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Jane in Spain - Jane MorganSound Clips2010-05-10CDSepia
Persuasive Percussion - Terry Snyder and the All StarsSound Clips2011-07-11CDSepia
Favorites In Stereo - Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy
Nelson Eddy Gale Sherwood - Nelson Eddy & Gale Sherwood
Sound Clips2010-11-09CDSepia
Never on Sunday / Songs to a Swinging Band
Songs to a Swinging Band - Connie Francis
Sings "Never on Sunday" - Connie Francis
Sound Clips2012-01-30CDSepia
Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be - London Studio Cast
The Genius of Lionel Bart - Compilation
Blitz! - Demo
Gulliver's Travels - Demo
Quasimodo - Demo
Sound Clips2012-10-083-CDSepia
Bing Crosby in the Hall - Bing CrosbySound Clips2013-05-13CDSepia
There Goes That Song Again & Singing the Blues
There Goes That Song Again - Brook Benton
Sound Clips2013-09-09CDSepia
Oh You Kid! / Joe "Fingers" Carr and His Swingin' String Band!
Oh You Kid! - Dorothy Provine
Sound Clips2013-10-07CDSepia
Viva Cugat! & The Best of Cugat
Chattanooga Choo Choo / Patricia - Xavier Cugat & his Orchestra
Sound Clips2014-06-09CDSepia
Floyd Cramer Gets Organ-Ized - Floyd CramerSound Clips2014-11-10CDSepia
Ozzie and Harriet with Ricky Nelson - Ozzie, Harriet and Ricky NelsonSound Clips2014-11-10CDSepia
If I Could Be with You: Standards & Rarities Volume 2
Mr. President - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2014-11-102-CDSepia
The Many Voices of Caterina Valente and Silvio Francesco / Caterina on Tour
My Fair Lady - Caterina Valente
Unique Percussion - Terry Snyder and the All Stars
Gentle Purr-Cussion - Terry Snyder And His All Stars
Sound Clips2015-04-13CDSepia
The South Shall Rise Again & You're Blasé
The South Shall Rise Again - Phil Harris
Sound Clips2015-04-13CDSepia
Sammy Davis Jr. Swings & Sammy Awards
Sammy Awards - Sammy Davis Jr.
Sammy Swings - Sammy Davis Jr.
Sound Clips2015-04-13CDSepia
Come Sing With Me - Eydie Gormé
A Date With Eydie Gorme - Eydie Gorme
Sound Clips2015-06-08CDSepia
'Till the End of Time - Florian ZaBach
It's Easy To Dance With Florian Zabach - Florian Zabach ‎
Sound Clips2015-06-08CDSepia
The Name's Haymes! - Dick HaymesSound Clips2015-10-16CDSepia
Never Till Now - Mario Lanza2016-03-04CDSepia
Warm & Wild / This is Vic Dana
This is Vic Dana - Vic Dana
Good & Rare, Volume 3 - Bing Crosby2016-03-04CDSepia
Yours: The MGM Years - Vera LynnSound Clips2016-07-08CDSepia
Your Favourite TV and Radio Themes and More! - Various Artists2016-07-08CDSepia
The Richard Rodgers Album with Lorenz Hart - VariousSound Clips2004-09-27CDSepia 1001
The Richard Rodgers Album with Oscar Hammerstein - VariousSound Clips2004-09-27CDSepia 1002
Ella Logan From Glasgow To Broadway - Ella Logan
Goodnight My Beautiful / Waikiki - Ella Logan
Sound Clips2002CDSepia 1003
Call Me Mister - Original Broadway Cast
This is the Army - Original Broadway Cast
Texas, Li'l Darlin' - Original Broadway Cast
Sound Clips2002-10-21CDSepia 1005
Carmen Jones - Original Broadway Cast
Porgy and Bess - Original Cast Members
Porgy and Bess Volume Two - Broadway Revival Cast Members
Sound Clips2002-10-21CDSepia 1006
Roberta - Studio Cast (Kitty Carlisle)
Song of Norway - Original Cast
Sound Clips2003-04-29CDSepia 1007
Miss Jane Russell Sings - Jane RussellSound Clips2005-05-10CDSepia 1009
Rodgers and Hammerstein in London
Carousel - Original London Cast
South Pacific - Original London Cast
Oklahoma! - Original London Cast
Sound Clips2004-09-27CDSepia 1010
Irving Berlin In London
Annie Get Your Gun - Original London Cast
Call Me Madam - Original London Cast
This Is the Army - London Cast
Sound Clips2004-09-27CDSepia 1011
Spotlight on Dolores Gray - Dolores GraySound Clips2003-04-29CDSepia 1012
Our Lady Kitty Kallen - Kitty KallenSound Clips2003-03-17CDSepia 1013
Red Hot - Georgia GibbsSound Clips2004-09-27CDSepia 1016
I Feel a Song Comin' On - Lisa KirkSound Clips2003-08-26CDSepia 1018
Sings Romantic Favorites - Vic DamoneSound Clips2004-09-27CDSepia 1021
Help Yourself to My Heart - Helen ForrestSound Clips2004-09-27CDSepia 1025
Love From Judy - Studio Cast
Hans Christian Andersen - Studio Cast
Peter Pan - Studio Cast
Bye Bye Baby / Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend - June Whitfield
Sound Clips2005-08-09CDSepia 1026
The King And I - Original London Cast
Vocal Gems from Golden City - Original London Cast
What More Is There To Say? / Gold Digging Digger - Eleanor Summerfield
I Love Him As He Is/All On Account of A Guy - Muriel Smith
Sound Clips2004-09-23CDSepia 1027
Julie Wilson in London...with Friends
Bet Your Life - Original London Cast
Kiss Me, Kate - Original London Cast
Guys and Dolls - London Studio Cast
Sound Clips2006-05-08CDSepia 1029
Wish You Were Here - Original London Cast
Paint Your Wagon - Original London Cast
I've Never Been In Love Before / If I Were a Bell - Lizbeth Webb
I've Never Been in Love Before / Luck be a Lady - Jerry Wayne
My Time of Day / I'll Know - Jerry Wayne
Sound Clips2005-08-09CDSepia 1030
Somebody Loves Me - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2004-09-23CDSepia 1031
My Foolish Heart - Mindy Carson
Mindy Carson Sings - Mindy Carson
Sound Clips2004-07-12CDSepia 1034
Hazel Flagg - Original Broadway Cast
Record Gazette - Benay Venuta
Downhearted / How Do You Speak To An Angel? - Eddie Fisher
I Feel Like I'm Gonna Live Forever / How Could You - Sunny Gale
Let Me Know / Salomee (With Her Seven Veils) - Dinah Shore
How Do You Speak To An Angel? / I Feel Like I'm Gonna Live Forever - Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians
Sound Clips2006-03-21CDSepia 1035
Make a Wish - Original Cast Members
Serenade for You - Stephen Douglass
Sound Clips2004-09-23CDSepia 1036
100 Years of Peter Pan - Various Artists
Peter Pan - Story Album
Sound Clips2004-10-05CDSepia 1037
Star of Stage and Screen - Betty GarrettSound Clips2004-10-05CDSepia 1038
Dinah Shore Sings Songs from Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick - Studio Cast
I'm Through With Love / Makin' Whoopee - Dinah Shore
Songs from Me and Juliet - Dinah Shore
Sound Clips2004-10-05CDSepia 1039
By the Light of the Silvery Moon - Studio CastSound Clips2004-10-07CDSepia 1040
Can-Can - Original London Cast
Wedding in Paris - Original London Cast
Theatreland Encores - Edmund Hockridge
Sings For You - Edmund Hockridge
Wedding in Paris - Philip Green & the Theatre Orchestra
Sound Clips2005-02-01CDSepia 1041
No, No, Nanette - Original London Cast
Hit the Deck - Original London Cast
The Boy Friend - Original London Cast
The Girl Friend - Selection - Savoy Orpheans
Mountain Greenery / Cross Your Heart - Roger Wolfe Kahn and His Orchestra
The Girl Friend / Could I, I Certainly Could - George Olsen and His Music / Sid Sidney's Orchestra
The Boy Friend selection - The London Orchestra
Sound Clips2005-02-01CDSepia 1042
After the Ball - Original London Cast
Pacific 1860 - Original London Cast
Matelot / Sigh No More - Graham Payn
Finder, Please Return / On Such A Night As This - Vanessa Lee
Sound Clips2005-02-01CDSepia 1043
Then And Now - Johnny BrandonSound Clips2005-04-12CDSepia 1045
Joyce Grenfell Requests The Pleasure Of Your Company - Original London CastSound Clips2005-04-11CDSepia 1046
Two's Company - Original Broadway Cast
Lyrics by Ira Gershwin - Nancy Walker with Louise Carlyle and David Craig
Vernon Duke plays Vernon Duke - Vernon Duke
She Looked Down From Her Window - Lawrence Welk
Sound Clips2005-04-12CDSepia 1047
High Button Shoes - Original Broadway Cast
Seventeen - Original Broadway Cast
I Understand / I Still Get Jealous - Gordon MacRae
Papa, Won't You Dance With Me?/Say Something Nice About Me - Doris Day
I'm Gonna Send a Horseshoe Made of Roses / Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, What You Do to Me - Art Mooney & His Orchestra
Sound Clips2005-04-12CDSepia 1048
This is Toni Arden - Toni ArdenSound Clips2005-06-13CDSepia 1050
Dream Team - Johnny Mercer and The Pied PipersSound Clips2005-06-13CDSepia 1051
Down in the Valley - Television Cast
Lady in the Dark - Television Cast
Sound Clips2005-06-14CDSepia 1052
The Jazz Singer: Danny Thomas & Peggy Lee
The Jazz Singer - Soundtrack
Sound Clips2005-09-05CDSepia 1055
The Band Wagon - Original Cast members
Inside U.S.A. - Original Cast members
The Band Wagon - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2005-09-08CDSepia 1056
Sings Songs of Love - Monica LewisSound Clips2005-10-11CDSepia 1058
The Buccaneer - London Cast
Romance in Candlelight - Original London Cast
The Boy Friend - Original Johannesburg Cast
The Lisbon Story - Patricia Burke
The Buccaneer - Peggy Cochrane
Sound Clips2006-01-10CDSepia 1059
The Water Gipsies - Original London CastSound Clips2006-01-10CDSepia 1060
Salad Days - Original London Cast
The Music Of Julian Slade - Various Artists
Vocal Gems From Salad Days - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2005-12-22CDSepia 1061
The Jazz Train - Original London CastSound Clips2006-01-10CDSepia 1062
Entrancing Music - HildegardeSound Clips2006-02-20CDSepia 1066
Rosemary Clooney at the London Palladium - Rosemary Clooney
Sound Clips2006-05-08CDSepia 1070
The Pajama Game - Original London Cast
I Talk To The Trees / The Hippopotamus Song - Joy Nichols
Sound Clips2006-07-11CDSepia 1072
London Town - SoundtrackSound Clips2006-09-12CDSepia 1076
Here's Dorothy Shay
Broadway Ditties - Dorothy Shay
Sound Clips2006-09-12CDSepia 1078
Thelma Carpenter: Seems Like Old Times
Shuffle Along - Original Cast Members
Blackbirds of 1928 - Studio Cast
South Pacific - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2006CDSepia 1080
Three Sailors and a Girl - Film Cast
Songs from The King and I - Jane Powell
Sound Clips2006-11-14CDSepia 1082
Cranks - Original London CastSound Clips2007-01-09CDSepia 1084
Music in the Air - Broadway CastSound Clips2007-01-09CDSepia 1085
Summer Song - Original London CastSound Clips2007-01-09CDSepia 1086
Manhattan Tower - Studio CastSound Clips2007CDSepia 1087
Jewels of the Past: Music Hall and Variety Gems - CompilationSound Clips2013-11-11CDSepia 1087165
Martha Raye Swings
The Voice of Martha Raye - Martha Raye
Sound Clips2007-03-19CDSepia 1089
My Square Laddie and Other Songs
My Square Laddie - Studio Cast
Lyrics by Ira Gershwin - Nancy Walker with Louise Carlyle and David Craig
I Can Cook, Too - Nancy Walker
Shady Lady Bird / Ev'ry Time - Nancy Walker
What Do You Think I Am? / Just a Little Joint With a Juke Box - Nancy Walker
Sound Clips2007-03-13CDSepia 1090
As Long As They're Happy - Soundtrack
An Alligator Named Daisy - Film
Greener Pastures / Oudt Comes Oom-Pa-Pa - Jeannie Carson
Bring Me A Bluebird / I'm In Love With Me - Robert Clary
Sound Clips2007-05-21CDSepia 1092
Polly Bergen: The Early Years
Little Girl Blue - Polly Bergen
Sound Clips2007-05-14CDSepia 1093
The Coral Treasures - Martha TiltonSound Clips2007-07-09CDSepia 1096
Speak To Me Of Love - Tony MartinSound Clips2007-07-09CDSepia 1097
An American Songbird in Paris - Jane Morgan
The American Girl From Paris - Jane Morgan
Sound Clips2007-09-10CDSepia 1098
Manhattan Tower - Patti Page
You Go To My Head - Patti Page
Patti Sings the Duke - Patti Page
Sound Clips2007CDSepia 1100
Grab Me a Gondola - Original London Cast
Wonderful Town - Original London Cast
Pal Joey - Original London Cast
Sound Clips2007-09-04CDSepia 1101
Free As Air - Original London Cast
Selections from Free As Air - Julian Slade
Sound Clips2007-11-05CDSepia 1102
Simply Heavenly - Original Broadway Cast
Jazz Singer - Bertice Reading
Did You Ever Hear The Blues / Good Old Girl - Claudia McNeil
Sound Clips2008-02-15CDSepia 1105
Songs from The Ziegfeld Follies - Vivian Blaine
Songs from the Great White Way - Vivian Blaine
Sound Clips2008-02-15CDSepia 1106
The Duchess Of Idaho - Film Soundtrack
Nightingale from Savannah - Connie Haines
Sound Clips2008-02-12CDSepia 1107
Rhonda Fleming Sings Just for You
Songs from Mark Twain's Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - Film Cast
Rhonda - Rhonda Fleming
Sound Clips2008-12-08CDSepia 1112
Warm and Sincere - Kitty KallenSound Clips2008-07-08CDSepia 1114
Arabian Nights - Jones Beach Marine Theatre
Arabian Nights - Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians
How Long Has It Been / An Affair of the Heart - Margaret Whiting
Here's What I'm Here For / A Thousand and One Nights - Gary Mann
Sound Clips2008-07-21CDSepia 1116
Mad About Music: Rarities & Gems - Deanna DurbinSound Clips2008-09-09CDSepia 1117
Pinocchio - Television Cast
Mickey Rooney Sings George M. Cohan - Mickey Rooney
All In The Golden Afternoon/Did You Write A Letter To Your Sweetheart - Fran Allison
Sound Clips2008-09-09CDSepia 1118
Jane Morgan Sings Showstoppers
The Big Hits from Broadway - Jane Morgan
Sound Clips2008-09-09CDSepia 1119
Irma la Douce - Original London Cast
Irma la Douce - Studio Cast
Irma la Douce - Colette Renard
Sound Clips2008-09-05CDSepia 1120
Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates - Television CastSound Clips2008-11-11CDSepia 1121
An Evening With Beatrice Lillie / Auntie Bea
An Evening With Beatrice Lillie - Original Cast
Auntie Bea - Beatrice Lillie
Sound Clips2008-11-11CDSepia 1123
Bless the Bride - Radio Cast
Bless the Bride - Original Cast
Sound Clips2009-03-02CDSepia 1124
Hansel and Gretel - Television Cast
The Yeomen of the Guard - TV Cast
Songs of a Vagabond Lover - Rudy Vallée
Sound Clips2009-03-02CDSepia 1125
Sothern Lamour
Sothern Exposure - Ann Sothern
The Road To Romance - Dorothy Lamour
Sound Clips2009-03-10CDSepia 1127
Music From Shubert Alley - TV Special
Lisa Kirk Sings at the Plaza - Lisa Kirk
Ohio / Catch Me If You Can - Lisa Kirk
Sound Clips2009-04-07CDSepia 1128
Bitter Sweet - Studio Cast
Bitter Sweet - London Cast
Bitter Sweet - French Cast
Sound Clips2009-05-12CDSepia 1130
Ethel Merman: A Musical Autobiography - Ethel Merman
Memories - Ethel Merman
Sound Clips2009-05-12CDSepia 1131
Fine & Dandy - Jane Russell
Jane Russell - Jane Russell
Sound Clips2009-07-14CDSepia 1132
Think Pink! A Kay Thompson Party - Kay ThompsonSound Clips2009-09-083-CDSepia 1135
Let's Fall In Love With Jaye P. Morgan - Jaye P. Morgan
Slow and Easy - Jaye P. Morgan
Sound Clips2009-09-08CDSepia 1136
Gloria DeHaven Sings - Gloria DeHavenSound Clips2009-09-08CDSepia 1137
A Celebration Of Lerner & Loewe
My Fair Lady - Studio Cast
Paint Your Wagon - Studio Cast
Brigadoon - Studio Cast
Gigi - Studio Cast
An English Interpretation of My Fair Lady - Studio Cast
Brigadoon - Studio Cast (Ice Capades)
I Could Have Danced All Night / Wouldn't It Loverly - Jeannie Carson
I Talk To The Trees / Carino Mio - Tony Bavaar
Close To You / Another Autumn - Tony Bavaar
Sound Clips2009-11-102-CDSepia 1138
Rose Marie - Studio Cast
Rose Marie - Original London Cast
Sound Clips2009-11-10CDSepia 1140
White Horse Inn - Original New York, London & Berlin casts
White Horse Inn - Radio Cast
Vocal Gems From Erik Charelle's White Horse Inn - Light Opera Company
Im Weißen Rössl - Ilja Livschakoff Künstler-Orchester
It Would Be Wonderful / Your Eyes - Jack Hylton & His Orchestra
White Horse Inn Selections - Jack Hylton & His Orchestra
Your Eyes / My Song of Love - Rolando and His Blue Salon Orchestra
Im Salzkammergut / Zuschaun Kann Ich Nicht - Billy Bartholomew & His Orchestra
Sound Clips2009-11-10CDSepia 1141
Songs from The Vera Lynn Show - Vera LynnSound Clips2010-03-09CDSepia 1143
Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella, Also Three to Make Music - Mary Martin
Mary Martin Sings a Musical Love Story - Mary Martin
Sound Clips2010-03-09CDSepia 1144
Front Row Center - Barbara McNairSound Clips2010-05-11CDSepia 1148
Spring Parade - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2010-05-11CDSepia 1149
Stardust - Pat Boone
Tenderly - Pat Boone
Sound Clips2010-07-13CDSepia 1150
Kiss Me, Kate - Studio Cast
Show Boat - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2010-07-13CDSepia 1151
May You Always - The McGuire SistersSound Clips2010-07-13CDSepia 1152
Hits From Broadway and Hollywood - The Four AcesSound Clips2010-07-13CDSepia 1153
The Most Happy Fella - Original London Cast
The Most Happy Fella - Edmund Hockridge
Standing on the Corner / The Waiter and the Porter and the Upstairs Maid - The King Brothers & The Rita Williams Singers
My Heart Is So Full of You / The Wanderer - Inia Te Wiata
Sound Clips2010-09-14CDSepia 1154
Make Me an Offer - Original London Cast
Make Me an Offer - David Heneker with Orchestra
Sound Clips2010-09-14CDSepia 1155
Follow That Girl - Original London Cast
Follow That Girl - Julian Slade
Sound Clips2010-09-14CDSepia 1156
Millicent Martin Sings
Hit the Deck - Studio Cast
Millicent - Millicent Martin
Our Language Of Love / Seriously - Millicent Martin
Tintarella di Luna / I Can Dream, Can't I? - Millicent Martin
Famous Film Series No. 2: Broadway Melody - Various Artists
Sound Clips2010-09-14CDSepia 1157
Once Upon a Mattress - Original London Cast
Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves 40 - Bing Crosby
Sound Clips2010-11-09CDSepia 1159
Favorites In Stereo - Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy
Nelson Eddy Gale Sherwood - Nelson Eddy & Gale Sherwood
Sound Clips2010-11-09CDSepia 1161
Aladdin - Original London Cast
Cinderella - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2011-03-08CDSepia 1162
Margaret Whiting's Great Hits - Margaret Whiting
Ten Top Hits - Margaret Whiting
Sound Clips2011-03CDSepia 1163
Gypsy Meets Gypsy
Let Me Entertain You - Sandra Church
That's Me All Over - Gypsy Rose Lee
Sound Clips2011-03-08CDSepia 1164
Voilà  Paris! - Josephine Baker
Chante Paris - Josephine Baker
Sound Clips2011-05-10CDSepia 1169
Irene Dunne Sings Kern And Other Rarities
Irene Dunne in Songs By Jerome Kern - Irene Dunne
Sound Clips2011-07-11CDSepia 1171
The Ames Brothers Sing the Best of the Bands - Ames BrothersSound Clips2011-07-12CDSepia 1172
The Music Man - Original London Cast
The Music Man - Demo
Sound Clips2011-07-11CDSepia 1173
That Certain Feeling - Felicia Sanders
I Wish You Love - Felicia Sanders
Sound Clips2011-09-13CDSepia 1175
The Ballads of Lady Jane / The Second Time Around
The Second Time Around - Jane Morgan
Sound Clips2011-09-13CDSepia 1176
The Jerome Kern Songbook - Betty Madigan
Am I Blue? - Betty Madigan
Sound Clips2011-09-13CDSepia 1177
Songs from The Roaring 20's
Music from The Roaring 20's - Dorothy Provine
The Vamp of the Roaring 20's - Dorothy Provine
Sound Clips2011-11-07CDSepia 1180
Wildcat - Studio Cast
This Was My Love - Jack Jones
Shall We Dance - Jack Jones
Sound Clips2012-01-30CDSepia 1182
Moody River - Pat Boone
Mardi Gras - Pat Boone
Sound Clips2012-03-13CDSepia 1186
Besame! Toni Arden in Latin America
Miss Toni Arden - Toni Arden
Sound Clips2012-03-13CDSepia 1188
Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries! - The Platters
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes - The Platters
Sound Clips2012-05-08CDSepia 1190
Makin' Whoopee! - Al MartinoSound Clips2012-05-08CDSepia 1193
Sings Just For Fun - Johnny Mercer
The Good Companions - Demo
The Keystone Girl - Demo
Sound Clips2012-07-09CDSepia 1194
Dream With Me - Tommy Sands
When I'm Thinking of You - Tommy Sands
Sound Clips2012-07-09CDSepia 1195
The Student Prince - Studio Cast (Mario Lanza)Sound Clips2012-09CDSepia 1200
Classics With a Chaser - Caterina ValenteSound Clips2012-09-11CDSepia 1202
Up in Central Park - Studio Cast
Up in Central Park - Soundtrack
Sound Clips2012-10-08CDSepia 1203
Dakota Staton Sings Ballads and the Blues - Dakota Staton
Porgy / On Chapel Hill - Dakota Staton
Sound Clips2012-10-08CDSepia 1205
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Original London Cast
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend / A Little Girl From Little Rock - Dora Bryan
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend / Medley - Alyn Ainsworth Orchestra
Sound Clips2012-11-13CDSepia 1208
George Chakiris Sings
The Showstoppers - Cleo Laine, George Chakiris & Doreen Hume
George Chakiris - George Chakiris
George Chakiris Sings Gershwin - George Chakiris
Sound Clips2012-11-13CDSepia 1209
I've Got a Lot of Livin' to Do - Jack Jones
Gift of Love - Jack Jones
Sound Clips2013-01-08CDSepia 1211
Two On The Aisle - Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme
Cozy - Eydie Gorme & Steve Lawrence
Sound Clips2013-01-08CDSepia 1212
Big Band Bossa Nova - Enoch LightSound Clips2013-01-08CDSepia 1213
This and That - Pat BooneSound Clips2013-02-12CDSepia 1214
What Now My Love? / Jane Morgan at the Cocoanut Grove
Jane Morgan At The Cocoanut Grove - Jane Morgan
What Now My Love? - Jane Morgan
Sound Clips2013-02-12CDSepia 1215
Say One for Me - Soundtrack
The Road to Hong Kong - Soundtrack
Sound Clips2013-02-12CDSepia 1216
Provocative Percussion Vol. 3 - Enoch Light and the Light BrigadeSound Clips2013-03-12CDSepia 1220
Merman...her Greatest! - Ethel MermanSound Clips2013-03-12CDSepia 1221
This Fling Called Love - Eileen Farrell
Together with Love - Eileen Farrell and André Previn
Sound Clips2013-05-13CDSepia 1222
Patti Page Sings Golden Hits Of The Boys
Patti Sings Golden Hits of the Boys - Patti Page
Sound Clips2013-05-13CDSepia 1223
Don't Worry 'Bout Me / Broadway Bongos and Mr. "B"
Don't Worry 'Bout Me - Billy Eckstine
Broadway, Bongos and Mr. "B" - Billy Eckstine
Sound Clips2013-08-12CDSepia 1230
Cugat Plays Continental and Popular Movie Hits
Cugat Plays Continental Hits - Xavier Cugat & his Orchestra
Sound Clips2013-08-12CDSepia 1233
Rosemary Clooney: On Broadway
Oh Captain! - Studio Cast
Sings Songs from Whoop-Up - Rosemary Clooney
Hello, Young Lovers - Rosemary Clooney
I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face / I Could Have Danced All Night - Rosemary Clooney
Sound Clips2013-09-09CDSepia 1236
Bing Crosby Sings for the Armed Forces Radio Service - Bing CrosbySound Clips2013-11-11CDSepia 1242
That's Where I Came In: Standards & Rarities - Perry ComoSound Clips2013-11-112-CDSepia 1243
Tempestuous Trumpet - Doc Severinsen And His Orchestra
The Big Band’s Back In Town - Doc Severinsen
Sound Clips2013-11-12CDSepia 1245
The Wizard of Oz: 75th Anniversary Anthology - Compilation
The Merry Old Land of Oz / If I Only Had a Brain - Frankie Masters and His Orchestra
Sound Clips2014-02-10CDSepia 1246
Songs From The Musical Comedy Jamaica - Lena Horne
Lena on the Blue Side - Lena Horne
Sound Clips2014-03-11CDSepia 1251
Freedomland U. S. A. - New York CastSound Clips2015-10-16CDSepia 1291
That Country Sound and More
Brotherhood of Man - Jaye P. Morgan
I Wish I Didn't Love You / I Understand - Jaye P. Morgan
2016-11-04CDSepia 1303
Gisele MacKenzie sings "Dominique" and Other Favorites - Gisele MacKenzieSound Clips2018-06CDSepia 1325
Someone Like You - Studio CastSound Clips2007-05-07CDSepia 8000
Maria Friedman Celebrates The Great British Songbook - Maria FriedmanSound Clips2010-04-13CDSepia 8004
Colette - Original London CastLPSepia RSR-1006
You're Just in Love - Rosemary ClooneySound Clips2006-05-08CDSepia SEPIA 1008
Felicia Sanders At The Blue Angel - Felicia SandersSound Clips2006-07-11CDSepia SEPIA 1073
Once Upon a Time
High Tor - Television Cast
Sound Clips2007-11-13CDSepia SEPIA 1103
April Love - SoundtrackSound Clips2008-03-24CDSepia SEPIA 1109
An Evening with Fred Astaire - Television Soundtrack
Another Evening with Fred Astaire - Television Soundtrack
Astaire Time - Television Soundtrack
Sound Clips2011-05-092-CDSepia Sepia 1168
Do Re Mi - Original London Cast
Make Someone Happy / I Know About Love - Steve Arlen
What's New At The Zoo? - Max Bygraves
What's New With Bea Lillie - Beatrice Lillie
Sound Clips2011-11-07CDSepia SEPIA 1179
In Her Own Write - Petula ClarkSound Clips2007-11-13CDSepia SEPIA 8001
Singing the Blues - Connee BoswellSound Clips2006-09-11CDSepia Recordings
Good & Rare, Volume 2 - Bing CrosbySound Clips2007-05-21CDSepia Recordings
Meet Jo Stafford - Jo StaffordSound Clips2004-09-27CDSepia Recordings 1014
Ready, Set, Go with Patti Page - Patti PageSound Clips2006-05-08CDSepia Recordings 1022
Queen of the Hollywood Islands - Dorothy LamourSound Clips2004-07-13CDSepia Recordings 1032
Stars of the Summer Night - Jo Stafford and Gordon MacRaeSound Clips2004-04-12CDSepia Recordings 1033
Sincerely Yours - Jo StaffordSound Clips2006-05-08CDSepia Recordings 1068
Starring Betty Rhodes - Betty Jane RhodesSound Clips2006-05-08CDSepia Recordings 1069
Good & Rare - Bing CrosbySound Clips2006-07-10CDSepia Recordings 1071
Introducing Roberta Sherwood - Roberta SherwoodSound Clips2007-09-10CDSepia Recordings 1099
The Magic of Believing
The French Line - Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips2008-03-11CDSepia Recordings 1110
Greatest Hits in Stereo and Don't Mess With Tess
Don't Mess With Tess - Teresa Brewer
Sound Clips2013-08-13CDSEPIA RECORDINGS 1231
Gene Austin's Great Hits in Stereo & Restless Heart - Gene AustinSound Clips2014-04-08CDSepia Recordings 1254
Live in London, 1959 - Jo StaffordSound Clips2014-04-08CDSepia Recordings 1257
Steve Lawrence Conquers Broadway
Steve Lawrence Conquers Broadway - Steve Lawrence
Lawrence Goes Latin - Steve Lawrence
Sound Clips2014-07-08CDSepia Recordings 1262
Do-Re-Mi & Here's to My Lady
Here's to My Lady - Bobby Troup
Sound Clips2014-09-09CDSepia Recordings 1266
Last Date / Moon River
Moon River - Lawrence Welk & his Orchestra
Sound Clips2014-09-09CDSepia Recordings 1268
Movie Stars Sing! - CompilationSound Clips2014-09-09CDSepia Recordings 1269
Dream: The Lost Recordings - Margaret Whiting2016-11-042-CDSepia Records
Memories: Sing Along With Mitch / Saturday Night: Sing Along With Mitch
Memories: Sing Along With Mitch - Mitch Miller and the Gang
2016-11-04CDSepia Records
Special Delivery - Della Reese2017-02-10CDSepia Records
101 Gang Songs / On the Happy Side
On the Happy Side - Bing Crosby
2017-04-072-CDSepia Records
Merv Griffin's Dance Party - Merv Griffin2017-06-09CDSepia Records
Swingin' Easy & Informally Yours
Informally Yours - Carmen Cavallaro
Swingin' Easy - Carmen Cavallaro
2017-06-09CDSepia Records
The Things We Did Last Summer - The Four Preps2017-11-03CDSepia Records
Live on the Air: 1938-1942 - Glenn Miller2017-11-032-CDSepia Records
Poetry and Passion - Mario Lanza2018-02-09CDSepia Records
Sentimental Sing Along With Mitch - Mitch Miller and the Gang
Rhythm Sing Along With Mitch - Mitch Miller and the Gang
2018-02-09CDSepia Records
More Jerry Lewis - Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis Sings For Children - Jerry Lewis
Sound Clips2018-04-06CDSepia Records
In Hollywood! - Lenny DeeSound Clips2018-04-06CDSepia Records
Tenderly: The Best of the Decca Years - Tommy DorseySound Clips2018-04-063-CDSepia Records
Happy Times!: Sing Along With Mitch - Mitch Miller and the Gang
Night Time Sing Along With Mitch - Mitch Miller and the Gang
Sound Clips2018-08-10CDSepia Records
The Best Songs Are The Old Songs - Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians
By Special Request! - Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians
Sound Clips2018-08-10CDSepia Records
The Theme from The Unforgiven & Hollywood Premiere!
Hollywood Premiere! - Don Costa and his Orchestra
Sound Clips2014-09-09CDSepia Records
An Enchanted Evening on Broadway - Earl Wrightson
Sings Ballads Of A Soldier Of Fortune - Earl Wrightson
Sound Clips2018-10-05CDSepia Records
A Lovely Afternoon - The Conrad Salinger OrchestraSound Clips2018-10-05CDSepia Records
Mona Lisa: Rarities from the Columbia Years (1950-53) - Harry JamesSound Clips2018-10-05CDSepia Records
You Gotta Have Love & Eddy Arnold Sings Them Again
You Gotta Have Love - Eddy Arnold
Sound Clips2019-02-08CDSepia Records
The Chesterfield Broadcasts - Glenn Miller and his OrchestraSound Clips2019-02-08CDSepia Records
Everlasting - Margaret Whiting2003-12-09CDSepia Records 1024
The Golden Jubilee Album - Sophie TuckerSound Clips2005-09-12CDSepia Records 1054
Mr & Mrs Music - Frances Wayne with Neal Hefti and his OrchestraSound Clips2006-11-14CDSepia Records 1083
Girl Singer - Georgia GibbsSound Clips2007-07-10CDSepia Records 1095
Alan Dale Sings - Alan DaleSound Clips2008-07-08CDSepia Records 1115
A Million Dreams Ago
Limited Edition - Glenn Miller and his Orchestra
Limited Edition, Volume Two - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra
Sound Clips2015-08-143-CDSepia Records 1287
Sing With Vera - Vera LynnSound Clips2017-02-10CDSepia Records 1304
One Alone - Mario Lanza2017-02-10CDSepia Records 1305
Lawrence Welk Presents The Lennon Sisters / Let's Get Acquainted - The Lennon Sisters2017-04-07CDSepia Records 1307
At the Stardust, Las Vegas / You Go to My Head
You Go To My Head - Billy Daniels
2017-04-07CDSepia Records 1308
The Ray Anthony Show - Ray Anthony2017-08-18CDSepia Records 1313
These Foolish Things: The Decca Years - Artie Shaw2017-08-182-CDSepia Records 1314
The Loveliest Night of the Year
Helen Traubel - Helen Traubel
2017-08-18CDSepia Records 1315
Sings Dominique and Other Favorites
No Man Can Tame Me - Television Cast
Gisele - Gisele MacKenzie
Sound Clips2018-06-08CDSepia Records SEPIA 1325
Dance to the Bands! - Various ArtistsSound Clips2018-06-08CDSepia Records SEPIA 1327