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Then & Now - Shirley JonesSound Clips2008-12-01CDStage Door
Rose Marie - SoundtrackSound Clips2008-10-06Audio FileStage Door
South Pacific - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2009-03-16Audio FileStage Door
Damn Yankees - Original Broadway CastSound ClipsAudio FileStage Door
Mi bella dama - Original Mexican CastSound ClipsAudio FileStage Door
The Desert Song - Studio Cast (Kathryn Grayson)Sound ClipsAudio FileStage Door
The Billy Barnes Revue - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2009-10-05Audio FileStage Door
Show Boat - Studio CastSound Clips2009-11-02Audio FileStage Door
West Side Story - London CastSound ClipsAudio FileStage Door
Twenty Minutes South - Original London CastSound Clips2009-11-02Audio FileStage Door
The Golden Apple - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2009-11-02Audio FileStage Door
There's No Business Like Show Business - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2009-03-16Audio FileStage Door
A Selection from the MGM Picture Gigi - Edmund Hockridge
Porgy and Bess - Edmund Hockridge
The Most Happy Fella - Edmund Hockridge
I've Never Been In Love Before / My Time Of Day - Edmund Hockridge
Do I Love You (Because You're Beautiful)? / Tonight - Edmund Hockridge
Showstoppers - Edmund Hockridge
Sound ClipsAudio FileStage Door
One Touch of Venus - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2009-11-02Audio FileStage Door
Pat Suzuki Sings - Pat SuzukiSound Clips2009-03-16Audio FileStage Door
King's Rhapsody - Original London CastSound Clips2009-11-02Audio FileStage Door
Lady in the Dark - Gertrude Lawrence
Lady in the Dark - Danny Kaye
Sound Clips2009-03-16Audio FileStage Door
Jack and the Beanstalk - Studio CastSound Clips2009-12-14Audio FileStage Door
My Fair Lady - Studio CastSound Clips2009-10-05Audio FileStage Door
Cinderella - Studio CastSound ClipsAudio FileStage Door
Marigold - Original London CastSound Clips2010-06-20Audio FileStage Door
Song of Norway - Jones Beach Marine TheatreSound ClipsCDStage Door
The Disney Album
Hi-Ho: Mary Sings and Mary Swings Walt Disney Favorites - Mary Martin
Sound Clips2010-02-07Audio FileStage Door
Li'l Abner - Film CastSound Clips2010-05-16Audio FileStage Door
Fine And Dandy - Debbie ReynoldsSound Clips2010-10-22Audio FileStage Door
The Sound Of Music - The Trapp Family SingersSound Clips2010-11-08Audio FileStage Door
Dressed to the Nines - Original Off-Broadway CastSound ClipsAudio FileStage Door
A Thurber Carnival - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2011-01-20Audio FileStage Door
New Cranks - Original London CastSound Clips2011-01-29Audio FileStage Door
Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be - Original London Cast
Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be - Max Bygraves
Medley of Tunes from 'Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be' - Russ Conway
Sound Clips2010-10-22Audio FileStage Door
Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be - London Studio CastSound Clips2011-01-21Audio FileStage Door
Juno - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2010-02-07Audio FileStage Door
Give My Regards To Broadway
Mickey Rooney Sings George M. Cohan - Mickey Rooney
Sound Clips2011-04-12Audio FileStage Door
Music For Chubby Lovers - Stubby KayeSound Clips2011-04-09Audio FileStage Door
The Pied Piper of Hamelin - Original TV CastSound ClipsAudio FileStage Door
Tom Sawyer - Television CastSound ClipsAudio FileStage Door
Clara - Studio CastSound Clips2011-04-23CDStage Door
Rose Marie - Studio Cast
Rose Marie - French Studio Cast
Sound Clips2011-04-23Audio FileStage Door
The Chocolate Soldier - Studio CastSound Clips2011-03-06Audio FileStage Door
The Crooked Mile - Original London CastSound Clips2011-04-08CDStage Door
Chu Chin Chow - Studio CastSound Clips2011-03-18CDStage Door
Follow That Girl - Original London CastSound Clips2010-08-24Audio FileStage Door
Whoop-Up - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2010-07-12CDStage Door
King Kong - Original London CastSound Clips2011-04-30Audio FileStage Door
Say One for Me - SoundtrackSound Clips2010-08-24Audio FileStage Door
The Mikado - TV CastSound Clips2011-01-20Audio FileStage Door
Gordon MacRae in Concert - Gordon MacRaeSound Clips2011-01-20Audio FileStage Door
Isabel Bigley and Stephen Douglass Sing Rodgers and Hammerstein - Isabel Bigley and Stephen DouglassSound Clips2011-02-01Audio FileStage Door
Leave It to Jane - Revival CastSound Clips2010-08-24Audio FileStage Door
Wildest Dreams - Original London CastSound Clips2011-07-23Audio FileStage Door
Sing Out, Sweet Land! - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2010-01-18CDStage Door
Rodgers and Hammerstein Songbook - Richard KileySound Clips2011-01-23Audio FileStage Door
The Stingiest Man In Town - Television CastSound Clips2010-08-24Audio FileStage Door
Come Sing With Me / I Feel So Spanish!
Come Sing With Me - Eydie Gormé
Sound Clips2011-10-29Audio FileStage Door
The Bewitching Shirley Bassey - Shirley Bassey2009-11-02Audio FileStage Door
Orpheus In The Underworld - Sadler's Wells TheatreSound Clips2011-12-07Audio FileStage Door
Love Is a Now & Then Thing - Anthony NewleySound Clips2011-01-22Audio FileStage Door
Donnybrook! - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2012-02-05Audio FileStage Door
The Vagabond King - Film CastSound Clips2012-02-05Audio FileStage Door
Share My Lettuce - Original London Cast2012-01-06Audio FileStage Door
Oh, Kay! - Revival Cast2012-01-08Audio FileStage Door
Oh, Rosalinda! - SoundtrackSound Clips2011-12-07Audio FileStage Door
One Over The Eight - Original London Cast2011-12-07Audio FileStage Door
West Side Story - London Studio Cast2011-12-21Audio FileStage Door
All in Love - Original Off-Broadway Cast2012-02-08Audio FileStage Door
Feathertop - Television Cast2012-02-08Audio FileStage Door
The Sound Of Music - Richard Hayman and his Orchestra2012-02-05Audio FileStage Door
Oklahoma! and South Pacific - New World Theatre Orchestra2011-12-07Audio FileStage Door
Belle - Original London Cast2011-12-07Audio FileStage Door
Younger Than Springtime - William TabbertSound Clips2012-02-05Audio FileStage Door
Kiss Me, Kate - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2010-06-23Audio FileStage Door
Love Is a Season / Eydie on Stage
Love Is a Season - Eydie Gorme
Eydie Gorme on Stage - Eydie Gorme
2011-01-20Audio FileStage Door
Where's Charley? - Original London Cast2010-06-23Audio FileStage Door
Carousel - Original Broadway Cast2009-03-16Audio FileStage Door
Welcome to My Heart / The Helen Morgan Story
The Helen Morgan Story - Film Soundtrack
Welcome To My Heart - Gogi Grant
2011-06-05Audio FileStage Door
Mitzi Gaynor Sings the Lyrics of Ira Gershwin - Mitzi Gaynor2010-09-22Audio FileStage Door
The Threepenny Opera - Off-Broadway Revival Cast2011-01-23Audio FileStage Door
The Desert Song - Studio Cast (June Bronhill)2011-10-09Audio FileStage Door
Sings Harold Arlen / Best Beat Forward
Diahann Carroll Sings Harold Arlen Songs - Diahann Carroll
Best Beat Forward - Diahann Carroll
2011-01-23Audio FileStage Door
I Love Melvin - Film Soundtrack2010-06-23Audio FileStage Door
Lola Montez - Original Australian CastSound Clips2011-07-02Audio FileStage Door
Valmouth - Original London Cast2010-07-11Audio FileStage Door
Lute Song - Mary MartinSound Clips2011-01-26Audio FileStage Door
Shirley - Shirley Bassey
Shirley Bassey - Shirley Bassey
Sound Clips2011Audio FileStage Door
Perchance to Dream - Original Cast
Highwayman Love / We'll Gather Lilacs - Olive Gilbert & Muriel Barron
Curtsy to the King / A Woman's Heart - Muriel Barron & Roma Beaumont
Love Is My Reason / This Is My Wedding Day - Muriel Barron
Sound Clips2009-12-14Audio FileStage Door
Pat Suzuki's Broadway '59 / Looking At You
Pat Suzuki's Broadway '59 - Pat Suzuki
Looking at You - Pat Suzuki
2011-04-09Audio FileStage Door
The Many Sides of Pat Suzuki / Miss Ponytail
Miss Ponytail - Pat Suzuki
The Many Sides of Pat Suzuki - Pat Suzuki
2009-12-14Audio FileStage Door
Steve and Eydie Sing the Golden Hits / We Got Us
We Got Us - Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme
Eydie Gorme and Steve Lawrence Sing the Golden Hits - Eydie Gorme and Steve Lawrence
2011-01-23Audio FileStage Door
State Fair - Radio Cast
State Fair - Studio cast (Dick Haymes, film star)
Sound Clips2009-10-05Audio FileStage Door
With Love From Hollywood - Shirley Jones & Jack Cassidy
Sound Clips2010-07-11Audio FileStage Door
Pat Suzuki's Broadway '59 - Pat Suzuki2009-11-02Audio FileStage Door
Oh Captain! - Original Broadway Cast2010-07-11Audio FileStage Door
Diana Dors Sings
Swinging Dors - Diana Dors
2010-10-22Audio FileStage Door
George Chakiris Sings
George Chakiris Sings Gershwin - George Chakiris
Sound Clips2010-08-22Audio FileStage Door
Mexican Hayride - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2011-03-13Audio FileStage Door
Carol Channing Live
Carol Channing - Carol Channing
Sound Clips2010-02-07Audio FileStage Door
Dietrich in Rio - Marlene DietrichSound ClipsAudio FileStage Door
Tonight at 8:30 - Carol Lawrence2011-01-20Audio FileStage Door
Texas, Li'l Darlin' - Original Broadway Cast2011-03-12Audio FileStage Door
Take Five - Original Cast2012-01-08Audio FileStage Door
Miss Liberty - Original Broadway Cast2010-08-24Audio FileStage Door
Looking at You - Pat Suzuki2010-10-24Audio FileStage Door
In Hollywood - Petula ClarkSound Clips2009-10-05Audio FileStage Door
It's Us Again - Steve Lawrence & Eydie GormeSound Clips2012-02-08Audio FileStage Door
Eydie Gorme's Delight / Eydie Swings the Blues
Eydie Gorme's Delight - Eydie Gorme
Eydie Swings the Blues - Eydie Gorme
2011-01-23Audio FileStage Door
Gormé Sings Showstoppers - Eydie Gormé2010-06-20Audio FileStage Door
Eydie / Eydie in Love
Eydie Gorme - Eydie Gorme
Eydie in Love - Eydie Gormé
2011-01-20Audio FileStage Door
Music to Listen to Records By: Edie Adams Sings? - Edie Adams2012-03-10Audio FileStage Door
Cozy - Eydie Gorme & Steve LawrenceSound Clips2012-03-18Audio FileStage Door
Imported Carr, American Gas! - Carole CarrSound Clips2012-02-05Audio FileStage Door
Eydie Gorme Vamps the Roaring 20's / Eydie in Dixieland
Eydie Gormé Vamps the Roaring 20s - Eydie Gormé
2010-11-06Audio FileStage Door
White Horse Inn - Studio CastSound Clips2012-04-11Audio FileStage Door
Interrupted Melody - Soundtrack2012-02-05Audio FileStage Door
Swing Softly With Me - Steve LawrenceSound Clips2012-04-11Audio FileStage Door
Friends: Songs from 'Mutiny!' - David EssexSound Clips2012-05-13Audio FileStage Door
The Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe - David EssexSound Clips2012-05-13Audio FileStage Door
June Bronhill: The Collection - June BronhillSound Clips2012-05-25Audio FileStage Door
Die Dreigroschenoper - Studio Cast (Lotte Lenya)Sound Clips2012-05-23Audio FileStage Door
Hooray for Daisy - Original London CastSound Clips2012-06-20Audio FileStage Door
Burl Ives Sings Irving Berlin - Burl IvesSound Clips2012-06-14Audio FileStage Door
The Sound Of Music - Bob Sharples Orchestra and Chorus
The Six Top Songs from The Sound Of Music - Studio Cast
The Sound Of Music - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2012-07-13Audio FileStage Door
Naughty But Nice / Songs of the Bad Old Days
Naughty But Nice - Pearl Bailey
Songs Of The Bad Old Days - Pearl Bailey
Sound Clips2012-07-13Audio FileStage Door
Bye Bye Birdie - Studio CastSound Clips2012-08-03Audio FileStage Door
Carousel - Studio Cast2012-08-03Audio FileStage Door
The Yeomen of the Guard - Glyndebourne Festival Chorus2012-09-12Audio FileStage Door
Kiss Me, Kate - Studio CastSound Clips2010-01-18Audio FileStage Door
Wildcat - Studio Cast2012-08-02Audio FileStage Door
Torch Time / Granted It's Gogi
Torch Time - Gogi Grant
Granted It's Gogi - Gogi Grant
Sound Clips2012-10-08Audio FileStage Door
Rodgers and Hammerstein Songbook - Richard KileySound Clips2012-10-07Audio FileStage Door
September Song - Helen TraubelSound Clips2012-10-07Audio FileStage Door
Howard Lanin Plays Flower Drum Song - Instrumental Album2012-12-02Audio FileStage Door
Show Souvenirs - Harry Secombe2012-12-02Audio FileStage Door
The Steve Lawrence Sound - Steve LawrenceSound Clips2012-12-05Audio FileStage Door
Sings the Best of Disney - Bill HayesSound Clips2012-12-02Audio FileStage Door
The Music Man - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2012-12-19Audio FileStage Door
Lerner & Loewe & Chevalier - Maurice ChevalierSound Clips2012-12-19Audio FileStage Door
Sings Hits from "Gigi", "The Music Man" & "Porgy and Bess"
A Selection from the MGM Picture Gigi - Edmund Hockridge
The Music Man - Edmund Hockridge
Porgy and Bess - Edmund Hockridge
Sound Clips2011-10-29Audio FileStage Door
Little Mary Sunshine - Original London Cast2013-02-03Audio FileStage Door
Bad But Beautiful / The Romantic Eartha
The Romantic Eartha - Eartha Kitt
2013-02-03Audio FileStage Door
Let's Get Together With Hayley Mills - Hayley MillsSound Clips2013-01-06Audio FileStage Door
The Lord Chamberlain Regrets...! - Original London CastSound Clips2012-02-05Audio FileStage Door
Here's Steve Lawrence - Steve LawrenceSound Clips2013-03-08Audio FileStage Door
Cindy-Ella - Original London Cast2013-04-21Audio FileStage Door
Show Girl - Original Broadway Cast2013-04-21Audio FileStage Door
Fanny - Soundtrack2013-06-08Audio FileStage Door
State Fair - Film Soundtrack2013-06-09Audio FileStage Door
On the Town - London Studio CastSound Clips2013-06-09Audio FileStage Door
Oliver! - London Studio CastSound Clips2013-06-09Audio FileStage Door
Alice in Wonderland - Studio CastSound Clips2013-06-09Audio FileStage Door
Iolanthe - Sadler's Wells Opera2013-07-07Audio FileStage Door
International Soiree - Original Cast2013-09-15Audio FileStage Door
A Mexican on Broadway - Pepe Jaramillo2013-09-01Audio FileStage Door
Two Classic Anthony Newley Albums
Tony - Anthony Newley
Love Is a Now & Then Thing - Anthony Newley
2013-09-15Audio FileStage Door
The Gondoliers - Studio CastSound Clips2013-09-15Audio FileStage Door
Knock On Wood - Soundtrack2013-09-15Audio FileStage Door
The Songs from the Musical Oliver! - Studio Cast2013-09-15Audio FileStage Door
Two Classic Eartha Kitt Albums
Revisited - Eartha Kitt
2013-09-15Audio FileStage Door
The Merry Widow - Studio Cast2013-09-15Audio FileStage Door
The Mikado - Studio Cast2013-09-15Audio FileStage Door
Naughty Operetta - Billy May2013-10-27Audio FileStage Door
Rodgers And Hammerstein Ala Dixie - Pee Wee HuntSound Clips2013-10-27Audio FileStage Door
Irma la douce - South African CastSound Clips2013-10-27Audio FileStage Door
A Picture of You - Joe Brown2013-10-27Audio FileStage Door
Cherokeely Swings / What Kind of Fool Am I?
Cherokeely Swings - Keely Smith
2013-10-27Audio FileStage Door
Two Classic Diahann Carroll Albums
Fun Life - Diahann Carroll
2013-11-17Audio FileStage Door
Marlene Dietrich Returns to Germany - Marlene Dietrich2013-11-17Audio FileStage Door
Come Sing With Me - Eydie Gormé2013-11-17Audio FileStage Door
Privates on Parade - Original London Cast2014-01-27CDStage Door
Modern Jazz Performances Of Songs From My Fair Lady - Shelly Manne & His FriendsSound Clips2013-12-08Audio FileStage Door
South Pacific - Studio CastSound Clips2014-02-02Audio FileStage Door
Maurice Chevalier Sings Broadway - Maurice ChevalierSound Clips2010-06-23Audio FileStage Door
Yesterday! - Maurice Chevalier
Today - Maurice Chevalier
Sound Clips2011-04-09Audio FileStage Door
Oliver! - Studio CastSound Clips2014-03-16Audio FileStage Door
Two Classic Buddy Greco Albums
Buddy's Back in Town - Buddy Greco
I Like It Swinging - Buddy Greco
Sound Clips2014-03-16Audio FileStage Door
West Side Story - Manny Albam and His Jazz GreatsSound Clips2014-03-23Audio FileStage Door
First Impressions - Original Broadway Cast2010-02-07Audio FileStage Door
Out of the Blue - Original London CastSound ClipsAudio FileStage Door
A Toast to the Girls - Caterina ValenteSound Clips2011-09-04Audio FileStage Door
Vocal Gems from Lilac Time - Studio CastSound Clips2011-07-02Audio FileStage Door
Love is the Same Anywhere - Matt MonroSound Clips2013-07-07Audio FileStage Door
Encore: The Private Collection - Steve BartonSound Clips2010-07-20CDStage Door
La Gingold - Hermione Gingold
Live At The Cafe De Paris - Hermione Gingold
Sound Clips2008-10-27CDStage Door 9010
Four from No, No, Nanette - Studio Cast
No, No, Nanette - French Studio Cast
Sound Clips2009-06-01Audio FileStage Door N/A
Someone Else's Story - Meredith BraunSound Clips2013-05-05Audio FileStage Door STAGE 1870
Putting Out The Dustbin - Sheila Hancock & Sydney CarterSound Clips2014-08-24Audio FileStage Door STAGE 2137
High Tor - Television CastSound Clips2017-12-08CDStage Door STAGE 2420
The Body In The Seine - Concept AlbumSound Clips2018-02-23CDStage Door STAGE 2430
Wish You Were Here - Original London Cast
Wish You Were Here - Original Broadway Cast
And Then I Wrote - Harold Rome
Wish You Were Here / The Hand of Fate - Eddie Fisher
Sound Clips2008-01-21CDStage Door STAGE 9001
On Your Toes - Studio Cast
Pal Joey - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2008-01-21CD-RStage Door STAGE 9002
Mrs. Patterson - Original Broadway Cast
New Faces of 1956 - Original Broadway Cast
Sound Clips2008-01-21CD-RStage Door STAGE 9003
Ruggles of Red Gap - Television Cast
Can't We Be Friends? - Jane Powell
Sound Clips2008-02-18CD-RStage Door STAGE 9004
Boulevard! - Studio CastSound Clips2008-06-162-CDStage Door STAGE 9005
Anything Goes - CompilationSound Clips2008-04-14CDStage Door STAGE 9006
She Isn't Me - Dee ShipmanSound Clips2008-07-07CDStage Door STAGE 9007
Then & Now - Shirley JonesSound Clips2008-09-22CDStage Door Stage 9008
Living For Pleasure - Original London CastSound Clips2008-09-01CDStage Door STAGE 9009
I'll Cry Tomorrow - Lillian RothSound Clips2009-01-26CDStage Door STAGE 9011
Julie Andrews Sings - Julie Andrews
Musicality - Julie Andrews
Sound Clips2009-01-26CDStage Door STAGE 9012
Gigi - Studio Cast
Gigi - French Soundtrack
Gigi - Mexican Soundtrack
Sound Clips2009-01-26CD-RStage Door STAGE 9013
Napoleon - Toronto Cast2009-06-01CDStage Door STAGE 9015
Spotlight On Larry Kert
Larry Kert Sings Leonard Bernstein - Larry Kert
Sound Clips2009-05-25CDStage Door STAGE 9016
Only For a While - Steve BartonSound Clips2009-09-07CDStage Door STAGE 9017
Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance - TwiggySound Clips2009-09-14CDStage Door STAGE 9018
The Far Pavilions - Original London Cast
The Far Pavilions - Demo
The Far Pavilions: Journey To The Stage 1997-2005 - Demo Recordings
2009-10-26CDStage Door STAGE 9019
Songs from Once Upon a Time - Studio CastSound Clips2009-11-16CDStage Door STAGE 9020
Colette - Original London Cast2010-02-22CDStage Door STAGE 9021
Newley Discovered
Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory - Demo
Mr. Quilp - Demo
Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? - Demo
Sound Clips2010-05-10CDStage Door STAGE 9022
Encore: The Private Collection - Steve Barton2010-05-10CDStage Door STAGE 9023
Beautiful and Damned - Demo
Beautiful and Damned - Original London Cast
Sound Clips2010-09-27CDStage Door STAGE 9024
Out of the Blue - Original London Cast2010-10-18CDStage Door STAGE 9025
Mutiny! - Original London CastSound Clips2010-11-15CDStage Door STAGE 9026
J'Accuse...! The Passions Of Emile Zola - Studio Cast2011-04CDStage Door STAGE 9027
The Sound Of Music - Australian Cast
June Bronhill Sings The Sound Of Music - June Bronhill
The Six Top Songs from The Sound Of Music - Studio Cast
The Sound Of Music - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2011-11-01CDStage Door STAGE 9028
Someone Else's Story - Meredith BraunSound Clips2012-03-26CDStage Door STAGE 9029
Once in a Lifetime: The 25th Anniversary Collection - Dave Willetts2012-05-28CDStage Door STAGE 9030
The Last Song - The Final Recordings - Anthony NewleySound Clips2012-11-05CDStage Door STAGE 9031
Chita! / And Now I Sing!
Chita! - Chita Rivera
And Now I Sing - Chita Rivera
Sound Clips2013-02-25CDStage Door STAGE 9032
Andy Capp - Original London Cast2014-03-31CDStage Door STAGE 9034
Swan Esther - Concept Recording
Swan Esther and the King - Demo
How Green Was My Valley - Demo
2014-05-26CDStage Door STAGE 9035
Tess of the D'Urbervilles - Original London Cast
Tess of the D'Urbervilles - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2014-09-29CDStage Door STAGE 9036
Worzel Gummidge - Original London CastSound Clips2014-11-10CDStage Door STAGE 9037
Jack The Ripper - Original CastSound Clips2015-03-30CDStage Door STAGE 9039
Jeanne - Original Studio CastSound Clips2015-06-02CDStage Door STAGE 9040
Lost West End: London's Forgotten Musicals - Various ArtistsSound Clips2015-07-24CDStage Door STAGE 9041
Ann Veronica - Original London CastSound Clips2015-09-25CDStage Door STAGE 9042
Aladdin - Original London Cast
His Monkey Wife - Original London Cast
Sound Clips2015-11-20CDStage Door STAGE 9043
The Importance - Studio CastSound Clips2016-02-26CDStage Door STAGE 9044
Two Cities - Original London Cast
Two Cities - Demo
Sound Clips2016-06-24CDStage Door STAGE 9045
Pocahontas - Demo Cast
Pocahontas - Composer Demo
Sound Clips2017-03-24CDStage Door STAGE 9049
Donnybrook! - Original Broadway Cast
Donnybrook! - Pete King Orchestra
Sound Clips2018-01-26CDStage Door STAGE 9054
Julie: The Musical - Concept Recording2010-06-21CDStage Door STAGE LE02
Carousel - Studio Cast
Alfred Drake and Roberta Peters Sing the Popular Music of Leonard Bernstein - Alfred Drake and Roberta Peters
Sound Clips2016-05-27CDStage Door STAGE2340
State Fair - Film Soundtrack
State Fair - 20th Century Strings Orchestra
Hits from State Fair - Mike Sammes Singers
Sound Clips2016-09-02CDStage Door STAGE2360
Songs from Babes in Arms - Studio Cast
Younger Than Springtime - William Tabbert
Up in Central Park - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2017-12-08CDStage Door STAGE2410
Stop the World, I Want to Get Off - Original London Cast2011-07-28Audio FileStage Door Records
Do Re Mi - Original London Cast
Polly Bergen Sings Songs from Do Re Mi & Annie Get Your Gun - Studio Cast
Sound Clips2011-07-28Audio FileStage Door Records
On the Brighter Side - Original London CastSound ClipsAudio FileStage Door Records
The Desert Song - Studio Cast (Mario Lanza)Sound Clips2010-10-22Audio FileStage Door Records
Dorothy Loudon at the Blue Angel & Other Rarities
Dorothy Loudon at the Blue Angel - Dorothy Loudon
Sound Clips2016-01-15CDStage Door Records STAGE 2320
Hi-Ho And Other Rarities: Mary Sings And Mary Swings Walt Disney
Walt Disney's Story of Sleeping Beauty - Studio Cast (Mary Martin)
Hi-Ho: Mary Sings and Mary Swings Walt Disney Favorites - Mary Martin
Daughter of Silence / I Got the Sun in the Morning - Mary Martin
Sound Clips2016-12-02CDStage Door Records STAGE 2370
...and Then I Wrote The Music Man - Rini and Meredith Willson
The Music from Meredith Willson's The Music Man Conducted by Meredith Willson - Meredith Willson
Sound Clips2017-02-24CDStage Door Records STAGE 2380
Rodgers and Hammerstein Songbook - Richard KileySound Clips2017-04-28CDStage Door Records STAGE 2390
Man in the Moon - Original Broadway Cast
Man in the Moon - Composer Demo
Sound Clips2017-06-30CDStage Door Records STAGE 2400
Anthony Newley Sings The Good Old Bad Old Days
It's A Funny Old World - Demo
Sound Clips2015-01-26CDStage Door Records STAGE 9038
Moby Dick - Studio Cast
Lost West End 2 - Various Artists
Sound Clips2016-07-29CDStage Door Records STAGE 9046
Maddie - London Cast
Maddie - Demo
Sound Clips2016-10-142-CDStage Door Records STAGE 9047
Drake's Dream - Original London CastSound Clips2017-01-27CDStage Door Records STAGE 9048
Blondel - Original London Cast
Performance: The Very Best Of Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber - Various Artists
Running Back For More / Monks' Introduction To Blondel - Sharon Lee Hill
Sound Clips2017-05-262-CDStage Door Records STAGE 9050
Lost West End Vintage: London's Forgotten Musicals 1948-1962 - CompilationSound Clips2017-07-282-CDStage Door Records STAGE 9051
Half a Sixpence: The Original Demo Recordings
Songs from the Musical Half a Sixpence - Studio Cast
Half a Sixpence - Demo
Sound Clips2017-09-29CDStage Door Records Stage 9052
When Love Is Gone - Meredith BraunSound Clips2017-11-10CDStage Door Records STAGE 9053