar Allan Poe: Legado de una tragedia, Vol. 2 - Concept AlbumSound Clips2014-09-012-Audio FileLegado de una Tragedia
Sin & Salvation: Live at the Carlyle - Lena HallSound Clips2015-09-28CD-RLena Hall
Make Someone Happy - Sophie MilmanSound Clips2007-08-28CDLinus Canada KOC-CD-270077
Fiddler on the Roof
Anatevka - Original Hamburg Cast
LPLondon International SW 99470
Here's to Life: Latrice Royale Live in the Studio - Latrice RoyaleSound Clips2016-03-10Audio FileLRI Talent & Managment
Lalka - Original Polish Cast2013-02-15Audio FileLuna LUNCD222
El jorobado de París - Argentinian Cast19932-CDLuna Park 669/1
El jorobado de París - Argentinian Cast2006-02-28CDLuna Park 670
- CDLuna Park 9791
Drácula - Original Argentinian Cast1991CDLuna Park 9791
Las mil y una noches - Argentinian Cast2-CDLuna Park 9880
El jorobado de París II - Argentinian Cast1995CDLuna Park / La Isla 673
Forever Swing - Original CastCDLutvick Poductions International
Hooray For Hollywood - Documentary2006-11-07DVDMackinac / First Look
Hooray For Hollywood - Documentary2006-11-07DVDMackinac Media MM0022D
The Music Man - Wisconsin Cast1962LPMag-Na-Craft NO8P-4988
Leonardo - - the Absolute Man - Concept AlbumSound Clips2001-07-24CDMagna Carta MAX-9029-2
Carlton America Classic Family Fun Pack Vol. 8
Aladdin - Film
2-DVDMagna Pacific
Athena - FilmDVDMagna Pacific DVD01790
Follow the Fleet - Film
Shall We Dance - Film
2001DVDMagna Pacific DVD05100
Д’Артаньян и три мушкетёра - Film2008DVDMagnat
Приключения Петрова и Васечкина, обыкновенные и невероятные - Film2008DVDMagnat
Каникулы Петрова и Васечкина, обыкновенные и невероятные - Film2008DVDMagnat
Hey Producer - Danny DaviesSound Clips2012-03-26CDMaKiNG Records / Dress Circle / Pirate Management
The Memory Of All That: Gershwin On Broadway And In Hollywood - Mary Cleere Haran & Richard Rodney BennettSound Clips1999-03-30CDManagra MMI-100199-2
Debonair - Joshua CarswellSound Clips2016-03-04Audio FileManAlive Records
La Cage Aux Folles - London Theatre Orchestra and CastSound ClipsCDMarathon Media International
The Boy Friend - Studio CastSound Clips2008-01-01CDMarathon Media International
Broadway Cavalcade, Vol. 1 - Fred Waring and the PennsylvaniansSound Clips2011-01-01Audio FileMarathon Media International Ltd
Give My Regards to Broadway - Andre PrevinSound Clips2011-01-01Audio FileMarathon Media International Ltd
David Rose Plays Music From Gigi / Autumn Leaves
David Rose Plays Music from Gigi - Instrumental
Sound Clips2011-01-01Audio FileMarathon Media International Ltd
My Heart Sings
Sophisticated Lady - Polly Bergen
Sound Clips2010-01-01Audio FileMarathon Media International Ltd
The Sound Of Music - Pete King ChoraleSound Clips2012-08-23Audio FileMarathon Media International Ltd
The Unsinkable Molly Brown - Andre Kostelanetz & His OrchestraSound Clips2012-08-21Audio FileMarathon Media International Ltd
The King and I for Orchestra - Warren BarkerSound Clips2012-11-21Audio FileMarathon Media International Ltd
Flower Drum Song - Barbara CarrollSound Clips2012-07-09Audio FileMarathon Media International Ltd
Joanie Sommers - Joanie SommersCDMarginal
Navy Blue: The Very Best Of Diane Renay - Diane RenaySound Clips1994CDMarginal MA 009
Best Of Kathy Kirby - Kathy Kirby1996CDMarginal MAR 041
Like I Do - Maureen Evans1997CDMarginal MAR 065
The Best of Abbe Lane - Abbe Lane1997CDMarginal Records MAR 047
Tschaikowsky [and Other Russians] - Mark NadlerSound Clips2008-03-25CDMark Nadler
I'm a Stranger Here Myself - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2013-05-23CDMark Nadler 5638120116
Into the Woods - Original Broadway Cast2017-11-17LPMasterworks Broadway/Analog Spark AS0035
Evita - Original London Cast1980LPMCA Canada 3069
The It Girl: A Silent Movie Musical - Original CastCDMcKibbons Music Management Ltd.
Too Marvelous for Words: The Songs of Johnny Mercer - TV CastSound Clips1997-11-04CDMedia Productions International MPI 15002-2
José el Soñador - Mexican Cast2-LPMelody Internacional MI2LP/001
Títere - Original Mexican Cast1984LPMelody International MITV 048
Faubourg 36 - Soundtrack2008-10-14CDMercury Canada / Zoom
The Great Broadway Shows - National Pops Orchestra19944-CDMichele International Ltd
Hair - Studio CastSound Clips1969LPMiller International Schallplatten G.M.B.H.
War Bonds - Original CastSound Clips2002-01-01CDMillion Dreams Music / Original Cast Records 7312
The High Life - The Puppini Sisters2016-03-18LPMillionaire Records
The High Life - The Puppini Sisters2016-03-18CDMillionaire Records 3245856
The High Life - The Puppini Sisters2016-10-07CDMillionaire Records 5061517
Salvation - Brooklyn Cast1969LPMIO International MUS-5009
The Essential Broadway Musicals - London's Broadway PlayersSound Clips2008-05-062-CDMirana 8504
Miss Rona Sings Hollywood's Greatest Hits - Rona BarrettLPMiss Rona Records MRR-1001
December Songs - Mona KingSound Clips2011-04-19CDMona King
Gershwin on Monarch - The Crown ProjectSound Clips1998-09-29CDMonarch
Together - Sandi Patty & Kathy TroccoliSound Clips1999-07-27CDMonarch MONA 1022
Mormon Tabernacle Choir & Friends - The Mormon Tabernacle ChoirSound Clips2017-05-12CDMormon Tabernacle 5137505
Showtime!: Music of Broadway and Hollywood - Mormon Tabernacle ChoirSound Clips2007-02-20CDMormon Tabernacle Cho 4973811
Wuthering Heights - TV Cast2003CDMTV Original Movies / Ravenous Records
Judy Garland Duets
Judy Duets - Judy Garland
Judy Garland at the Palace (Closing Night) - Judy Garland
Sound Clips2004-05-312-CDMusic Club International 549
Classic Songs From Stage & Screen - Judy GarlandSound Clips1998-06-30CDMusic Club International MCCD 101
Stage and Screen - Michael BallSound Clips2001-07-23CDMusic Club International MCCD 465
Seasons Of Love - Michael BallSound Clips2006-10-032-CDMusic Club International MCDLX019
Hooray! For Hollywood - Orlando Pops Orchestra1998-06-12CDMusic Collection International ETDCD 063
Encore! The Best Of Broadway - Orlando Pops Orchestra2007-02-19CDMusic Collection International ETDCD 078
The Mikado - Studio Cast1999CDMusic Collection International ETDCD 138
Les Patterson Has a Standup - Original London Cast1996CassetteMusic Collection International GAGSDMC053
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Studio Cast1998CDMusic Link International
Guys and Dolls - School EditionCDMusic Theatre International
Les Misérables - School Edition Cast2002CDMusic Theatre International
Rent - Studio Cast (School Edition)2008CDMusic Theatre International
Le Toréador - Radio CastSound Clips1997-01-20CDMusidisc / INA 201672
Naughty Marietta - New York City Opera3-CDNA
Wahnsinn - German CastSound Clips2018-04-06CDNa Klar (Sony Music)
Straight On Till Morning - Butch MilesCDNagel Heyer Records CD 089
Out Of This Mood - LyambikoCDNagel-Heyer 2000 2021
Shades Of Delight - LyambikoCDNagel-Heyer 2000 2034
Godspell - Hungarian CastCDNagy-Sany
Der Zigeunerbaron - Concert Cast2005-02-222-CDNaive
It's About Time! - Omri MorSound Clips2018-05-18CDNaive
Les Chansons D'amour - SoundtrackSound Clips2007-08-28CDNaive 1624
Musicales Comedies - Michel LegrandSound Clips2010-01-262-CDNaive 1663
On a Clear Day - Anthony StrongSound Clips2015-06-30CDNaive 624511
Jack Et le Haricot Magique - Studio Cast2003-01-16CDNaive U318036
Pas Sur La Bouche - SoundtrackSound Clips2004-07-20CDNaïve V 4972
A Nightingale Sings - Nancy FordSound ClipsCDNancy Ford
Marcy in the Galaxy - Original Off-Broadway CastSound ClipsCDNancy Shayne
The Words of Women - Nancy StearnsSound ClipsCDNancy Stearns CPW101
With Rhyme, But For No Particular Reason - Nancy StearnsSound Clips2007-11-06CDNancy Stearns CPW102
Heart and Soul - Nancy DussaultSound Clips2003-06-17CDNAND Records 424
The Bedroom Window - Original Los Angeles CastSound Clips2012-08-28CDNanea Miyata 5637991899
C'era Una Volta... Scugnizzi - Italian CastCDNAPOLITEATRO
Music of the Night: The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber - Wayne GratzSound Clips1997-07-01CDNarada 62810
Music of the Night: The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber - Wayne GratzSound Clips1997-07-01CassetteNarada 62810
Rasputin - Original Cast3-CDNasdrovia LLC
Bailando en la luz - Natalie ToroSound ClipsCDNatalie Toro
Natalie Toro - Natalie ToroSound Clips2008CDNatalie Toro
Natalie Weiss - Natalie WeissSound Clips2013-12-31Audio FileNatalie Weiss
Aladdin - Brazilian Portuguese Soundtrack1992CDNatasha Records nat 030-2
O Rei Leão - Brazilian Portuguese Soundtrack1994CDNatasha Records NAT 031-2
Sista Gången Du Var Med - Monica ZetterlundCDNational NATCD 061
Ed Sullivan Presents Songs and Music of Roberta - Studio Cast1961LPNational Academy Record Club ES 10
Ed Sullivan Presents Songs and Music of Carousel - Studio Cast1960LPNational Academy Record Club ES 11
Ed Sullivan Presents... My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady - Studio Cast
1959LPNational Academy Record Club ES1
Ed Sullivan Presents... Songs and Music of Brigadoon & Finian's Rainbow
Brigadoon & Finian's Rainbow - Studio Cast
LPNational Academy Record Club ES12
Ed Sullivan Presents... Songs and Music of Kiss Me, Kate
Kiss Me, Kate - London Studio Cast
1959LPNational Academy Record Club ES2
Ed Sullivan Presents... Show Boat
Show Boat - Studio Cast
1960LPNational Academy Record Club ES3
Ed Sullivan Presents...The King and I
The King and I - Studio Cast
1960LPNational Academy Record Club ES4
Ed Sullivan Presents... South Pacific
South Pacific - Studio Cast
LPNational Academy Record Club ES5
Ed Sullivan Presents... Oklahoma!
Oklahoma! - Studio Cast
LPNational Academy Record Club ES6
Ed Sullivan Presents... Porgy and Bess
Porgy and Bess - Studio Cast
1959LPNational Academy Record Club ES7
Ed Sullivan Presents Songs and Music of Annie Get Your Gun - Studio Cast1960LPNational Academy Record Club ES8
Ed Sullivan Presents Songs and Music of Pal Joey - Studio CastLPNational Academy Record Club ES9
My Fair Lady - Studio CastLPNational Academy Record Club NA2
Kiss Me, Kate - London Studio Cast1959LPNational Academy Record Club NA4
South Pacific - Studio CastLPNational Academy Records NA 11
The Making of The Lord of the Rings - National Geographic Documentary2007DVDNational Geographic
Cumberland Gap in the Days of Daniel Boone - Studio CastLPNational Geographic Society 07809
Music from The Light Princess - Original Cast2013-11-25Audio FileNational Theatre
Volpone, or The Fox - Original Cast45National Theatre NT/77/2
London Road - Original London Cast2011-08-01CDNational Theatre RNT001
One Man, Two Guvnors - The Craze2011-08-15CDNational Theatre RNT002
Making War Horse - Documentary2009-11-16DVDNational Theatre/ Seventh Art Productions
Into the Woods - Ensemble HouthandelSound ClipsCDNavis Classics
Into the Woods - Ensemble Houthandel2015-10-02CDNavis Classics NC15006
The Road of Promise - MastervoicesSound Clips2016-11-182-CDNavona Records NV6059
Loose, Wet, Perforated - Original CastSound Clips2017CDNavona Records NV6124
Broadway Blockbusters - Richard Hayman Symphony OrchestraSound Clips1994-02-15CDNaxos
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Original Broadway Cast
High Button Shoes - Original Broadway Cast
Joyce Grenfell Requests The Pleasure Of Your Company - Original London CastSound Clips2007-11-26CDNaxos
I Wonder What Happened to Him: The Complete Recordings, Vol. 4 (1944-1951) - Noel Coward2004-01-05CDNaxos
Paint Your Wagon - Original Broadway Cast
Lyrics By Lerner: Alan Jay Lerner Performs His Own Songs - Alan Jay Lerner
Sound Clips2008-09-30CDNaxos
Love, Marilyn - Marilyn MonroeSound Clips2010-03-30CDNaxos
Broadway Without Words - Richard Hayman & His OrchestraSound Clips2009-05-192-CDNaxos
My Fair Lady
Lyrics By Lerner: Alan Jay Lerner Performs His Own Songs - Alan Jay Lerner
Sound Clips2008-07-01CDNaxos
Les Contes D'Hoffmann - National de l'Opera ComiqueSound Clips2002-09-022-CDNaxos
Best of Broadway - CompilationSound Clips2007-12-112-CDNaxos
Eine Nacht in Venedig - Studio CastSound Clips2007-04-24CDNaxos
Der Zigeunerbaron - Studio CastSound Clips2009-03-312-CDNaxos
Das Land Des Lächelns - Studio Cast20062-CDNaxos
Le roi et le fermier - Studio Cast2013-08-27CDNaxos
La verbena de la Paloma - Studio CastSound Clips2000-01-01Audio FileNaxos
La revoltosa - Studio CastSound ClipsAudio FileNaxos
The Medium - Original Broadway Cast
The Telephone - Original Broadway Cast
Sound Clips2011-04-04CDNaxos
Death in Venice - Teatro RealSound Clips2018-10-12DVDNaxos
Death in Venice - Teatro RealSound Clips2018-10-12BlurayNaxos
Little Women: An Opera in Two Acts - Houston Grand OperaSound Clips2010-10-26DVDNaxos
Little Women: An Opera in Two Acts - Houston Grand OperaSound Clips2010-11-16BlurayNaxos
I Got Rhythm: Music from the 20's & 30's - Penelope Martin-SmithSound Clips2015-04-14CDNaxos 1280
The Best of Operetta Vol. 1 - Hungarian Operetta Orchestra & SoloistsSound Clips1997-02-04CDNaxos 550941
The Best of Operetta Vol. 3 - Hungarian Operetta Orchestra & SoloistsSound Clips1997-02-04CDNaxos 550943
Eine Nacht in Venedig - Radio CastSound Clips1997-01-012-CDNaxos 8.110027-8
The Pirates of Penzance - The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company
Trial By Jury - The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company
Sound Clips2002-04-232-CDNaxos 8.110196-97
The Gondoliers - The D'Oyly Carte Opera CompanySound Clips2002-08-20CDNaxos 8.110209-10
Porgy and Bess - Original Cast Members
Highlights from Porgy and Bess - Studio Cast
Porgy and Bess Volume Two - Broadway Revival Cast Members
Heifetz Playing the Music of Gershwin - Jascha Heifetz
Sound Clips20032-CDNaxos 8.110219-20
The Saint of Bleecker Street - Original Cast
The Unicorn, The Gorgon & The Manticore - Studio cast
Sound Clips2011-01-252-CDNaxos 8.111360-61
Maria Golovin - Original Cast2011-10-032-CDNAXOS 8.111376-77
Gian Carlo Menotti: The Consul / Amelia al balla
The Consul - Original Cast
Sound Clips2010-06-292-CDNaxos 8.112023-24
Lord Byron's Love Letter - Academy Symphony Orchestra of RomeSound Clips2011CDNaxos 8.11362
Al Jolson Vol. 1: 1911 - 1914 - Al JolsonSound Clips2000-12-27CDNaxos 8.120514
A Perfect Day - Nelson EddySound Clips2011-08-02CDNaxos 8.120591
Carousel and Allegro
Allegro - Original Broadway Cast
Carousel - Original Broadway Cast
2005CDNaxos 8.120780
South Pacific - Original Broadway Cast
South Pacific - Studio Cast
My Girl Back Home / Loneliness of Evening - Mary Martin
Bali Ha'i - Ezio Pinza
Sound Clips2004CDNaxos 8.120785
Guys and Dolls - Original Broadway Cast
Where's Charley? - Original Broadway Cast
Sound Clips2004CDNaxos 8.120786
Oklahoma! - Original Broadway Cast
Oklahoma! - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2005CDNaxos 8.120787
Kiss Me Kate / Let's Face It
Kiss Me, Kate - Original Broadway Cast
Let's Not Talk About Love / Farming - Danny Kaye
Farming / I Hate You, Darling - Mary Jane Walsh
Let's Face It - William Scotti and His Cotillion Room Orchestra
Let's Face It - Hildegarde
Ev'rything I Love / Ace in the Hole - Mary Jane Walsh
Sound Clips2005CDNaxos 8.120788
Show Boat - Studio Cast
Show Boat - Broadway Cast
Ol' Man River / Ah Still Suits Me - Paul Robeson
Sound Clips2005CDNaxos 8.120789
Annie Get Your Gun - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2005CDNaxos 8.120790
The King and I - Studio Cast (Merrill & Shore)
The King And I - Original Broadway Cast
The King And I - Original London Cast
Sound Clips2005CDNaxos 8.120792
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Original Broadway Cast
High Button Shoes - Original Broadway Cast
Sound Clips2006CDNaxos 8.120793
Call Me Madam - Original Cast Members
Songs from Call Me Madam - Studio Cast
Call Me Madam - Film Soundtrack
Call Me Madam - Radio Cast
Sound Clips2006CDNaxos 8.120794
Wonderful Town - Original Broadway Cast
Songs from the MGM Gene Kelly film "It's Always Fair Weather": Show Music At Its Best, Vol. 2 - Betty Comden and Adolph Green
Comden and Green Perform Their Own Songs - Betty Comden and Adolph Green
Sound Clips2007CDNaxos 8.120846
Kismet - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2005CDNaxos 8.120847
My Fair Lady - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2008-07-01CDNaxos 8.120876
Street Scene - Concert CastSound Clips2009-06-29CDNaxos 8.120885
Where's Charley? - Original London Cast
Hans Christian Andersen - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2010-06-28CDNAXOS 8.120890
Lerner and Loewe: Orchestral Selections - Richard Hayman and His OrchestraSound Clips2002-09-17CDNaxos 8.555015
The Sound Of Music - Richard Hayman and his Symphony OrchestraSound Clips2005-03-22CDNaxos 8.555024
Vintage Broadway - Richard Hayman & his OrchestraSound Clips2007-05-29CDNaxos 8.555025
Babes In Toyland - Razumovsky Symphony OrchestraCDNaxos 8.559025
Gershwin: An American In Paris - Porgy And Bess - New Zealand Symphony OrchestraSound Clips2001CDNaxos 8.559107
Dreamer: A Portrait of Langston Hughes - Darryl TaylorSound Clips2002-09-17CDNaxos 8.559136
Leroy Anderson: Orchestral Music, Vol. 5 - BBC Concert OrchestraSound Clips2008-11-18CDNaxos 8.559382
Brundibar - Seattle CastSound Clips2006-12-12CDNaxos 8.570119
Musikalfavoriter - Niklas Andersson and the Malmö SinfoniorkesterSound Clips2008CDNaxos 8.572018
Bröderna Lejonhjärta - Studio CastSound Clips2009-02-23CDNaxos 8.572144
Offenbach Overtures - Orchestre National de LilleSound Clips2017-11-10CDNaxos 8.573694
Tea for Two: Paris-London - Songs and Chansons To the Roaring Twenties - Frivol'EnsembleSound Clips2018-10-12CDNaxos 8.573973
Polly - Canadian CastSound Clips2010-04-27CDNaxos 8.66.241
Die Csárdásfürstin - Studio CastSound Clips2005-01-182-CDNaxos 8.660105
Jabuka - Studio CastSound Clips20072-CDNaxos 8.660216-17
Lurline - Victorian OperaSound Clips2010-06-292-CDNaxos 8.660293-94
L'epreuve villageoise - Opera Lafayette2016CDNaxos 8.660377
I Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky - Studio CastSound Clips2005-10-182-CDNaxos 8.669003-04
After Life - Original Cast
In Sleep The World Is Yours - Original Seattle Cast
Sound Clips2016-02-12CDNaxos 8.669036
The Phantom of the Opera - Richard Hayman Symphony OrchestraSound Clips1997-01-01CDNaxos 8.91030
When You Wish Upon A Star - Richard Hayman & His Symphony OrchestraSound Clips1994-02-15CDNaxos 8.990032
H.M.S. Pinafore - D'Oyly Carte Opera CompanySound Clips2001-10-16CDNaxos 8110175
The Mikado - D'Oyly Carte Opera CompanySound Clips2001-09-182-CDNaxos 8110176-77
Les Contes D'Hoffmann - National de l'Opera ComiqueSound Clips2002-10-222-CDNaxos 8110214-15
Iolanthe - The D'Oyly Carte Opera CompanySound Clips2003-08-192-CDNaxos 8110231-32
Patience - D'Oyly Carte Opera CompanySound Clips2003-10-21CDNaxos 8110233
Viennese Operetta Gems - Various ArtistsSound Clips2003-07-15CDNaxos 8110292
The Yeomen of the Guard - D'Oyly Carte Opera CompanySound Clips2004-06-152-CDNaxos 8110293-94
Princess Ida - Studio Cast
The Gondoliers - Columbia Light Opera Company
Sound Clips2006-07-032-CDNAXOS 8110317-18
The Sorcerer - The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company
The Sorcerer - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2007-02-132-CDNaxos 8110785-86
Romberg Conducts Romberg, Vol. 1 - Sigmund RombergSound Clips2003-04-15CDNaxos 8110866
Romberg Conducts Romberg, Vol. 2 - Sigmund RombergSound Clips2004-02-17CDNaxos 8110886
Wiener Blut - Studio CastSound Clips2007-05-29CDNaxos 8111257
Amahl and the Night Visitors - NBC Opera CompanySound Clips2011-02-28CDNaxos 8111364
Fascinating Rhythm: Fred Astaire Complete Recordings, Vol. 1 (1923-1930) - Fred AstaireSound Clips2000-10-17CDNaxos 8120501
A Room With a View: Complete Recordings, Vol.1 - Noel CowardSound Clips2001-04-17CDNaxos 8120529
Let's Misbehave! A Cole Porter Collection, 1927-1940 - Various ArtistsSound Clips2002-03-19CDNaxos 8120533
Mad Dogs & Englishmen: The Complete Recordings, Vol. 2 (1932-1936 ) - Noel Coward
Mrs. Worthington / We Were So Young - Noël Coward
Sound Clips2001-10-16CDNaxos 8120559
Glamorous Night - Original Cast MembersSound Clips2002-06-18CDNaxos 8120600
Mad About The Boy: The Complete Recordings, Vol. 3 (1932-1943) - Noel CowardSound Clips2002-11-19CDNaxos 8120623
Cole Porter, Vol. 2: But In The Morning, No - CompilationSound Clips2002-11-19CDNaxos 8120627
Murder On the High C's - Florence Foster Jenkins & Friends
A Florence Foster Jenkins Recital - Florence Foster Jenkins
Sound Clips2003-09-23CDNaxos 8120711
West Side Story - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2009-09-01CDNaxos 8120887
The Best of Operetta Vol. 2 - Hungarian Operetta Orchestra & SoloistsSound Clips1997-03-18CDNaxos 8550942
The Gilbert and Sullivan Overtures - Royal Ballet SinfoniaSound Clips1998-08-25CDNaxos 8554165
Kurt Weill: Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2, Lady in the Dark, Symphonic Nocturne - Bournemouth Symphony OrchestraSound Clips2005CDNaxos 8557481
Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man - Opera Garnier de Monte-CarloSound Clips2005-09-202-CDNaxos 8557608/9
The Boy Friend Suite / The Devils Suite / Seven in Nomine - AquariusSound Clips2014-03-25CDNaxos 8572408
Tom Jones - Studio CastSound Clips2009-08-252-CDNaxos 8660270-71
Die Gottin der Vernunft - Studio CastSound Clips2011-05-312-CDNaxos 8660280-81
Maritana - Concert CastSound Clips2011-11-152-CDNaxos 8660308-09
Dorothy - Studio CastSound Clips2019-01-11CDNaxos 8660447
Vintage Broadway - Richard Hayman & his OrchestraSound Clips1990CDNaxos 8990042
Die Fledermaus - Studio Cast1993-09-012-CDNaxos 9660017-18
Neapolitan Love Song: Original Recordings 1924-1933 - Richard Crooks2011-08-02CDNaxos 973810
Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny - LA OperaSound Clips2007-12-18DVDNaxos / EuroArts
Mass - Baltimore Symphony OrchestraSound Clips2009-08-252-CDNAXOS American 8.559622-23
Babes In Toyland - Razumovsky Symphony OrchestraSound Clips1999-01-19CDNaxos American 8559025
Kiss Me Again: Beloved Songs And Classic Minatures - Virginia Croskery and The Slovak Radio Symphony OrchestraSound Clips2000-01-25CDNaxos American 8559026
Chichester Psalms - Bournemouth Symphony OrchestraSound Clips2003-09-23CDNaxos American 8559177
Classic American Love Songs - Carole Farley & John ConstableSound Clips2007-06-26CDNaxos American 8559314
Desire Under the Elms - London Symphony Orchestra & SoloistsSound Clips2002-10-222-CDNaxos American 8669001-02
Amahl and the Night Visitors - Studio CastSound Clips2008-11-18CDNaxos American 8669019
Elmer Gantry - Florentine Opera CompanySound Clips2011-07-262-CDNaxos American 8669032
Bernstein: Violin Sonata/Piano Trio/New Transcriptions - Opus TwoSound Clips2010-11-16CDNaxos American Classics 8.559643
Bernstein: Symphony No. 2 'The Age Of Anxiety', West Side Story (Symphonic Dances), Candide Overture - Florida Philharmonic OrchestraSound Clips2003-07-15CDNaxos American Classics 8559099
West Side Story - Nashville Symphony Orchestra & CastSound Clips2002-10-22CDNaxos American Classics 8559126
Bernstein - Suite for Orchestra from '1600 Pennsylvania Avenue' etc. - Sao Paulo Symphony OrchestraSound Clips2018-10-12CDNaxos American Classics 8559813
Leonard Bernstein - Anniversaries for Orchestra etc. - Sao Paulo Symphony OrchestraSound Clips2018-10-12CDNaxos American Classics 8559814
The Construction of Boston - Original CastSound Clips2008-03-25CDNaxos American Classics 8669018
Rappahannock County - Original CastSound Clips2013-04-302-CDNaxos American Classics 8669028
Vanessa - Studio Cast2003-11-252-CDNaxos American Classics 8669140-41
The History Of The Musical - Various ArtistsSound Clips2001-11-204-CDNaxos Audiobooks NA422712
Las golondrinas - Studio CastSound Clips2000-01-01Audio FileNaxos Classical Archives
Marina - Studio CastSound Clips2-CDNaxos Classical Archives
The Merry Widow - Studio Cast (Dorothy Kirsten)Sound ClipsAudio FileNaxos Classical Archives 9.80529
Amore non soffre opposizioni - East-West FestivalSound Clips2016-10-142-CDNaxos Classics 8.660361-62
Les Contes D'Hoffmann - Metropolitan OperaSound Clips19972-CDNaxos Historical
Ruddigore - The D'Oyly Carte Opera CompanySound Clips2004-11-01CDNaxos Historical 8.110295
The Merry Widow - Studio CastSound Clips2005-03-22CDNaxos Historical 8.111007
Porgy and Bess - Studio Cast
Highlights from Porgy and Bess - Studio Cast (Risë Stevens and Robert Merrill)
Sound Clips20042-CDNaxos Historical 8110287-88
The Sound Of Music - Richard Hayman and his Symphony OrchestraSound Clips1989CDNaxos International 8.990004
Great Hollywood Epics - Richard Hayman & His Symphony OrchestraSound Clips1990CDNaxos International 8.990024
I Could Have Danced All Night (The Music Of Lerner & Loewe)
Lerner and Loewe: Orchestral Selections - Richard Hayman and His Orchestra
Sound Clips1994-12-01CDNaxos International 8.990039
Romantic Broadway - Richard Hayman & His OrchestraSound Clips1991-01-01CDNaxos International 8990043
It's a Good Day - Peggy LeeSound Clips2002-06-18CDNaxos Jazz Legends 8.120642
Great Songs of the Yiddish Stage, Vol. 1: Abraham Ellstein and Other Songwriters of His Circle - Studio RecordingsSound Clips2003-09-23CDNaxos Milken Archive 8559405
Great Songs of the Yiddish Stage, Vol. 2: Sholom Secunda, Alexander Olshanetsky and Other Songwriters of Their Circle - Studio RecordingsSound Clips2005-04-19CDNaxos Milken Archive 8559432
Carmen Jones - Original Broadway Cast
Carmen Jones - Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips2009-02-24CDNaxos Musicals
Les Girls - Film Soundtrack
Aladdin - Television Cast
Aladdin - Demo
Sound Clips2010-02-23CDNaxos Musicals
On the Town - Original Cast Members
On the Town - Studio Cast
The Revuers - Original Cast
Sound Clips2010-03-29CDNaxos Musicals
Brigadoon - Original Broadway Cast
Finian's Rainbow - Original Broadway Cast
Sound Clips2006-01-30CDNaxos Musicals 8.120791
Mexican Hayride - Original Broadway Cast
The Pirate - Film Soundtrack
Can-Can - Original Broadway Cast
Sound Clips2007CDNaxos Musicals 8.120845
Salad Days - Original London Cast
The Boy Friend - Original London Cast
The Boy Friend selection - The London Orchestra
Music From Salad Days - Julian Slade
Sound Clips2007-10-01CDNaxos Musicals 8.120848
The Music Man - Original Broadway Cast
The Music from Meredith Willson's The Music Man Conducted by Meredith Willson - Meredith Willson
Sound Clips2009-10-26CDNAXOS MUSICALS 8.120886
The Pajama Game - Original Broadway Cast
Songs I Taught My Mother - Charlotte Rae
La Gingold - Hermione Gingold
Odd Songs and a Poem - Cyril Ritchard
Pretty As A Rainbow / Acorn In The Meadow - Harry Belafonte
Sound Clips2008-10-27CDNaxos Musicals 8120878
Top Hat, White Tie & Tails: Fred Astaire Complete Recordings, Vol. 3 (1933-1936) - Fred Astaire2003-09-01CDNaxos Nostalgia
Some Enchanted Evening
Mr. Imperium - Film Soundtrack
Some Enchanted Evening - Ezio Pinza
Sound Clips2003-01-06CDNaxos Nostalgia
Al Jolson: Vol. 2, 1916-1918 - Al JolsonSound Clips2002-04-29CDNaxos Nostalgia 8.120535
Over The Rainbow: The Young Judy Garland - Judy GarlandSound Clips2001-11-14CDNaxos Nostalgia 8.120563
Original Recordings 1939-1951 - Dinah ShoreSound Clips2003-01-20CDNaxos Nostalgia 8.120659
Danny Kaye! - Danny KayeSound Clips2004-08-23CDNaxos Nostalgia 8.120775
King's Rhapsody & The Dancing Years
King's Rhapsody - Original London Cast
The Dancing Years - Original London Cast
Sound Clips2005CDNaxos Nostalgia 8.120781
The Song Is You: Songs of Jerome Kern - CompilationSound Clips2005-08-29CDNaxos Nostalgia 8.120827
'S Wonderful: Songs of George Gershwin - CompilationSound Clips2005-11-15CDNaxos Nostalgia 8.120828
Say It Isn't So: Songs of Irving Berlin - CompilationSound Clips2006-05-16CDNaxos Nostalgia 8.120829
Easy to Remember: Songs of Rodgers & Hart - CompilationSound Clips2007-02-27CDNaxos Nostalgia 8.120830
Mack The Knife: Songs of Kurt Weill - Compilation
Knickerbocker Holiday - Walter Huston
Sound Clips2007-05-28CDNaxos Nostalgia 8.120831
Thanks For the Memories - Bob HopeSound Clips2006-12-12CDNaxos Nostalgia 8.120836
Its De-Lovely - Ethel MermanSound Clips2007-07-31CDNaxos Nostalgia 8.120838
Danny Kaye For Kids - Danny KayeSound Clips2006-02-21CDNaxos Nostalgia 8.120844
Song of Norway - Original Cast
Song of Norway - Studio Cast (Irra Petina)
Sound Clips2009-03-30CDNaxos Nostalgia 8.120879
The Band Wagon - Original Cast members
Night & Day: Fred Astaire Complete Recordings, Vol. 2 (1931-1933) - Fred Astaire
Sound Clips2001-07-02CDNaxos Nostalgia 8120519
Gertie: Star of Screen, Musical & Revue - Gertrude LawrenceSound Clips2002-04-16CDNaxos Nostalgia 8120560
Sancho Pança dans son isle - Studio CastSound Clips2011-10-25CDNaxos Opera
Les femmes vengées - Studio CastSound Clips2015-09-11CDNaxos Opera
Le Déserteur - Studio CastSound Clips2010-09-282-CDNaxos Opera
Le Magnifique - Studio CastSound Clips2012-11-13CDNaxos Opera
Lalla-Roukh - Studio CastSound Clips2014-03-252-CDNaxos Opera
Robin Hood - Studio CastSound Clips2011-10-252-CDNaxos Opera 8.660306-07
Airline Icarus - Toronto CastSound Clips2014-11-11CDNaxos Opera 8.660356
Satanella - Studio Cast2016-03-112-CDNaxos Opera 8.660378-79
Fürstin Ninetta - Studio CastSound Clips2009-02-242-CDNaxos Opera 8660227-28
Eine Nacht in Venedig - Studio CastSound Clips2009-12-152-CDNaxos Opera 8660268-69
The Rose of Stambul - Chicago Folks OperettaSound Clips2013-03-262-CDNaxos Opera 8660326
Ella Lives - Vivian BuczekSound Clips2017-04-25Audio FileNaxos Sweden/Prophone Records
Curiosity - Vivian BuczekSound Clips2014-12-01Audio FileNaxos Sweden/Volenza
Vivianity: The Favorite Song Collection - Vivian BuczekSound Clips2013-11-06Audio FileNaxos Sweden/Volenza
Hairspray - Studio CastSound Clips2008-12-01Audio FileNayco Entertainment
Kræ-Beibí - Reykjavík Cast2008Audio FileNemendafélag Verslunarskóla Íslands
Wake Me Up...Before You Go Go - Icelandic Cast2001CDNemendamót Verlsunarskóla Íslands NFVICD007
The 101 Dalmatians Musical - Demo2009CDNestle Purina PetCare Company
Little Red "Riding Hood" - Original CastSound Clips2014-06-18Audio FileNorthwest Children's Theater Original Cast Recording
Lulu: Sometimes in Dreams - Original CastCDOdense Internationale Musikteater
Hochzeitsnacht Im Paradeis - Volksoper WienSound ClipsCDOld Vienna Classics CD 155.541
Quasimodo - Original CastSound Clips2011-06-10Audio FileOM Management
Listen Here - Jackie Ryan with John Clayton & FriendsSound Clips2013-01-15CDOpenart 7442
Doozy - Jackie RyanSound Clips2009-08-182-CDOpenart Records 7262
This Heart of Mine - Jackie RyanSound Clips2003-09-23CDOpenArt Records 728
You and the Night and the Music - Jackie RyanSound Clips2007-07-17CDOpenArt Records 7292
Vanessa - Salzberg Festival2006-07-212-CDOrfeo International Music 653062
Jeremiah - Original CastSound Clips2013-01-21Audio FileOriginal Armstrong Auditorium Cast
David: The Endless Throne Begins - Original CastSound Clips2014-01-28Audio FileOriginal Armstrong Auditorium Cast
The Book Of Isaiah - Original CastSound Clips2015-01-06Audio FileOriginal Armstrong Auditorium Cast
A Tale of Two Cities - Demo2000-02-15CDOriginal Cast
Lady Of The Castle - Original Cast2001-06-19CDOriginal Cast
Cheek to Cheek - Vince Giordano's NighthawksSound Clips2000-04-27CDOriginal Cast
Might As Well Be - Miles Phillips2000-11-27CDOriginal Cast
The Body Beautiful - Composer's Demo2008CDOriginal Cast
Jouet - Original Cast2001CDOriginal Cast
Bubbe Meises - Original Cast1997-05-12CassetteOriginal Cast
Bethel: The Long Road Home - Concept Recording2001-01-23CDOriginal Cast
Lost Broadway and More: Rare Show Tunes - Various Artists2009CDOriginal Cast
Songs From the Movies, Broadway and Beyond - Sammy GoldsteinSound Clips2008-11-042-CDOriginal Cast
The Complete Eddie Cantor Story
The Eddie Cantor Story - Soundtrack
Sound Clips2010CDOriginal Cast
Radon Daughters - Studio CastSound Clips2008-10-07CDOriginal Cast
One Night With Fanny Brice - Original CastSound Clips2010-09-28CDOriginal Cast
The Mickey & Judy Show - Original Cast2000-11-27CDOriginal Cast 4396
Shine! the Horatio Alger Musical - Concert CastSound Clips2002-10-01CDOriginal Cast 6015
The Broadway Musicals of 1956 - Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series2009-06-02CDOriginal Cast 6242
The Big Voice: God or Merman? - Original Cast2005-04-12CDOriginal Cast 7328
Cynthia's In Love - Cynthia CraneSound Clips1997-03-11CDOriginal Cast 9769
I Won't Forget You - Lori Puleo2000-03-21CDOriginal Cast M1958D
What You'd Call a Dream - Jaymie MeyerSound Clips2000-04-27CDOriginal Cast OC 2003
The Broadway Musicals of 1962 - Town Hall Broadway by the Year SeriesSound Clips2008-06-24CDOriginal Cast OC 6228
The Broadway Musicals of 1968 - Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series2009-07-14CDOriginal Cast OC 6243
An Evening with W. S. Gilbert - Original CastLPOriginal Cast OC 8026
Christy - Original Off-Broadway CastCDOriginal Cast OC-7913
Live at Danny's
Miss Claiborne Cary Live - Claiborne Cary
CDOriginal Cast OC-8806
The Broadway Musicals of 1978 - Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series2009-11-12CDOriginal Cast OC6244
Keyes To Heaven: MAC Award Winners Remember Eben Keyes - VariousSound Clips2008-06-10CDOriginal Cast OCR-2233
The Nothing Like Vaudeville Show - Cleveland Cast1999-02-09CassetteOriginal Cast / Sure Call
Made In America: Vaudeville Songs - Original CastSound Clips2005CDOriginal Cast Record
Nobody Does It Like Me: A Tribute to Dorothy Fields - Morag Mclaren2007-09-04CDOriginal Cast Record
Forgotten Songs from Broadway and Hollywood - David Janness2014-06-24CDOriginal Cast Record
All Aboard! - Original Off-Broadway Cast2017-06-05CDOriginal Cast Record
So Far It's Wonderful - Sammy GoldsteinSound Clips2008-06-10CDOriginal Cast Record 0426
The Blue Flower - Studio CastSound Clips2005-04-05CDOriginal Cast Record 10101
The Nothing Like Vaudeville Show - Cleveland Cast1995-10-19CDOriginal Cast Record 1019
Craig Jessup Sings Noel Coward - Craig JessupSound Clips2004-03-23CDOriginal Cast Record 1163
A Family Affair - Betty JohnsonSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Record 1221
Sunday in New York - Portia NelsonSound Clips2007-09-04CDOriginal Cast Record 1402
Travels With My Piano - Steve Ross2000-01-012-CDOriginal Cast Record 1939
Louis Lebeau Remembers Cole Porter, Not Stephen Sondheim (But Sings Their Songs Anyway) - Robert ClarySound Clips2002-07-02CDOriginal Cast Record 2101
Star Eyes - Joan BenderSound Clips2001-08-15CDOriginal Cast Record 2322
Always - Cris GroenendaalSound Clips2008-06-10CDOriginal Cast Record 5152
Sings Alan Jay Lerner & Frank Loesser - Robert ClarySound Clips2002-07-02CDOriginal Cast Record 6002
Who Knows? - Tom AndersenSound Clips2003-12-09CDOriginal Cast Record 603
Sings Harry Warren & Jule Styne - Robert ClarySound Clips2002-10-29CDOriginal Cast Record 6040
Sings Arthur Schwartz, Howard Dietz, & Dorothy Fields - Robert ClarySound Clips2007-09-11CDOriginal Cast Record 6069
Far Away Places - Tom AndersenSound Clips1996-04-11CDOriginal Cast Record 609
Heart and Soul: The Musical World of Hoagy Carmichael
Hoagy on My Mind - Phillip Officer
Sound Clips2005-04-05CDOriginal Cast Record 6122
Say Oy Vey - Studio CastSound Clips2005-04-05CDOriginal Cast Record 6124
Too Jewish? - Original New York CastSound Clips2005-10-18CDOriginal Cast Record 6134
Bolcom, Morris, Morath & White Sing Gus Kahn - Concert Cast2008-06-10CDOriginal Cast Record 6150
Hot Flashes - Original Cast2006-08-22CDOriginal Cast Record 6202
Sessions - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2007-10-23CDOriginal Cast Record 6220
The Broadway Musicals of 1955 - Town Hall Broadway by the Year SeriesSound Clips2008-06-24CDOriginal Cast Record 6224
A Night of Neurotica - Amanda AbelSound Clips2007-04-10CDOriginal Cast Record 6246
To Memphis (with the Intention of Returning) - Original CastSound Clips2004CDOriginal Cast Record 6474
Hayden Tee - Hayden TeeSound Clips2004-03-23CDOriginal Cast Record 7382
Too Jewish Two! - Original CastSound Clips2004CDOriginal Cast Record 7387
Fallen Angel: A Rock Opera - Studio CastSound Clips2005CDOriginal Cast Record 799
The Journey - Tom AndersenSound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Record 80505
Sings Ira Gershwin & Jerome Kern - Robert ClarySound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Record 8714
The Magic Of Jolson - Clive BaldwinSound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Record 8718
The Original Complete Carnegie Hall Concert - Eddie CantorSound Clips1995-03-232-CDOriginal Cast Record 9217
Bubbe Meises - Original Cast1995-03-23CassetteOriginal Cast Record 9235
Voices - Marilyn Michaels2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Record 9258
Sugar Babies - Broadway Cast1995-03-23CassetteOriginal Cast Record 9359
Scaree Tales - Studio CastSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Record 9497
Always Love - Bill Wright1995-10-19CDOriginal Cast Record 9516
Bosom Buddies - Carol Woods & Karen SaundersSound Clips1998-10-06CDOriginal Cast Record 9708
Robert Clary Sings At The Jazz Bakery in Los Angeles - Robert ClarySound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Record 9799
Love In Our Key - Stephen Patric2008-06-10CDOriginal Cast Record 9840
Soiree Of Songs: The Songs of David O'Brien - Original CastSound Clips1998-06-16CDOriginal Cast Record 9856
Here - Combo Fiasco2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Record 9866
On Stage! - Sarah Cole Page2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Record 9916
Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grill - Baltimore Cast1998-01-27CDOriginal Cast Record BCS1111
Better Two-gether - Beckie Menzie & Tom MichaelSound Clips2008-06-10CDOriginal Cast Record BeMeMusic004
Blues Over Broadway - Martha LorinSound Clips2005-04-12CDOriginal Cast Record LMG4138
The Marc Blitzstein Centennial Concert - Concert Cast2006-03-21CDOriginal Cast Record OC 6127
Time After Time - Concert Cast
Dodsworth - Concert Cast
2005-10-18CDOriginal Cast Record OC 6128
You Fascinate Me So: Marilyn Volpe Sings Cy Coleman - Marilyn VolpeSound Clips2008-06-10CDOriginal Cast Record OC 9618
Storyville: A Hot New Musical of Old New Orleans - Original Florida Cast2005-04-12CDOriginal Cast Record OC-6110
Sings Irving Berlin & Yip Harburg - Robert ClarySound Clips1998-11-24CDOriginal Cast Record OC-8807
Then And Again - Kaye BallardSound Clips1995-03-24CDOriginal Cast Record OC-9365
Sings Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart and Johnny Mercer - Robert ClarySound Clips1997-12-23CDOriginal Cast Record OC-9770
Johnny Mercer Jamboree - Concert CastSound Clips2003-08-26CDOriginal Cast Record OC6049
Bolcom, Morris & Morath Sing Yip Harburg - Concert Cast2007-09-04CDOriginal Cast Record OC6063
Our Time Will Soon Go By - Larry VictorSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Record OC9330
Kaye Ballard Sings Fanny Brice
The Fanny Brice Story in Song - Kaye Ballard
Sound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Record OC9364
Relatively Singing - Lee NewmanSound Clips1995-10-19CDOriginal Cast Record OC9527
Legends & Songwriters in Concert 1941 - Concert CastSound Clips1998-06-162-CDOriginal Cast Record OC9839
Say It With Music - Marilynn Lovell & Peter MatzSound Clips2008-06-10CDOriginal Cast Record OC9980
The Gifts of the Magi - Studio Cast1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records
The Road To Ruin - Studio CastCDOriginal Cast Records
The Wind In The Willows - Syracuse CastCDOriginal Cast Records
Radical Radio - Original Cast1997-05-12CDOriginal Cast Records
Beauty and the Beast - Concept AlbumSound Clips2003-07-01CDOriginal Cast Records
Gauguin / Savage Light - Original Cast2006-12-12CDOriginal Cast Records
Only a Kingdom - Pasadena PlayhouseSound Clips1999-12-07CDOriginal Cast Records
Imperfect Chemistry - Original CastSound Clips2001-11-27CDOriginal Cast Records
Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper - Original Salisbury Cast2000CDOriginal Cast Records
A Marc Blitzstein Songbook - Concert cast2001-08CDOriginal Cast Records
Jung at Heart - Original Cast1996CDOriginal Cast Records
A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol - Original CastSound Clips2006CDOriginal Cast Records
Red Lips - Canadian Cast2001CDOriginal Cast Records
Molly Bloom - Concept RecordingCDOriginal Cast Records
The Theatre's Never Dark - Michael BittermanSound Clips2001-08-14CDOriginal Cast Records
Demigod of E. 78th St. - Studio CastSound ClipsCDOriginal Cast Records
About Now - Roger SchmelzerSound Clips2008-09CDOriginal Cast Records
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Original Cast1999-09-28CDOriginal Cast Records
Everything's Coming Up Pansies - Studio Cast2004CDOriginal Cast Records
Broadway Unplugged 6 - Concert Cast2009CDOriginal Cast Records
Lost Broadway and More, Vol. 3 - Michael Lavine & FriendsSound Clips2011CDOriginal Cast Records
Piano Bar - Original Off-Broadway Cast2013CD-ROriginal Cast Records
Downriver - Studio Cast2012CD-ROriginal Cast Records
The Seven Little Foys - Studio CastSound Clips2012-07-17CDOriginal Cast Records
The Girl I Left Behind Me - Jessica WalkerSound Clips2013-11CDOriginal Cast Records
Lost Broadway & More: Volume 5, Comden / Green / Styne - Michael Lavine & Friends2013-12-23CDOriginal Cast Records
A New York Romance - Alison Fraser2005CDOriginal Cast Records
Irving Berlin's America - Studio CastSound Clips2014-01-27CDOriginal Cast Records
La Grosse Valse - Original Cast
La Grosse Valse - Original French Cast
2014-082-CD-ROriginal Cast Records
A Doll's Life - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2014-08-01Audio FileOriginal Cast Records
Bring Back Birdie - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2014-08-01Audio FileOriginal Cast Records
Prettybelle - Studio CastSound Clips2014-08-01Audio FileOriginal Cast Records
The Littlest Revue - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2014-08-26Audio FileOriginal Cast Records
Chip Deffaa's Theater Boys - Original CastSound Clips2014CDOriginal Cast Records
The Girl I Left Behind Me - Original CastSound Clips2013-11-19Original Cast Records
Just in Time - Estelle ReinerSound Clips2001-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 1000
Ever Green - Studio Cast2005-04-12CDOriginal Cast Records 1002
Lost Broadway and More, Vol 6: Jerome Kern - Various Artists2014-06-24CDOriginal Cast Records 1399
1959 Broadway Songbook - Jeff HarnarSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 1916G
Julie Budd - Julie BuddSound Clips1997-05-13CDOriginal Cast Records 1928
L'Amour Bleu - Original Off-Broadway Cast1996CDOriginal Cast Records 2006
Reunion: A Musical Epic in Miniature - Original CastSound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 2007
Out on Broadway - Original St. Louis CastSound Clips2000-04-04CDOriginal Cast Records 2015
Anything Goes - Bill CooperSound Clips2000-08-31CDOriginal Cast Records 2087
Breakfast at Tiffany's - Studio CastSound Clips2001-04-242-CDOriginal Cast Records 2100
Radio! The Musical - Original CastSound Clips2003-08-26CDOriginal Cast Records 24108
Sundown - Studio CastSound Clips2004-12-01CDOriginal Cast Records 2A
Cindy-Ella - Original London CastSound Clips2004-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 3009
Breathe - Gay & Lesbian Theatre FestivalSound Clips2006-06-06CDOriginal Cast Records 3095
Are We Almost There? - Studio CastSound Clips2005-02-08CDOriginal Cast Records 3162
Sincerely Broadway - Catherine Hickland2001-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 3333
Transmitter Man: A Rock Radio Play - Concept RecordingSound Clips2007CDOriginal Cast Records 3397
Weird & Wonderful - Studio CastSound Clips2005-04-12CDOriginal Cast Records 357
The Bonus Round Sessions
Living In The Bonus Round - Demo
Sound Clips2005-04-12CDOriginal Cast Records 36
Sing Me: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 - Bill Solly & FriendsSound Clips2003-12-09CDOriginal Cast Records 39
In Celebration of Life - Concert Cast2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 415
Something for the Boys - San Francisco CastSound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 4201
I Could Fall in Love: Greatest Hits, Vol. 4 - Bill SollySound Clips2006-08-15CDOriginal Cast Records 43000
Billion Dollar Baby - Studio CastSound Clips1995-07-27CDOriginal Cast Records 4304
Taking a Chance on Love - Original CastSound Clips2002-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 4444
Mamaleh - Off Broadway CastSound Clips2005-10-18CDOriginal Cast Records 458
The Beauty of Broadway - Dale KristienSound Clips2005-10-18CDOriginal Cast Records 4901
Widow's Waltz - Original CastSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 55575
Annie Lebeaux Performs Rare & Ridiculous Vaudeville Songs (1903-1926) - Annie LebeauxSound Clips2005-04-12CDOriginal Cast Records 60023
Watch Your Step - Musicals Tonight! CastSound Clips2002-03-12CDOriginal Cast Records 6009
Shine! the Horatio Alger Musical - Concert CastSound Clips2001-10-09CDOriginal Cast Records 6015
Stop in the Name of Love - Original London CastSound Clips2001-04-17CDOriginal Cast Records 6017
A Load Of Old Sequins - Original London CastSound ClipsCDOriginal Cast Records 6018
June Angela - June AngelaSound Clips2003-06-17CDOriginal Cast Records 6022
Come Back, Little Sheba - Westport, Connecticut CastSound Clips2002-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 6025
Foxy - Musicals Tonight! CastSound Clips2002-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 6026
That's the Ticket! - Musicals Tonight! CastSound Clips2003-06-17CDOriginal Cast Records 6038
Brownstone, the Musical - Studio CastSound Clips2003-08-26CDOriginal Cast Records 6052
The Confidence Man - Studio CastSound Clips2003-12-09CDOriginal Cast Records 6058
The Water Coolers - Original CastSound Clips2004-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 6065
21 Baker Road - Studio CastSound Clips2005-04-12CDOriginal Cast Records 6099
Man with a Load of Mischief - Studio CastSound Clips2005-04-12CDOriginal Cast Records 6100
Young Zombies in Love - Studio CastSound Clips2005-02-08CDOriginal Cast Records 6117
Goys and Dolls - Studio CastSound Clips2005-04-05CDOriginal Cast Records 6123
Thrill Me - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2006-08-08CDOriginal Cast Records 6158
Bush is Bad - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2005-12-20CDOriginal Cast Records 6160
Suburb - Original Cast membersSound Clips2006-03-14CDOriginal Cast Records 6161
Behind the Iron Mask - Studio CastSound Clips2006-01-24CDOriginal Cast Records 6166
Don't Hug Me - Original CastSound Clips2006-06-06CDOriginal Cast Records 6173
The Two Svengalis - Original CastSound Clips2006-06-07CDOriginal Cast Records 6177
Asylum: The Strange Case of Mary Lincoln - Original Off-Broadway Cast2007CDOriginal Cast Records 6221
Jack: An Opera About the Life of John F. Kennedy - Studio CastSound Clips2008-06-242-CDOriginal Cast Records 6227
Everyman - Ron BohmerSound Clips1998-06-16CDOriginal Cast Records 6423
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Studio CastSound Clips2007-09-112-CDOriginal Cast Records 6698
Rasputin: The Magic Reality Show - Studio CastSound ClipsCDOriginal Cast Records 675421
Look Ma, I'm Dancin'! - Musicals Tonight! CastSound Clips1995-07-27CDOriginal Cast Records 6803
The Broadway Musicals of 1928 - Town Hall Broadway by the Year Series2010-06-22CDOriginal Cast Records 6827
Lost Broadway and More, Vol. 2 - Various ArtistsCDOriginal Cast Records 6830
I Am Anne Frank - Studio CastSound Clips1997-09-23CDOriginal Cast Records 6886
Lost Broadway and More, Vol. 4: Women Theatre Composers - Michael Lavine & Friends2012CDOriginal Cast Records 7096829
From Brooklyn To Broadway - Lillias WhiteSound Clips2002-01-30CDOriginal Cast Records 721
Ave - Studio CastSound Clips2000-05-30CDOriginal Cast Records 7270
Too Jewish? - Original New York CastSound Clips2002-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 7309
Dreams for Alice - Studio CastSound Clips2002-11-05CDOriginal Cast Records 7316
Moscow - Original N.Y. CastSound Clips2005-04-12CDOriginal Cast Records 7329
A Stoop On Orchard Street - Original CastSound Clips2003-12-09CDOriginal Cast Records 7351
Thrill Me - Off-Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2004-07-13CDOriginal Cast Records 7391
Live at the Donmar - Philip QuastSound Clips2003-02-04CDOriginal Cast Records 7551
BurgerTown - Kentucky CastSound Clips2005-04-05CDOriginal Cast Records 757
Hey Mister! Thinking Tractor? 1959-1964
Ford-i-fy Your Future - Original Cast
The Wide New World with Ford - Original Cast
The New Wide World of Ford - Original Cast
Sound Clips2005CDOriginal Cast Records 7798
Piano Bar - Original Off-Broadway Cast1978LPOriginal Cast Records 7812
Christy - Original Off-Broadway CastLPOriginal Cast Records 7913
In Trousers - Original Off-Broadway CastLPOriginal Cast Records 7915
Festival - Original Off-Broadway CastLPOriginal Cast Records 7916
Duel - Studio CastLPOriginal Cast Records 7917
The Utter Glory of Morrissey Hall - Original Broadway CastLPOriginal Cast Records 7918
Fly With Me - Columbia University Cast1980LPOriginal Cast Records 8023
Musical Chairs - Original Cast membersLPOriginal Cast Records 8024
Eddie Lawrence and Moose Charlap Sing Their Songs from the Musical Kelly - DemoLPOriginal Cast Records 8025
Five After Eight - Off-Off-Broadway CastLPOriginal Cast Records 8027
Pretty Faces - New York Revival CastSound Clips2005-12-05CDOriginal Cast Records 8044
NEWSical: All the Stuff That's Fit to Spoof - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2005-04-05CDOriginal Cast Records 8092
Judy's Scary Little Christmas - Original L.A. Cast2006-01-24CDOriginal Cast Records 810
The Farmer Weds A Widow - Studio Cast1998-11-24CDOriginal Cast Records 8122
So Long, 174th Street - Original Cast MembersLPOriginal Cast Records 8131
Bring Back Birdie - Original Broadway Cast1981LPOriginal Cast Records 8132
The Housewives' Cantata - Original Cast membersLPOriginal Cast Records 8133
One Night Stand - Original Broadway Cast MembersLPOriginal Cast Records 8134
Onward Victoria - Original Broadway Cast MembersLPOriginal Cast Records 8135
The Wizard of Oz - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2-CDOriginal Cast Records 8187
Alec Wilder - Clues to a Life - Original Off-Broadway CastLPOriginal Cast Records 8237
Prettybelle - Studio CastLPOriginal Cast Records 8238
Is There Life After High School? - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 8240
A Doll's Life - Original Broadway Cast1982LPOriginal Cast Records 8241
Oh, Brother! - Original Broadway CastLPOriginal Cast Records 8342
Mata Hari - York Theatre CastSound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 8600
Men in My Life - Alison FraserSound Clips2000-04-03CDOriginal Cast Records 8601
The Black & White Blues - Original Cast2005-04-12CDOriginal Cast Records 866
Sheba - Studio CastSound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 8701
Far From the Madding Crowd - Studio Cast
The Awakening - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 8737
The Utter Glory of Morrissey Hall - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2003-06-17CDOriginal Cast Records 8738
Working - Radio CastSound Clips2002-03-192-CDOriginal Cast Records 8749
A Bag of Popcorn and a Dream - Studio CastSound Clips2003-06-17CDOriginal Cast Records 8801
Kelly - Studio CastSound Clips1998-12-15CDOriginal Cast Records 8802
A Special Place: Songs of Bob Ost - Studio CastSound Clips1998-12-15CDOriginal Cast Records 8803
Dance on a Country Grave - Philadelphia Cast1999-04-06CDOriginal Cast Records 8804
Starmites - Original Cast membersSound Clips1999-04-27CDOriginal Cast Records 8812
The Robber Bridegroom - Broadway Revival CastSound Clips1999-04-27CDOriginal Cast Records 8813
Late Nite Comic - Studio CastSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 8843
Little Boy Goes to Hell - Seattle Cast1999-04-27CDOriginal Cast Records 9022
A Hard Time To Be Single - Original Off-Broadway CastSound ClipsCDOriginal Cast Records 913
Pictures in the Hall - Original Off-Broadway CastCDOriginal Cast Records 914
Face to Face - Jana RobbinsSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 915
Oh, Brother! - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 917
One Man Band - Studio CastCDOriginal Cast Records 9212
Corkscrews - Original Off-Broadway CastCDOriginal Cast Records 9214
Five After Eight - Off-Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9219
Flowers for Algernon - Original London CastSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9221
Carmelina - Original Cast membersSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9224
King Of Hearts - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9225
Every Little Vow - Original CastSound Clips2003-01-03CDOriginal Cast Records 9299
So Long, 174th Street - Original Cast MembersSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9341
Music In Search of a Musical - Studio Cast1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9348
One Foot Out the Door - Off-Off-Broadway CastCDOriginal Cast Records 9354
The Housewives' Cantata - Original Cast membersCDOriginal Cast Records 9363
One Night Stand - Original Broadway Cast MembersSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9366
Eating Raoul - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9413
Shepherd - Studio CastSound ClipsCDOriginal Cast Records 9468
Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up? - Original Cast membersSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9475
Lovesong - Original Cast membersCDOriginal Cast Records 9476
Onward Victoria - Original Broadway Cast MembersSound Clips1994CDOriginal Cast Records 9477
Songs From W.C. and Other Theatre Songs of Al Carmines - Studio CastSound Clips2003-06-17CDOriginal Cast Records 9483
Fashion - Glendale Cast1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9492
I Love You, Madam President - Studio CastSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9493
Groucho, A Life in Revue - Original Cast MembersSound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9498
Salome Bey Sing Songs From Dude - Original Cast Members
The Highway Life - Original Broadway Cast
Sound Clips1995-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9499
Great Expectations - Concept AlbumSound Clips1995-10-19CDOriginal Cast Records 9510
A Song Floating - Westbeth Theatre CastSound Clips1995-10-19CDOriginal Cast Records 9513
Delishious: Lyrics by Ira Gershwin - Benjamin Sears1995-10-19CDOriginal Cast Records 9523
Arthur Siegel Live at the Ballroom - Arthur SiegelSound Clips1995-10-19CDOriginal Cast Records 9526
Brimstone - Original Cast membersSound Clips1997-05-12CDOriginal Cast Records 9530
Most Men Are - Studio CastSound Clips1995-03-26CDOriginal Cast Records 9532
A New York Romance - Alison FraserSound Clips1996-01-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9534
Better Days - Karen MasonSound Clips2001-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 9538O
Many a New Day - Phillip OfficerSound Clips1996-04-11CDOriginal Cast Records 9542
A... My Name Will Always Be Alice - Barrington Stage CompanySound Clips1996-04-11CDOriginal Cast Records 9543
billy noname - Original Cast1996-04-11CDOriginal Cast Records 9545
Take It Easy - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1996-09-17CDOriginal Cast Records 9557-2
On Broadway - Andrea McArdleSound Clips1996-04-11CDOriginal Cast Records 9580
Ain't Doin' Nothin' But Singin' My Song - Concept Album1996-12-02CDOriginal Cast Records 9602
Such a Pretty Face - New York CastSound Clips1996-12-02CDOriginal Cast Records 9610
In Trousers - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1996-12-02CDOriginal Cast Records 9614
Incurably Romantic: Songs of Martin Charnin - Studio CastSound Clips2003-06-17CDOriginal Cast Records 9619
Prom Queens Unchained - Studio Cast2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 9629
Songs You Might Have Missed - Alix KoreySound Clips1996-12-02CDOriginal Cast Records 9632
Zombies From the Beyond - Original Off-Broadway Cast1996-12-02CDOriginal Cast Records 9633
Opal - Studio Cast2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 9636
Madison Avenue - Studio Cast2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 9699
Broadway and Beyond - J. Mark McVeySound Clips2001-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 9701
Thrill Me - Studio CastSound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 9704
The All Night Strut - Studio CastSound Clips1997-12-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9739
Love Online - Concept RecordingSound Clips2002-07-02CDOriginal Cast Records 9752
Oh, Diahne! - Concept AlbumSound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 9769
Shelter - Studio CastSound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 9785
Festival - Original Off-Broadway Cast1997-09-23CDOriginal Cast Records 9791
The Music of Brad Ross: Little By Little / The Times - Studio CastSound Clips1998-01-27CDOriginal Cast Records 9804
The Goodbye Girl - Original London CastSound Clips1998-01-27CDOriginal Cast Records 9810
The Prince And The Pauper - DemoSound Clips1998-01-27CDOriginal Cast Records 9813
Requests - Michael McAssey2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 9824
Anastasia - the Musical
The Anastasia Affaire - Studio Cast
At the Grand - Studio Cast
Sound Clips1998-10-20CDOriginal Cast Records 9837
The Cowboy And The Tiger - Television Cast2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 9859
Duel - Studio CastSound Clips2003-06-17CDOriginal Cast Records 9868
Fly With Me - Columbia University CastSound ClipsCDOriginal Cast Records 9869
Nowadays - Marcia LewisSound Clips2003-06-17CDOriginal Cast Records 9895
A Christmas Survival Guide - Studio CastSound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 9903
Shikara - Toronto CastCDOriginal Cast Records 9906
Lizzie Borden - Original CastSound Clips1999-04-06CDOriginal Cast Records 9913
Love's Fowl - Studio CastSound Clips2010-12-01Audio FileOriginal Cast Records 9918
Upstairs at O'Neals - Original CastSound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 9931
Journey to the Center of the Earth - Studio CastSound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 9947
Found Treasures - Brian De LorenzoSound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 9986G
Cyrano - Original Cast
Grand Tour - New Haven Cast
Sound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records 9987
Miss Gulch Returns - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2000CDOriginal Cast Records OC 2000
Monkey Biz'nis - Studio Cast2008-06-10CDOriginal Cast Records OC 6016
Times Like This - Linn Maxwell2007-11-06CDOriginal Cast Records OC 6061
From Where I Stand - Original CastSound Clips2008-06-10CDOriginal Cast Records OC 6070
Peter Howard's Broadway - Peter HowardSound Clips2004-03-23CDOriginal Cast Records OC 6075
The Body Beautiful
The Body Beautiful - Concert Cast
Just My Luck / Hidden in My Heart - Mindy Carson
2008-09-22CDOriginal Cast Records OC 6231
Elie Siegmeister Centennial CD - Helene Williams, Lars Woodul & Leonard LehrmanSound Clips2009-03-24CDOriginal Cast Records OC 6235
Broadway Unplugged 4 - Concert Cast2008-11-18CDOriginal Cast Records OC 6237
Abie's Island Rose - Original CastSound Clips2009-03-24CDOriginal Cast Records OC 6238
Carmelina - Original Cast members1979LPOriginal Cast Records OC 8019
Flowers for Algernon - Original London CastLPOriginal Cast Records OC 8021
Lovesong - Original Cast members1980LPOriginal Cast Records OC 8022
King Of Hearts - Original Broadway CastLPOriginal Cast Records OC 8028
Celeste Holm Gives a Very Personal Tribute to Oklahoma - Celeste Holm1981LPOriginal Cast Records OC 8129
Is There Life After High School? - Original Broadway Cast1982LPOriginal Cast Records OC 8240
Late Nite Comic - Studio CastLPOriginal Cast Records OC 8843
Is There Life After High School? - Original Broadway Cast1990CDOriginal Cast Records OC 902
Songs for Future Musicals - Vocal RecordingSound Clips1992CDOriginal Cast Records OC 9218
Bonnie's Broadway Moon Song Shoppe - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1993CDOriginal Cast Records OC 9345
Opal / Honky Tonk Highway and Other Theatre Songs by Robert Nassif Lindsey - Studio castSound Clips1995-10-19CDOriginal Cast Records OC 9514
Musical Chairs - Original Cast membersSound Clips2003-06-17CDOriginal Cast Records OC 9792
Noël Coward: Off The Record - Steve Ross and FriendsSound Clips2013-01-29CDOriginal Cast Records OC-1128
Fermat's Last Tango - Original Off-Broadway Cast2001-10-09CDOriginal Cast Records OC-6010
Made In America: Vaudeville Songs - Original Cast2002CDOriginal Cast Records OC-6035
Jolson & Company - Original Off-Broadway Cast2005-04-12CDOriginal Cast Records OC-6062
Cabaret Hell - Original Cast2005-10-18CDOriginal Cast Records OC-6138
We Have Something To Say - Studio CastSound Clips2008-06-10CDOriginal Cast Records OC-8711
Arthur Siegel Sings Arthur Siegel - Arthur SiegelSound Clips1992CDOriginal Cast Records OC-9214
Flames - Original London Cast2015CDOriginal Cast Records OC-FL15
The Unproduced Eddie Cantor Musical - Studio Cast2015CDOriginal Cast Records OC13192
Sadie Thompson - Studio CastSound Clips2005-04-12CDOriginal Cast Records OC6042
Trixie True, Teen Detective - Cabrini College Cast2006-12-05CDOriginal Cast Records OC6180
Alec Wilder - Clues to a Life - Original Off-Broadway Cast2012CD-ROriginal Cast Records OC8237
Heat Lightning - Studio Cast2006-03-21CDOriginal Cast Records OC8602
Young Tom Edison - Studio Cast1998-01-27CDOriginal Cast Records OC9809
At Last - Phyllis PastoreSound Clips1999-05-04CDOriginal Cast Records OCR8901
The Baker's Wife - Original CastSound Clips1995-08-01CDOriginal Cast Records THT CD 9216
Ed Dixon Sings Ed Dixon - Ed DixonSound Clips2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records TR 521504
Cheek to Cheek
Cheek to Cheek - Vince Giordano's Nighthawks
Sound Clips2000-04-27CDOriginal Cast Records TRCD52130
All The Colors of the Rainbow - Studio Cast2000-01-01CDOriginal Cast Records / Bayview Records 2757 / RNBW001
A Slice Of Saturday Night - Original London CastSound Clips1995-10-13CDOriginal Cast Records / First Night
On My Way to You - Judi ConnelliSound Clips1997-12-26CDOriginal Cast Records / Hard Hat 8401
Look to the Rainbow - Bill DaughertySound Clips2000-09-01CDOriginal Cast/Thoroughbred
Liberal Arts: The Musical! - Original CastSound Clips2012-12-21Audio FileOriginal Chicago Cast of Liberal Arts: the Musical!
Ira, George, And Joe - Joe PassSound Clips1994-12-02CDOriginal Jazz Classics
Love Locked out - Beverly KellySound Clips1992-04-14CDOriginal Jazz Classics
Bev Kelly in Person - Beverly KellySound Clips1999-03-09CDOriginal Jazz Classics
Barbara Lea With The Johnny Windhurst Quintets - Barbara LeaSound Clips2011CDOriginal Jazz Classics 00025218171328
Fusion! - Wes MontgomerySound Clips1989-02-15CDOriginal Jazz Classics 0025218636827
Morning Mist - Chuck Wayne2003-09-23CDOriginal Jazz Classics 1097
The Singing Reed - Lucy ReedSound Clips1991-07-01CDOriginal Jazz Classics 1777
The Singing Reed - Lucy ReedCDOriginal Jazz Classics 8911140AZ
The Guitar Artistry Of Charlie Byrd - Charlie ByrdSound Clips1997-08-19CDOriginal Jazz Classics 945
By George - George CablesSound Clips1991-07-01CDOriginal Jazz Classics CCD-14030-2
Jazz Workshop Volume Three - Ada Moore1985LPOriginal Jazz Classics OJC-1701
Outward Bound - Eric Dolphy QuintetSound Clips1987CDOriginal Jazz Classics OJC20 022-2
Andre Previn Plays Songs By Harold Arlen - Andre PrevinSound Clips1994-08-12CDOriginal Jazz Classics OJCCD 1840-2
The Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Album - Tony BennettSound Clips1991-07-01CDOriginal Jazz Classics OJCCD-439-2
Moon Beams - The Bill Evans TrioSound Clips2012-05-15CDOriginal Jazz Classics / Riverside OJC-33718
Slaughter on 10th Avenue - Mick RonsonSound Clips1997-11-18CDOriginal Masters UK 15503
The Rocky Horror Show - Original London CastSound Clips2002-05-21CDOriginal Masters UK 156062
The Wizard Of Oz - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2004CDOriginal Soundtracks
Kiss Me, Kate - Film SoundtrackSound Clips1996-11-19CDOriginal Soundtracks
One Two Three Little Pigs - Original Workshop CastSound Clips2015-02CDOriginal Workshop Performance Cast & Phil Hornsey
Montreux '77 - Ella Fitzgerald1989CDPablo Live / Original Jazz Classics OJCCD-376-2
Nostalgic Jazz Standards - Kelly Evelyn GreeneSound Clips2016-09-17Audio FilePanache
Nostalgic Jazz Standards - Kelly Evelyn GreeneSound Clips2015-08-01CD-RPanache
Gems from The Band Wagon - Victor Young and The Brunswick Orchestra193178Panachord P12161
Hänsel Und Gretel - Studio CastLPParnass 74 639
Portrait Einer Stimme - Nicolai GeddaLPParnass 75 985
Remember: Michael Feinstein Sings Irving Berlin - Michael Feinstein1987CassetteParnassus PR 0-102C
Salutations F.S. - Al ViolaLPPBR International PBR-7
Nicola Hughes - Nicola HughesSound Clips2000-04CDPennant PENNA01
The Sound Of Music - London Cast
Edelweiss - Petula Clark
Sound Clips2010-09-27CDPet Sounds International PS1001
Going East - Billy Paul1971LPPhiladelphia International Records
Summertime - MFSB1976LPPhiladelphia International Records PZ 34238
This Is John Hanson - John HansonLPPhilips International 6382 013
This Is John Hanson, Vol. 2: Glamorous Nights - John HansonLPPhilips International 6382 051
Great Film Themes - John HansonLPPhilips International 6382 088
John Hanson Sings Songs From His Hit Shows - John HansonLPPhilips International 6382 131
This Is Harry Secombe, Vol. II: Romantic Songs of Love - Harry SecombeLPPhilips International Series 6382 050
The Mikado - Studio Cast
Iolanthe - Studio Cast (Highlights)
2-LPPhilips International Series 6625 005
Space Dream: Saga II - Original Cast SwitzerlandSound Clips20042-CDPhonag 0081281PHO
Twist of Time - Original Cast2001CDPhonag P 81198
Melissa - Original Swiss CastSound Clips1998CDPhonag P81145
Space Dream: Saga III - Original Swiss CastSound Clips2007-02-162-CDPhonag Rec (Phonag Records) 0081348
Spacedream - Original Cast2003DVDPhonag Records 0070002PHO
Sue Mathys Sings Broadway and Piaf - Sue Mathys2004-05-15CDPhonag Records 0081274PHO
Ewigi Liebi: Das Musical - Original CastSound Clips2008-09-19CDPhonag Records AG
The Bear - Melbourne Symphony Orchestra1980LPPhonart PTA 1020
A Tribute To George Gershwin - John Senati and the Bravo Pops SymphonyLPPickwick / International Award Series AKS 158
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown - Studio Cast1967CassettePickwick International CS-158
Housewife Superstar
Housewife Superstar! - Original London Cast
1976CassettePickwick International HSC3255
Kate Smith Sings God Bless America - Kate Smith1989-06-08CDPICKWICK INTERNATIONAL PMTD 16007
West Side Story - Studio Cast1964LPPickwick International PR 135
South Pacific - Studio CastLPPickwick International Inc. PR 101
Applause! - Kelly MarieSound Clips2004-02-022-CDPinacle CDKOPY146
Space Dream - Studio Cast2-CDPink Banana 950103
Space Dream - Swiss Cast19962-CDPink Banana 96003
Timbertops - Studio CastLPPinnacle LP8303
Copacabana - Original London Cast1994-08-19CDPinnacle SCORE CD40
Utah - Original Cast1995CDPinnacle Group
Music and Songs from The Rocky Horror Show - Studio CastCDPinnacle Records
Vocalese Live 1986 - The Manhattan TransferLaserdiscPioneer Artists Signature PS-87-020
Merrick - Original CastCDPirate Management CDMER 01
Strike! The Musical - Studio CastCDPlaywrights Canada Press
My Fair Lady - Alan Caddy Orchestra
My Fair Lady A Gogo - Jack First Band
LPPolskie Nagrania SXL 1075
Na Szkle Malowane - Concept Recording1970LPPolskie Nagrania Muza XL 0666
Day In Hollywood - Doris Day45Polskie Nagrania Muza ‎ N 0294
Herkules - Danish Soundtrack1997CDPolyGram / Warner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB 060531-2
Tristan & Yseult - French CastSound Clips2001-11-02CDPolygram International 14754
The Best Of Michael Ball - Michael BallSound Clips1994CDPolygram International 523 891-2
Les Parapluies de Cherbourg - Film SoundtrackSound Clips1996-09-27CDPolygram International 834139
Nightcap - Marilyn ScottSound Clips2008-11-13CDPrana Entertainment 5
Prima Show In The Casbar - Louis PrimaLPPrima Magnagroove PM 3001
The King Of Clubs - Louis Prima & Gia MaioneLPPrima Magnagroove PS 3003
An Evening With Rodgers and Hammerstein - Stradivari StringsLPPromenade
My Fair Lady and The King And I
The King and I - Studio Cast (Al Goodman)
LPPromenade 2061
Oklahoma! - Studio Cast
South Pacific - Studio Cast
LPPromenade 2062
Al Goodman Salutes Irving Berlin: An Album For Dancing - Al Goodman1957LPPromenade 2079
Pal Joey - Studio CastLPPromenade 2089
South Pacific - Studio CastLPPromenade 2092
Gigi - Studio CastLPPromenade 2096
The Music Man - Studio CastLPPromenade 2097
South Pacific - Studio CastLPPromenade 2212
Porgy and Bess - Studio CastLPPromenade FM-21
The Nativity - National Theatre CastCDPromenade Productions PP 26119
Rent - Hungarian CastCDPS Management PS 004
River - Studio CastSound Clips2015-10-23Rachel Elmer and Gabriel Hernández
Freak Out - German Cast2004CDRay Entertainment International
The Student Prince - Studio Cast (Mario Lanza)CDRCA / Ariola International 8.11547
Hits Of The Shows - The Stereoaction OrchestraLPRCA Camden International INTS 1164
Ana Belén y Miguel Ríos cantan a Kurt Weill - Ana Belén & Miguel RíosSound Clips1999-12-142-CDRCA International
Chante Paris - Josephine Baker1961LPRCA International FPM 101
Chante Paris - Josephine BakerLPRCA International FSP 101
Paint Your Wagon - John Cacavas1969LPRCA International INTS 1091
Oh! Calcutta! - Australian CastLPRCA International INTS 1178
Al's Place - Al HirtLPRCA International INTS 1218
Music from Fiddler on the Roof
Piano on the Roof - Laurie Holloway Trio
1972LPRCA International INTS 1363
A Jack Jones Christmas - Jack Jones1973LPRCA International INTS 1441
Make Someone Happy - Vic DamoneLPRCA International INTS 5125
The Sound of Music - Film SoundtrackLPRCA International INTS 5134
Oliver! - Film SoundtrackLPRCA International INTS 5231
Now And Forever - Vic Damone1982LPRCA International INTS 5234
Fancy Meeting You Here - Rosemary Clooney & Bing CrosbyLPRCA International NL89315
Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy - Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson EddyLPRCA International (Camden) INTS 1078
The Music Of Jerome Kern - Philip Green and The Velvet Symphony1970LPRCA International / Camden INTS1082
If I Were A Rich Man - Lex Goudsmit1970LPRCA Internationsl INTS 1104
Show Boat - Studio Cast (Merrill and Munsel)EPRCA Italiana A72R 0095
Viola, Violin E Viola D'Amore - Original Italian CastLPRCA Italiana APSL 10429
Operetta Primo Amore - Miranda MartinoLPRCA Italiana FLS 30055
Parole e Musica - Helen MerrillLPRCA Italiana LPM-10105
Dramma Della Gelosia - Soundtrack45RCA Italiana PM 3520
Ciao, Rudy - Italian Cast196645RCA Italiana PM45 3348
Roma Nun Fa' La Stupido Stasera - Renato Rascel45RCA Italiana PM45-3186
Gian Burrasca - Original Italian CastLPRCA Italiana PML 10380
Enrico '61 - Original Italian Cast2-LPRCA Italiana PML 60003 (@)
A Jazz Portrait - Charlie MarianoLPRegina LPR-286
Swingin' Jazz In Hi-Fi - Dorothy DoneganLPRegina R 285
You Gotta Go! Go! Go! - Frances FayeLPRegina R 315
Sweet, Wild And Blue - Tony Crombie featuring Victor Feldman1989LPRenaissance REN 003
Love Live Forever: The Romance Of Musical Comedy - Joan SutherlandCDRenaissance International R064
Some Other Time: The Lost Session from the Black Forest - Bill EvansSound Clips2016-04-222-CDResonance Records
Another Time: The Hilversum Concert - Bill Evans2017-09-01CDResonance Records
Many Faces of Love - Polly GibbonsSound Clips2015-02-032-CDResonance Records 1022
Is It Me...? - Polly Gibbons2017-04-21CDResonance Records 1025
Live at the 4 Queens - Shirley HornSound Clips2016-09-16CDResonance Records 2015
Live at Rosy's - Sarah VaughanSound Clips2016-03-252-CDResonance Records 2017
Live In London - Gene Harris2008CDResonance Records HCD-2001
Oh My Godmother!: A Fabulous Fairy Tale - San Francisco CastSound Clips2008CDRon Lytle / Original Cast Record 1343
A Rock 'n' Roll Love Story - Studio CastSound Clips2003-09-09CDRowena Records
Gay Card - Studio CastSound Clips2017-05-10Audio FileRyan Korell & Jonathan Keebler CAT22380
Drácula - Argentinian Cast19942-CDSADAIC - Industria Argentina CD 9794/1/2
Nanyehi-Beloved Woman of the Cherokee - Original CastSound Clips2012-04-24Audio FileSavannah River Productions
Den Røde Pimpernell - Norwegian Cast2-CDScenario
แม่นาคพระโขนง - Original Thai Cast2009-05CDSCENARIO
Im weißen Rössl: Wehe Du singst! - Film2014-04-11DVDSenator
Porgy & Bess / Showboat
Porgy and Bess - Studio Cast
Show Boat - Studio Cast
LPSenator WSR
The Merry Widow / New Moon / Vagabond King - Studio CastLPSenator WSR
Oliver! and Blitz!
Songs from Blitz! - Studio Cast
Songs From The Musical Oliver! - Studio Cast
1964LPSenator WSR 816
The King And I / Oklahoma / Carousel / South Pacific - The Senator Singers Chorus And OrchestraLPSenator WSR 817
Half a Sixpence and No Strings
Songs From The Musical No Strings - Studio Cast
Songs from the Musical Half a Sixpence - Studio Cast
LPSenator WSR 818
My Fair Lady / Gigi / Kismet - The Senator Singers1964LPSenator WSR 819
The Sound Of Music - The Senator Singers
Flower Drum Song - The Senator Singers
1961LPSenator WSR 822
The Merry Widow, New Moon, Vagabond King
Vocal Gems from The Merry Widow - The Embassy Light Opera Company
The Importance Of Your Love - Franck Pourcel
LPSenator WSR 834
Adiós a la bohemia - Studio CastSound Clips2017-06-09CDSenperena & Berrio / Gran Sol
Jazz Goes to the Movies - Ann Hampton CallawaySound Clips2018-10-19CDShanachie
Sarafina! - South African Cast1988LPShanachie 43052
Slow - Ann Hampton CallawaySound Clips2004-08-24CDShanachie 5118
To Ella With Love - Ann Hampton CallawaySound Clips2005-03-22CDShanachie 5125
Easy Living - Ann Hampton CallawaySound Clips2005-03-22CDShanachie 5126
This Is The Moment - Paul ByromSound Clips2011-11-08CDShanachie 53020
From Sassy to Divine: The Sarah Vaughan Project - Ann Hampton CallawaySound Clips2014-09-16CDShanachie 5420
Sheer Bloody Lunacy! - Original CastSound Clips2008-12-24Audio FileSheer Bloody Lunacy
Control Yourself - Shona LindsayCDShona Lindsay
Let's Make Love - Film2018-02-26BluraySignal One Entertainment
Doris Day - Doris DaySound Clips2012-04-24CDSignature
Rodgers & Hammerstein: A Show Spectacular - Various ArtistsSound Clips2012-04-24CDSignature
Doris Day Volume II - Doris DaySound Clips2012-04-24CDSignature
Dick Haymes - Dick HaymesSound Clips2012-04-24CDSignature
Idols - VariousSound Clips2012-04-24CDSignature
Anita O'Day - Anita O'DaySound Clips2012-04-24CDSignature
Grease - London Theatre Orchestra & CastSound Clips2012-10-31Audio FileSignature
Light Years: Live from Signature Theatre - Original CastSound ClipsCDSignature
Good News - Teresa Brewer and the World's Greatest Jazz Band of Yank Lawson & Bob Haggart1973LPSignature BSL1-0577
Gypsy - Tony Scott and his Buddies1959LPSignature FSR 574
A Piano Recital - Hazel Scott4-78Signature S-1
Music From The Bandstand: Musical Medleys Vol 2 - Bandstand Musical MedleysSound Clips2003CDSignature SIGNCD 2191
Grease - London Theatre Orchestra & CastSound Clips2002CDSignature SIGNCD2033
The Love Songs Of Andrew Lloyd Webber - CompilationSound Clips2007-07-16CDSignature SIGNCD2056
Music From The Bandstand: Musical Medleys, Vol 1 - Brass BandSound Clips2003CDSignature SIGNCD2190
The Leo Andrew Collection - Leo AndrewSound Clips2003CDSignature SIGNCD2221
Guys and Dolls - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2003-07-16CDSignature SIGNCD2415
Show Boat - Lincoln Center CastSound Clips2007-07-16CDSignature SIGNCD2417
Kiss Me, Kate - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2003-07-16CDSignature SIGNCD2419
Fiorello Uptown / Mary Sunshine Downtown - Jimmy RowlesLPSignature SM-6011
Monica Lewis Sings - Monica Lewis1946EPSignature SRC 427
Gypsy - Tony Scott and his BuddiesLPSignature SS 6001
Fiorello Uptown / Mary Sunshine Downtown - Jimmy RowlesLPSignature SS-6011
Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return - Film2014-09-22DVDSignature Entertainment
Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return - Film2014-09-22BluraySignature Entertainment
Herkules - Swedish Soundtrack1997CDSkandinavien PolyGram Records 060533-2
Den Lilla Sjöjungfrun - Swedish Soundtrack1997CDSkandinavien PolyGram Records 060642-2
Den Lille Havfrue - Danish Soundtrack1997CDSkandinavien PolyGram Records AB 060640-2
Her Greatest Hits! - Doris Day2016-05-20CDSM Originals
Midnight in Moscow & 22 Great Performances - Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen2016-05-20CDSM Originals
Miles of Miles - Miles Davis2016-05-202-CDSM Originals
The Best of Nat King Cole - Nat King Cole2016-05-20CDSM Originals
The Best of Paul Robeson - Paul RobesonSound Clips2016-05-20CDSM Originals
Best of Dean Martin - Dean Martin2016-05-20CDSM Originals
His Greatest Hits - Andy Williams2016-05-20CDSM Originals
The Best of Bobby Darin - Bobby DarinSound Clips2016-05-20CDSM Originals
The Very Best of Guy Mitchell - Guy Mitchell2016-05-20CDSM Originals
Diana - Paul AnkaSound Clips2016-05-20CDSM Originals
Rose Marie: The Essential Collection - Slim WhitmanSound Clips2016-05-20CDSM Originals
West Side Story - Film Soundtrack2016-08-26CDSM Originals
There Is Love - Robert GuillaumeSound Clips2009-05-28Audio FileSnailWorx
Midnight Blue - Robert GuillaumeCDSnailWorx SN-02053
Oklahoma! - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2006-07-25CDSnapper
Calamity Jane - Film Soundtrack
Young At Heart - Soundtrack
Sound Clips2005-03-15CDSnapper
Flying Down to Rio - Film Soundtrack
Top Hat - Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips2005-03-15CDSnapper
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2005-03-15CDSnapper
Singin' in the Rain - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2005-03-15CDSnapper
Carousel - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2007-09-25CDSnapper
The Wizard Of Oz - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2005-03-15CDSnapper
The Band Wagon - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2005-03-15CDSnapper
High Society - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2007-09-25CDSnapper
Anchors Aweigh - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2005-02-28CDSnapper SFILMCD009
Hollywood Musicals: The Golden Age - Compilation2006-07-25CDSnapper SFILMCD015
Annie Get Your Gun - Film Soundtrack2006-07-24Audio FileSnapper Music / The Orchard
De La Guarda - Original CastSound Clips1996-02-06CDSoluna/Island 1625310262
You're the Reason - Melinda DoolittleSound Clips2013-12-30CDSonador Entertainment
소나기 - Original Korean Cast2004CDSONAGI ART communication
Mrs. Santa Claus - Television Film2017-09-12DVDSonar Entertainment
Gigi - Mexican Cast45Sonido Internacional SI 123
El rey león - Original Madrid Cast2011-12-13CDSony / Stage Entertainment España
Jesucristo Superstar - Madrid CastSound Clips2007CDSony BMG / Stage Entertainment España
Jesucristo Superstar - Madrid Cast
2007-08-07CDSony BMG / Stage Entertainment España
No sé cómo quererle
Jesucristo Superstar - Madrid Cast
2007-08-07CDSony BMG / Stage Entertainment España
Songs of Love - Michael BallSound Clips2001-04-03CDSony International 492988
Broadway In Rhythm - Ray Conniff And His Orchestra And Chorus
South Pacific - Ray Conniff
Hollywood In Rhythm - Ray Conniff and his Orchestra
Sound Clips2000-08-08CDSony International 4976022
Excalibur: Le Concert Mythique - Concert CastSound Clips2000-10-17CDSony International 497701
Closer to Heaven - Original London CastSound Clips2002-01-22CDSony International 5045162/5045162000
Results - Liza MinnelliSound Clips2005-03-152-CDSony International 516381 3
Bergville Stories - Original CastSound Clips2001-04-03CDSony International 8006
The All Time Greatest Movie Songs - Various ArtistsSound Clips1999-03-022-CDSony International MOODCD61
Evita: New Broadway Cast Recording (Highlights)
Evita - Broadway Cast
Sound Clips2012-06-26CDSony Music Canada Inc
Hänsel Und Gretel - Studio CastSound Clips2006-01-312-CDSony Music Canada Inc S2K96455
Soy lo que soy - Sandra MihanovichSound Clips1984CDSony Music Entertainment Argentina
Broadway: Los grandes musicales - Various ArtistsSound Clips2013-03-19CDSony Music Entertainment España
Who I AM (Edición Especial)
Who I AM - Abraham Mateo
Sound Clips2015-06-22CDSony Music Entertainment España
La llamada
La llamada - Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips2017-09-27Audio FileSony Music Entertainment España
Winx Club en concierto - Spanish SoundtrackSound Clips2013-05-07CD, DVDSony Music Entertainment España
The Sky is Blue and Sometimes Cries - Lisa MarkleySound Clips2007CDSoona Songs SS007
In Spite of Reason - Studio CastSound Clips2000-01-012-CDSparx Echo / Original Cast Records 5050T
The Liberation of Colette Simple - Original CastSound Clips2014-10-05Audio FileSpatfeather Original Cast
Love Wasabi (愛情哇沙米) - Original Taiwan CastCDSpring International SS0036
歡喜鴛鴦樓 - Taiwan Cast2001CDSpring International SS0037
La bella y la bestia - Madrid Cast2007Audio FileStage Entertainment España
La bella y la bestia - Madrid Cast2008CD, DVDStage Entertainment España
Victor / Victoria - Original Madrid Cast2005Audio FileStage Entertainment España
Fiebre del sábado noche - Original Madrid Cast2009CDStage Entertainment España
La bella y la bestia - Barcelona Cast2009Audio FileStage Entertainment España
Fiebre del sábado noche - Original Madrid Cast2009Audio FileStage Entertainment España
Chicago - Madrid Cast2009Audio FileStage Entertainment España
Chicago - Spanish Tour Cast2010Audio FileStage Entertainment España
Los miserables - Madrid Cast Promo2010Audio FileStage Entertainment España
Mamma Mia! - Spanish Tour Cast2011Audio FileStage Entertainment España
Los miserables - Madrid Cast2011CDStage Entertainment España
La bella y la bestia - Spanish Tour Cast2012Audio FileStage Entertainment España
Sister Act - Original Barcelona Cast2014Audio FileStage Entertainment España
Gran Gala Stage Entertainment 15 Aniversario - Concert Cast2015DVDStage Entertainment España
La bella y la bestia - Madrid Cast2012CDStage Entertainment España
El guardaespaldas - Original Madrid Cast2017Audio FileStage Entertainment España
Cabaret - Spanish Tour Cast2006CDStage Entertainment España M-22040-2006
Litla Hryllingsbúðin - Icelandic Cast1985LPSteinar STLP-082
Steve's Quest - SoundtrackSound Clips2015-05-05Audio FileSteve's Quest Original Cast
Donald and Melania the Musical - Original London CastSound Clips2017-07-07Audio FileStone Habana
Swing Time - Film2009-07-17DVDStudioCanal
Chicago - Film2011-10-10BlurayStudioCanal
Les Parapluies de Cherbourg - Film2011-07-14DVDStudioCanal
Les Parapluies de Cherbourg - Film2010-08-192-DVDStudioCanal
Les Parapluies de Cherbourg - Film2014-02-10BlurayStudiocanal
Les Parapluies de Cherbourg - Film2014-02-10DVDStudiocanal
Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return - Film2014-10-30DVDStudioCanal
The Tales of Hoffmann - Film2015-03-23BlurayStudioCanal
The Tales of Hoffmann - Film2015-03-23DVDStudioCanal
I've Gotta Horse - Film2015-06-08DVDStudiocanal
Hoffmanns Erzählungen
The Tales of Hoffmann - Film
Hoffmanns Erzählungen
The Tales of Hoffmann - Film
A Chorus Line - Film2016-07-04BlurayStudiocanal
A Chorus Line - Film2016-07-04DVDStudiocanal
Gräfin Mariza - Film2008-11-21DVDStudioCanal
Wonderful Life - Film2007-02-26DVDStudiocanal
Im Weißen Rössl - Film2005-07-05DVDStudioCanal
La La Land - Film2017-05-24DVDStudioCanal
The Beggar's Opera - Film2008-04-07DVDStudioCanal OPTD1191
The Tender Trap - Janis SiegelSound Clips1999-06-22CDSugo Music/Monarch Records
La sirenita - Latin American Spanish Soundtrack2000CDSUM Argentina 2 6912-2
La sirenita 2: Regreso al mar y algo más
La sirenita 2: Regreso al mar - Latin American Spanish Soundtrack
2000CDSUM Records Argentina 6912-2
Lo hacemos y ya vemos
La llamada - Original Madrid Cast
Sound Clips2014-01-22Audio FileSuma Latina
A Touch of Tabasco - Rosemary ClooneySound Clips2010-10-18Audio FileSvetlana Novojilova Shulguina
Dancing in the Dark - Carmen CavallaroSound Clips2011-06-28Audio FileSvetlana Novojilova Shulguina
Rent - Korean Cast2000CDSynnara Music REC-001
Peter Pan - Original Colombian Cast2016CDTan solo hay que imaginar
Hair - Russian CastCDTeatr Stats Namin
El diluvio que viene - Argentinian Cast2011CDTeatro El Nacional 000
Simply Beautiful - Tony Evans & His OrchestraSound Clips2010-12-06CDTema International TE 1018
Simply Beautiful - Tony Evans & His Orchestra1986LPTema International TE 1018
Broadway Hopes and Dreams, Vol. One & Two: The Songs of Five Collaborators - Various ArtistsSound ClipsCDTenacity Records TR2001
That Bloody Woman - Original Cast2016-12-21Audio FileThat Bloody Woman - Original NZ Cast
George Gershwin: Portrait
George Gershwin - Various Artists
20033-CDThe International Music Company 221482-349
The Tale of Ichabod Scrubb - Original Cast Recording2017-01-21The Tale of Ichabod Scrubb Original Cast
Debbie Reynolds - Debbie Reynolds2008-08-01CDTime Music International
Summer Nights - CompilationSound ClipsCDTime Music International TM1095
Hollywood Sings - CompilationCDTime Music International TMI 1299
Anthem - Daniel KoekSound Clips2010-11-16Audio FileTNA MUSIC
Younger Than Springtime - Daniel KoekSound Clips2011-08-15Audio FileTNA MUSIC
I'm A Fool To Want You - Nathan DavisCDTomorrow International Jazz 1001
Bernard Peiffer Plays Cole Porter's Can-Can - Bernard Peiffer1960LPTop Rank International 30/031
Bandwagon Ball - Craig DouglasSound ClipsLPTop Rank International 35-103
Waltzes In Swingtime - Cherry Wainer with The Knightsbridge BrassLPTop Rank International BUY/042
Meet Gloria Lynne
Miss Gloria Lynne - Gloria Lynne
45Top Rank International JKP 2024
Night Train / Summertime
The Viscounts - The Viscounts
45Top Rank International R. 2241
The Melody Lingers On - Georgie Auld and The Mello-LarksLPTop Rank International RM 306
Mike Todd's Broadway - Jack Saunders OrchestraLPTop Rank International TRL 8518
It's About Time - Ruth OlaySound ClipsLPTop Rank International TRL-8506
Sarà perché ti amo - Original Italian CastSound Clips2015-03-10CDTornado 8022567000424
The World of Marilyn Monroe: Heatwave - Marilyn Monroe1992CDTrace (Canada) 0401092
Tea For Two
Love, Julie - Julie Andrews
Sound Clips2005-02-07CDTraditional Line
South Pacific - Studio Cast1982CDTring International PLC GRF 111
The Phantom Of The Opera - Studio CastCDTring International PLC GRF 339
The Best Of Andrew Lloyd Webber - The London Theatre Orchestra19902-CDTring International PLC TTCD072
The Old Maid and the Thief - Studio Cast1979LPTurnabout TV 34745
Blue Monday - Studio Cast1976LPTurnabout TVS 34638
Ma tante Aurore, ou Le roman impromptu - Radio CastLPTurnabout Vox TV 34222S
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Studio DemoLPUnart Music Corporation CCBB-1/2
Jill Gomez in Cabaret Classics - Jill Gomez with John ConstableSound Clips2018-04-20CDUnicorn-Kanchana
Priscilla Queen of the Desert - Original Australian CastSound Clips2007-10-23CDUniversal International 1749084
Moulin Rouge - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2002-03-212-CDUniversal International 493259
Best of Act One - Anthony WarlowSound Clips2003-12-02CDUniversal International 533152
The Number One Musicals Album - Various ArtistsSound Clips2005-01-18CDUniversal International 9824290
Love Never Dies - Concept Album2010-04-133-CDUniversal International UICY1467
La sirenita - Latin American Spanish Soundtrack2007-04-10CDUniversal Music Argentina S.A. 050086156979
- 2008-06-03CDUniversal Music Argentina S.A. 5008614317
Aladdin - Latin American Spanish Soundtrack2007-04-10CDUniversal Music Argentina, S.A. 050086154272
Aladdin - Canadian French Soundtrack2004CDUniversal Music Canada, Inc. DIS612247
Mamma Mia! - Original Madrid CastSound Clips2015-10-16CDUniversal Music Spain / Stage Entertainment España
Mamma Mia! - Original Madrid CastSound Clips2005-11-08CDUniversal Music Spain / Stage Entertainment España B0005712-02
Le Chanteur de Mexico - Film2008-09-02DVDUniversal Studio Canal Video
It's Time for Tina - Tina LouiseLPUrana
Porgy & Bess / Themes from Show Boat - Maurice Abravanel & the Utah Symphony OrchestraLPVanguard Cardinal Records VCS 10023
Duets - Petula ClarkSound Clips2007-03-13CDVarese Fontana 066791
Cegada de amor - Original Barcelona Cast1998DVDVernal
El Mikado - Barcelona Cast2004DVDVernal Madia
Els pirates - Barcelona CastDVDVERNAL MEDIA
Mar i cel - Original Barcelona CastDVDVernal Media
Mar y cielo - Original Madrid CastDVDVernal Media
Flor de nit - Original Barcelona CastDVDVernal media
Jazz in Paris: Porgy & Bess - Eddy Louiss & Ivan JullienSound Clips2001-06-26CDVerve International 013039
Amahl and the Night Visitors - TV Cast2007-10-09DVDVideo Artists International
The Mikado - D'Oyly Carte Film2003-09-30DVDVideo Artists International
The Consul - TV Cast2004-02-24DVDVideo Artists International
Naughty Marietta - TV Cast2003-11-11DVDVideo Artists International
Carol Lawrence: Bell Telephone Hour 1960-1967 - Carol Lawrence2005-11-01DVDVideo Artists International
Harold Arlen: An All-Star Tribute - Bell Telephone Hour2006-02-14DVDVideo Artists International
Babes In Toyland - TV Cast
Babes In Toyland - TV Cast
2012-12-04DVD-RVideo Artists International
Peter Pan - TV Cast2015-08-25DVDVideo Artists International
Peter Pan - TV Cast2016-08-31DVDVideo Artists International
New Faces - Film2017-02-15DVD-RVideo Artists International
Annie Get Your Gun - TV Cast2017-09-27DVDVideo Artists International
The Medium - Film2002-06-25DVDVideo Artists International 4218
The Great Waltz - TV Cast2003-11-11DVDVideo Artists International 4249
The Ford 50th Anniversary Show - Mary Martin and Ethel Merman2004-07-27DVDVideo Artists International 4292
Cole Porter: An All-Star Tribute - Bell Telephone Hour2004-10-26DVDVideo Artists International 4299
Theater Music of Brecht & Weill - Lotte Lenya and Gisela May2005-03-29DVDVideo Artists International 4319
Barbara Cook, Bell Telephone Hour 1960-1965 - Barbara Cook2005-10-18DVDVideo Artists International 4347
Dolores Gray: Bell Telephone Hour (1959-1965) - Dolores Gray2006-04-25DVDVideo Artists International 4348
Broadway's Leading Ladies: Shirley Jones & Florence Henderson - Shirley Jones and Florence Henderson2010-04-06DVDVideo Artists International 4491
The Desert Song - TV Cast2010-12-14DVDVideo Artists International 4534
Kiss Me, Kate - TV Cast2011-02-08DVDVideo Artists International 4535
Alfred Drake: Bell Telephone Hour 1959-1962 - Alfred Drake2011-09-13DVDVideo Artists International 4538
A Connecticut Yankee - TV Cast2011-07-19DVDVideo Artists International 4541
John Raitt: Bell Telephone Hour 1959-1966 - John Raitt2011-09-13DVDVideo Artists International 4542
Howard Keel: Bell Telephone Hour 1959-1966 - Howard Keel2011-11-08DVDVideo Artists International 4543
Gordon MacRae: Bell Telephone Hour 1960-1965 - Gordon MacRae2011-11-08DVDVideo Artists International 4544
The Stingiest Man In Town - Television Cast2011-11-29DVDVideo Artists International 4545
The Chocolate Soldier - TV Cast2012-04-17DVDVideo Artists International 4549
Dearest Enemy - TV Cast2012-04-17DVDVideo Artists International 4550
The Yeomen of the Guard - TV Broadcast2012-09-25DVDVideo Artists International 4553
The Mikado - TV Cast2012-06-19DVDVideo Artists International 4554
Bloomer Girl - TV Cast2012-10-30DVDVideo Artists International 4555
The Adventures Of Marco Polo - TV Broadcast2012-12-04DVD-RVideo Artists International 4556
One Touch of Venus - TV Broadcast2014-04-01DVDVideo Artists International 4568
Heidi - TV Cast2014-10-21DVD-RVideo Artists International 4578
Paris in the Springtime - Television Cast2015-07-21DVDVideo Artists International 4582
Lady in the Dark - TV Cast2016-07-19DVDVideo Artists International 4588
The Merry Widow - TV Cast2016-08-31DVDVideo Artists International 4590
Holiday - Original TV Cast2016-12-08DVD-RVideo Artists International 4591
The Mikado - D'Oyly Carte Film1994VHSVideo Artists International 69215
Peter Pan - TV Cast
Peter Pan - TV Cast
2015-08-25BlurayVideo Artists International 8203
Amahl and the Night Visitors - TV Cast2015-10-09BlurayVideo Artists International Vai BD 8204
Annie Get Your Gun - TV Cast2017-09-29BlurayVideo Artists International VAI BD 8206
The New Adventures Of Heidi - TV Cast2010-12-31DVDVideo International
The Fred Astaire-Jane Powell Collection
Royal Wedding - Film
Second Chorus - Film
Delightfully Dangerous - Film
2009-09-142-DVDVina Distribution
The Fred Astaire & Jane Powell Collection
Meet Me in St. Louis - TV Cast
2009-08-252-DVDVINA Distributor
Mahagonny Songspiel - Studio Cast1977LPVOX TURNABOUT TV 34675
The Red Mill - Studio CastLPVox Turnabout TV 34766
Polly Comin' Home - FilmDVDWalt Disney / Buena Vista
Le Bossu de Notre Dame - Canadian French Soundtrack1996CDWalt Disney Company (Canada) Ltd. 62893-7
Hercule - Canadian French Soundtrack1997CDWalt Disney Company Canada (Ltd.) 62864-7
Pocahontas - Danish Soundtrack1995CDWalt Disney Records / Warner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB 7393834000081
Pocahontas - Brazilian Portuguese Soundtrack1995CDWalt Disney Records/Natasha Records NAT 1022-2
Ringaren I Notre Dame - Swedish Soundtrack1996CDWarner Chappel Music Scandinavia AB 477190
Skønheden Og Udyret - Danish Soundtrack1991CDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB
Aladdin - Swedish SoundtrackCDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB
Aladdin - Finnish SoundtrackCDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB
Aladdin - Danish SoundtrackCDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB 0044006056920
Mulan - Danish Soundtrack1998CDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB 0607332
Mulan - Swedish Soundtrack1998CDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB 0607342
Klokkeren Fra Notre Dame - Danish Soundtrack1996CDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB 477191
Notre Damen Kellonsoittaja - Finnish Soundtrack1996CDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB 477193
Den Lille Havfrue - Danish Soundtrack1989CDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB 73938 34000-2
Pocahontas - Swedish Soundtrack1995CDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB 7393834000081
Pieni Merenneito - Finnish Soundtrack1989CDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB 7393834000234
Skönheten Och Odjuret - Swedish Soundtrack1991CDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB 7393834000265
Pocahontas - Finnish Soundtrack1995CDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB 739383400081
Løvernes Konge - Danish Soundtrack1994CDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB AD 001/15
Leijona-Kuningas - Finnish Soundtrack1994CDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB AD 001/20
Lejon Kungen - Swedish Soundtrack1994CDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB AD001/73
Mulan - Finnish Soundtrack1998CDWarner Chappell Music Scandinavia AB (PolyGram) 0607362
Forever: Unforgettable Songs from Vienna, Broadway and Hollywood - Diana DamrauSound Clips2013-10-14CDWarner Classics International
Las hijas de Caruso - Argentinian Cast2-CDWarner Music Argentina
Vacas vaqueras - Latin American Spanish Soundtrack2004CDWarner Music Argentina S.A. 5046-74228-2
El rey león - Latin American Spanish Soundtrack2003CDWarner Music Argentina, S.A. 5046-67909-2
En el alambre - Rocío Banquells1989-07-26CDWarner Music Latina
Los miserables - Madrid CastSound Clips2011-02-15Audio FileWarner Music Spain / Stage Entertainment España
Los miserables - Madrid CastSound Clips2011CDWarner Music Spain / Stage Entertainment España
Los miserables - Madrid CastSound Clips2011-02-15CDWarner Music Spain / Stage Entertainment España 9850422
Grease the Musical - Swedish Cast2005CDWarner/Chappell music Scandinavia AB
Songs from The Capeman - Concept AlbumSound Clips2006-11-30CDWEA International
Le Roi Soleil - French CastSound Clips2006-10-092-CD, DVDWea International
Arielle, Die Meerjungfrau - German SoundtrackSound Clips2002CDWEA International 0927-45564-2
Hercules - Italian Soundtrack2002CDWEA International 0927-45901-2
Nobody But You - Michael Feinstein1999-01-12CDWea International 23588
Elaine Paige - Elaine PaigeSound Clips2005-09-19CDWea International 246204
Starmania - 20th Anniversary Concert CastSound Clips1998-10-282-CDWea International 425436
Evita - Film Soundtrack1998-07-07CDWEA International 43853
Aladdin - Spanish Soundtrack2002CDWEA International 5050466356420
Il re leone - Italian Soundtrack2003CDWEA International 505046679112-2
Løvenes Konge - Norwegian Soundtrack2003CDWEA International 505046689102-0
Løvenes Konge Spesialutgave
Løvenes Konge - Norwegian Soundtrack
2003CDWEA International 5050466891020
De Leeuwekoning - Dutch Soundtrack2003CDWEA International 505046689702-2
Autant en emporte le vent - Original French CastSound Clips2003-12-18CDWEA International 510051
The Original American Songbook - Compilation2004-11-153-CDWea International 675843
Chris Connor - Chris ConnorSound Clips1998-08-28CDWea International 80769
Over The Rainbow and Other Hits - Judy GarlandSound Clips2005-08-23CDWea International R2 74301
Evita - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2007-10-09CDWEA International WO0385CD
Pocahontas - Dutch Soundtrack2002-09-26CDWEA International Germany 505046605442-5
Dzwonnik Z Notre Dame - Polish Soundtrack2003CDWEA International Germany 505046662762-9
Hercule - French SoundtrackSound Clips2002CDWEA International Inc.
Mulan - Italian Soundtrack1998CDWEA International Inc. 0927 45917 2
Hercules - German SoundtrackSound Clips2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-44357-2
Pocahontas - German SoundtrackSound Clips2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-44367-2
Tarzan - Danish Soundtrack2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-44595-2
Tarzan - Dutch Soundtrack2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-44596-2
Tarzán - Spanish Soundtrack2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-44599-2
Tarzan - Italian Soundtrack2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-44600-2
Tarzan - German SoundtrackSound Clips2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-44601-2
Tarzan - Swedish Soundtrack2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-44602-2
Tarzan - French SoundtrackSound Clips2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-44603-2
El rey león II : El tesoro de Simba - Spanish Soundtrack2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-44668-2
Mulan - French SoundtrackSound Clips2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-45718-2
Pocahontas: Une légende indienne - French SoundtrackSound Clips2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-45722-2
La petite sirène - French SoundtrackSound Clips2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-45723-2
Mulan - Spanish Soundtrack2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-45918-2
Pocahontas - Italian Soundtrack2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-45925-2
Pocahontas - Spanish Soundtrack2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-45926-2
La sirenetta - Italian Soundtrack2002CDWEA International Inc. 0927-45927-2
La belle et la bête - French SoundtrackSound Clips2002CDWEA International Inc. 5050466 0859-2-4
Hercules - Dutch Soundtrack2002CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-0492-2-3
De Kleine Zeemeermin - Dutch Soundtrack2002CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-0545-2-4
La bella e la bestia - Italian SoundtrackSound Clips2002CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-0857-2-6
Aladdin - French SoundtrackSound Clips2002CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-3560-2-4
Il Gobbo Di Notre Dame - Italian Soundtrack2002CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-36901-2-0
Mulan - Polish Soundtrack2003CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-6277-2-8
Herkules - Polish Soundtrack2003CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-6278-2-7
Mała syrenka - Polish Soundtrack2003CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-6279-2-6
Pocahontas - Polish Soundtrack2003CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-6280-2-2
Le roi lion - French SoundtrackSound Clips2003CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-7912-2-4
Frère des ours - French SoundtrackSound Clips2004-02-02CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-7917-2-6
Bären Brüder - German Soundtrack2004CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-8293-2-0
Leijona-Kuningas - Finnish SoundtrackCDWEA International Inc. 5050466-8911-2-9
Lejon Kungen Specialutgåva
Lejon Kungen - Swedish Soundtrack
2003CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-8912-2-8
Az Oroszlánkirály Extra Változat
Az Oroszlánkirály - Hungarian Soundtrack
2003CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-8913-2-7
Król Lew Wydanie Specjalne
Król Lew - Polish Soundtrack
2003CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-8914-2-6
O Rei Leão Edição Especial
O Rei Leão - Portuguese Soundtrack
2003CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-8974-2-8
Der König Der Löwen - German Soundtrack2003CDWEA International Inc. 5050466-8992-2-4
Koda, fratello orso - Italian Soundtrack2004CDWEA International Inc. 5050466791627
Der König Der Löwen Sonderausgabe
Der König Der Löwen - German Soundtrack
Sound Clips2003-12-30CDWEA International Inc. 50504668971-2-1
Björnbröder - Swedish Soundtrack2004CDWEA International Inc. 5050467-1162-2-1
Bjørne Brødre - Danish Soundtrack2003CDWEA International Inc. 5050467-1164-2-9
Karhuveljeni Koda - Finnish Soundtrack2004CDWEA International Inc. 5050467-1165-2-8
Mój Brat Niedzwiedź
Mój brat niedzwiedź - Polish Soundtrack
2003CDWEA International Inc. 5050467-1166-2-7
Kenai E Koda - Portuguese Soundtrack2004CDWEA International Inc. 5050467-1230-2-1
Rogate Ranczo - Polish Soundtrack2004CDWEA International Inc. 5050467-3903-2-4
La ferme se rebelle - French SoundtrackSound Clips2004CDWEA International Inc. 5050467-4384-2-2
Mucche alla riscossa - Italian Soundtrack2004CDWEA International Inc. 5050467-5016-5-2
Die Kühe Sind Los - German SoundtrackSound Clips2004-08-30CDWEA International Inc. 5050467-5918-2-9
Kralj Lavova - Croatian Soundtrack2003CDWEA International Inc. 5050467092921
Hermano oso - Spanish Soundtrack2004CDWEA International Inc. 5050467253421
Legenda O Medvjedu - Croatian Soundtrack2004CDWEA International Inc. 5050467317451
Hércules - Spanish Soundtrack2002CDWEA International, Inc. 0927-45902-2
Min Bror Bjørnen - Norwegian Soundtrack2003CDWEA International, Inc. 5050467116320
Quiet Please, There's A Lady On Stage: Legends In Concert - Judy GarlandSound Clips2006-03-27DVDWHE International Ltd WHEI 10299
Really Rosie - TV Cast1993-03-10VHSWood Knapp Video
At Ed Fuerst's - Tal Farlow1988CDXanadu Records FDC 5160
Saturday Morning - Sonny CrissLPXanadu Records Xanadu 105
The Early Show - Art PepperLPXanadu Records Xanadu 108
Beautiful! - Charles McPhersonLPXanadu Records Xanadu 115
Second Set - Tal FarlowLPXanadu Records Xanadu 119
Flute Flight - Sam MostLPXanadu Records Xanadu 141
Popo - Shorty Rogers and Art Pepper1980LPXanadu Records Xanadu 148
Live In Hollywood - Warne MarshLPXanadu Records XANADU 151
The Sonny Criss Memorial Album - Sonny CrissLPXanadu Records Xanadu 200
Flute Talk - Sam Most with Joe FarrellLPXanadu Records XANADU 3001
Bésame mucho, el musical de las pasiones - International Tour CastSound Clips2011-12-03Audio FileYolena Alonso
Introducing Spencer Day - Spencer DaySound Clips2004-09-01CDYonas Media
Tim Draxl Live At The Supperclub - Tim DraxlSound Clips2010CDYour Management International
Not So Simply Broadway - Karen MasonSound Clips1995CDZevely / Original Cast KMPR4