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Toyland! - Studio CastSound Clips2007-10-16CDDavid Messick and Rainbow Productions, Inc.
Jack and the Beanstalk - Studio CastCassetteRainbow
Showtime - Tom Jones1992-09-01CDRainbow 30010-2
Miss Saigon - Studio CastSound Clips2002-08-31CDRainbow (Joan Records)
Rodgers & Hammerstein Show Hits
Flower Drum Song - Studio Cast
The Sound Of Music - Studio Cast
Isabel Bigley and Stephen Douglass Sing Rodgers and Hammerstein - Isabel Bigley and Stephen Douglass
1962EPRainbow Hi-Fi
Mamma Mia! - Studio CastSound Clips2009-08-17CDRainbow Media OMP
Winx Club in Concert - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2011-07-08CDRainbow Media Pte Ltd
Big Bang!: The Musical - Original CastCDRainbow Music & Serendip Productions
Wide-Eyed Wanda's Wondrous Wetlands Review - Original CastSound Clips2002-05-14CDRainbow Productions, Inc.
The Wright Brothers - Original CastSound Clips2002-10-15CDRainbow Puppet Productions
Jonah - Studio CastSound Clips2002-07-02CDRainbow Puppet Productions
The Really Big Dinosaur Show - Original CastSound Clips2002-07-02CDRainbow Puppet Productions
From the Sea to the Sky - Original CastSound Clips2007-10-16CDRainbow Puppet Productions
The Amazing Adventures of Chessie the Manatee - Original CastSound Clips2009-04-21CDRainbow Puppet Productions
Rainbow's Creatures Great And Small - CompilationCassetteRainbow Puppet Productions
Use These Hands - Original CastSound ClipsCDRainbow Puppet Productions
Brigadoon - Studio Cast19472-78Rainbow Records 309
My Fair Lady - Studio CastEPRainbow Records EP 1001-45
Rodgers & Hammerstein Show Hits - Compilation196245Rainbow Records EVCP11
Winx Club en concierto - Spanish SoundtrackSound Clips2013-04-23Audio FileRainbow S.r.l.
The Rainbow Room - Studio Cast1998CDRainbow Suite