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Jesus Christ Superstar - Vienna Concert CastSound Clips2005CDHitSquad
The Sound Of Music - Vienna Cast2005CDHitSquad
Rebecca - Original Vienna Cast (Live)Sound Clips2007-10-192-CDHitsquad
Elisabeth Sing Along - KaraokeSound Clips2006-10-27CDHitsquad
Frühlings Erwachen - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2009-05-13CDHitSquad
Der Graf Von Monte Christo - Swiss CastSound Clips2009-10-27CDHitSquad
Absolut Uwe - Uwe Kröger2010-03-26DVDHitSquad
Tutanchamun - Original Austrian Cast2010-04-23DVDHitSquad
Take Me To Heaven - Ana Milva GomesSound Clips2011-08-19CDHitSquad
Elisabeth - 20th Anniversary CastSound Clips2012-11-072-CDHitSquad
Der Besuch Der Alten Dame - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2014-05-092-CDHitsquad
Mozart! - Vienna CastSound Clips2015-12-042-CDHitSquad
Mozart! - Vienna Cast2016-06-17DVDHitsquad
Schikaneder - Original CastSound Clips2016-12-062-CDHitsquad
I Am From Austria - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2017-12-072-CDHitsquad
Die Grössten Musicalhits Aller Zeiten - Various Artists2017-12-012-CDHitsquad
The Sound of Music - Austrian CastSound Clips2012-05-25CDHitSquad 668 336
Elisabeth - Vienna CastSound ClipsCDHitSquad 6680271
Elisabeth - Vienna Revival Cast2004CDHitSquad 6680530
The Power Of A Woman In Love - Gloria Gaynor2006CDHitsquad 668260
Elisabeth - Vienna CastSound Clips20062-CDHitSquad 668262
Rebecca - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2006-11-24CDHitsquad 668263
Tanz Der Vampire - 10th Anniversary Concert CastSound Clips2007-09CDHitsquad 668277
Elisabeth - Vienna Revival Cast2007-11-163-DVDHitSquad 668280
Wonderland: Alice's New Musical Adventure - Original CastSound Clips2010-04-23CDHitsquad 668313
Rebecca - Stuttgart CastSound Clips2012-11-302-CDHitsquad 668341
Starlight Express - German Cast2015-01-302-CDHitSquad 668354
Sing Along: Wildhorn Edition - Orchester des Budapester OpereSound Clips2011-04-26CDHitsquad (Alive)
Musical Forever 2: Abschiedskonzert Für Und Mit Caspar Richter - Concert CastSound Clips2011-04-26CDHitsquad (Alive)
Sister Act - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2011-11-04CDHitSquad / Stage Entertainment
Romeo & Julia - KaraokeCDHitSquad Records
Musical Forever - Vienna Concert CastSound Clips2008-04-302-CDHitSquad Records
The Producers - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2008-10-10CDHitSquad Records
I Was Born to Love You - Drew Sarich and Lisa AntoniSound Clips2008-11-21CDHitSquad Records
These Are My Rivers / Kings Of The World - Vienna Cast PromoSound Clips2005-01-26CDHitsquad Records
Rudolf - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2009-04-10CDHitSquad Records
Rudolf - Austrian Cast (Live)Sound Clips2009-12-222-CDHitSquad Records
Ich War Noch Niemals in New York - Original Vienna Cast2010-04-30CDHitSquad Records
Tanz Der Vampire - Austrian CastSound Clips2010-05-282-CDHitSquad Records
If I Sing - Thomas BorchertSound Clips2010-09-24CDHitSquad Records
A Musical Christmas - Concert Cast2010-11-12CDHitSquad Records
Das Kleine Vampir-ABC - Original Vienna Cast2010-11CDHitSquad Records
Frank Wildhorn & Friends: Live from Vienna - Vienna Concert CastSound Clips2011-11-112-CDHitSquad Records
Natürlich Blond - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2013-05-242-CDHitSquad Records
Artus Excalibur: Das Musical - Original CastSound Clips2014-03-28CDHitSquad Records
Next to Normal - Original Fürth CastSound Clips2014-05-302-CDHitSquad Records
Catch Me If You Can - Original German CastSound Clips2015-09-112-CDHitsquad Records
Tommy - Austrian CastSound Clips2015-12-042-CDHitsquad Records
Spamalot - Original Austrian CastSound Clips2016-12-23CDHitsquad Records
Nostradamus - Original Austrian CastSound Clips2017-05-052-CDHitSquad Records
Ghost - Original Austrian CastSound Clips2017-06-30CDHitSquad Records
Ich bin was ich bin - Uwe KrögerSound Clips2014-11-21Audio FileHitsquad Records
Tanz Der Vampire - Vienna CastSound Clips2018-03-02CDHitSquad Records
Zzaun! - Original German CastSound ClipsHitSquad Records
Coverart - Oedo KuipersSound Clips2016-05-20Audio FileHitSquad Records
After All This Time - Pia DouwesSound Clips2018-04-27LPHitsquad Records
Matterhorn - Original Swiss CastSound Clips2018-06-292-CDHitSquad Records
Rudolf - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2018-07-20BlurayHitSquad Records
Superstars Des Musical: Hollywood Dreams - Various ArtistsSound Clips2018-12-212-CDHitSquad Records
Pure - Oedo KuipersSound Clips2018-11-23CDHitSquad Records
Scrooge - Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte - Original German CastSound Clips2014-12-05Audio FileHitSquad Records
Dracula - Original Graz CastSound Clips2008-06-20CDHitSquad Records 668283
The Count of Monte Cristo - English Concept AlbumSound Clips2008-12-12CDHitsquad Records 668291
Jesus Christ Superstar - Vienna Concert CastSound Clips2011-09-052-CDHitSquad Records 668325
Mary Poppins - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2015-08-142-CDHitSquad Records 668352
Jane Eyre - Original Austrian CastSound Clips2018-12-142-CDHitsquad Records 668403
Wonderful Town - German Cast2017-09-22CDHitsquad Records (Alive)
Betty Bernstein - Austrian CastSound Clips2017-10-06CDHitsquad Records (Alive)
Tschitti Tschitti Bäng Bäng - Original Munich CastSound Clips2014-09-26CDHitsquad Records (MG Sound)
Mozart! - Vienna Cast2016-06-17BlurayHitsquad Records (MG Sound)
Don Camillo & Peppone - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2017-04-142-CDHitsquad Records (MG Sound)
The Hunting Of The Snark - UK Tour CastSound Clips2017-09-29CDHitsquad Records (MG Sound)
Die größten Musicalhits aller Zeiten - Various Artists2017-12-012-CDHitsquad Records (MG Sound)
Heidi - Original CastSound Clips2019-01-25CDHitsquad Records (Mg Sound)
After All This Time - Pia Douwes2017-11-24CDHitsquad Records / MG Sound 668384
Blast Off! The Live New Sound Of Louis Prima - Louis PrimaLPQuad ST 0030
Tribute - Victor De Diego QuartetSound ClipsCDQuadrant Records Q00046J
'S Wonderful: Gershwin Plays Gershwin - George GershwinSound Clips2005-05-164-CDQuadromania Klassik 222129-444
Tut Ankh Amon - Original Cairo CastSound Clips2011-03-25CDQuadrovision