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Alberto Favero on West Side Story - Alberto FaveroSound Clips2016-06-10CDAcqua Records 456
Noel Coward, A Portrait - Peter Pringle1987CDAquarius Records AQCD543
The Stephen Foster Story - Bardstown CastLPAudio-Visual GR-3990
El Mikado - Barcelona Cast1994CDAudioVisuals de Sarria
La botiga dels horrors - Original Barcelona CastSound ClipsAudio FileAudiovisuals de Sarrià
La botiga dels horrors - Original Barcelona Cast1987-11-02LPAudiovisuals de Sarria 20 133
El Mikado - Madrid CastSound Clips1987CDAudiovisuals de Sarrià 5.1313
Aloma - Original Barcelona CastCDAudiovisuals De Sarrià b-47062
Hansel & Gretel: A Wickedly Delicious Musical Treat - Original CastSound Clips2015-05-05CDCarpet Square 5001
Me and My Girl - London Studio CastSound Clips2005-11-22CDCastle Pulse (Sanctuary) PLSCD 610
The Gondoliers - D'Oyly Carte Opera Company
Iolanthe - D'Oyly Carte Opera Company
Sound Clips2003-07-084-CDCastle Pulse / Sanctuary PBXCD 470
Songs from Grease - London Studio CastSound Clips2002CDCastle Pulse / Sanctuary Records PLSCD 587
Dakota Chautauqua - Original castCDDakota Chautauqua
Sings Some Ol' Songs - Victoria WilliamsSound Clips2002-10-28CDDualtone IDLCD18
Ripper - Original CastCDDuane Nelsen Productions
Let It Sing - Euan DoidgeSound Clips2014-06-20Audio FileEuan Doidge
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame - Studio Cast2000-01-01CDGuayaquil Records 9770
Heart of Steel - Original CastSound Clips2015-08-06CDHighland Quality Productions Inc.
Jesus Christ Superstar - Vienna Concert CastSound Clips2005CDHitSquad
The Sound Of Music - Vienna Cast2005CDHitSquad
Rebecca - Original Vienna Cast (Live)Sound Clips2007-10-192-CDHitsquad
Elisabeth Sing Along - KaraokeSound Clips2006-10-27CDHitsquad
Frühlings Erwachen - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2009-05-13CDHitSquad
Der Graf Von Monte Christo - Swiss CastSound Clips2009-10-27CDHitSquad
Absolut Uwe - Uwe Kröger2010-03-26DVDHitSquad
Tutanchamun - Original Austrian Cast2010-04-23DVDHitSquad
Take Me To Heaven - Ana Milva GomesSound Clips2011-08-19CDHitSquad
Elisabeth - 20th Anniversary CastSound Clips2012-11-072-CDHitSquad
Der Besuch Der Alten Dame - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2014-05-092-CDHitsquad
Mozart! - Vienna CastSound Clips2015-12-042-CDHitSquad
Mozart! - Vienna Cast2016-06-17DVDHitsquad
Schikaneder - Original CastSound Clips2016-12-062-CDHitsquad
I Am From Austria - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2017-12-072-CDHitsquad
Die Grössten Musicalhits Aller Zeiten - Various Artists2017-12-012-CDHitsquad
The Sound of Music - Austrian CastSound Clips2012-05-25CDHitSquad 668 336
Elisabeth - Vienna CastSound ClipsCDHitSquad 6680271
Elisabeth - Vienna Revival Cast2004CDHitSquad 6680530
The Power Of A Woman In Love - Gloria Gaynor2006CDHitsquad 668260
Elisabeth - Vienna CastSound Clips20062-CDHitSquad 668262
Rebecca - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2006-11-24CDHitsquad 668263
Tanz Der Vampire - 10th Anniversary Concert CastSound Clips2007-09CDHitsquad 668277
Elisabeth - Vienna Revival Cast2007-11-163-DVDHitSquad 668280
Wonderland: Alice's New Musical Adventure - Original CastSound Clips2010-04-23CDHitsquad 668313
Rebecca - Stuttgart CastSound Clips2012-11-302-CDHitsquad 668341
Starlight Express - German Cast2015-01-302-CDHitSquad 668354
Sing Along: Wildhorn Edition - Orchester des Budapester OpereSound Clips2011-04-26CDHitsquad (Alive)
Musical Forever 2: Abschiedskonzert Für Und Mit Caspar Richter - Concert CastSound Clips2011-04-26CDHitsquad (Alive)
Sister Act - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2011-11-04CDHitSquad / Stage Entertainment
Romeo & Julia - KaraokeCDHitSquad Records
Musical Forever - Vienna Concert CastSound Clips2008-04-302-CDHitSquad Records
The Producers - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2008-10-10CDHitSquad Records
I Was Born to Love You - Drew Sarich and Lisa AntoniSound Clips2008-11-21CDHitSquad Records
These Are My Rivers / Kings Of The World - Vienna Cast PromoSound Clips2005-01-26CDHitsquad Records
Rudolf - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2009-04-10CDHitSquad Records
Rudolf - Austrian Cast (Live)Sound Clips2009-12-222-CDHitSquad Records
Ich War Noch Niemals in New York - Original Vienna Cast2010-04-30CDHitSquad Records
Tanz Der Vampire - Austrian CastSound Clips2010-05-282-CDHitSquad Records
If I Sing - Thomas BorchertSound Clips2010-09-24CDHitSquad Records
A Musical Christmas - Concert Cast2010-11-12CDHitSquad Records
Das Kleine Vampir-ABC - Original Vienna Cast2010-11CDHitSquad Records
Frank Wildhorn & Friends: Live from Vienna - Vienna Concert CastSound Clips2011-11-112-CDHitSquad Records
Natürlich Blond - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2013-05-242-CDHitSquad Records
Artus Excalibur: Das Musical - Original CastSound Clips2014-03-28CDHitSquad Records
Next to Normal - Original Fürth CastSound Clips2014-05-302-CDHitSquad Records
Catch Me If You Can - Original German CastSound Clips2015-09-112-CDHitsquad Records
Tommy - Austrian CastSound Clips2015-12-042-CDHitsquad Records
Spamalot - Original Austrian CastSound Clips2016-12-23CDHitsquad Records
Nostradamus - Original Austrian CastSound Clips2017-05-052-CDHitSquad Records
Ghost - Original Austrian CastSound Clips2017-06-30CDHitSquad Records
Ich bin was ich bin - Uwe KrögerSound Clips2014-11-21Audio FileHitsquad Records
Tanz Der Vampire - Vienna CastSound Clips2018-03-02CDHitSquad Records
Zzaun! - Original German CastSound ClipsHitSquad Records
Coverart - Oedo KuipersSound Clips2016-05-20Audio FileHitSquad Records
After All This Time - Pia DouwesSound Clips2018-04-27LPHitsquad Records
Matterhorn - Original Swiss CastSound Clips2018-06-292-CDHitSquad Records
Rudolf - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2018-07-20BlurayHitSquad Records
Superstars Des Musical: Hollywood Dreams - Various ArtistsSound Clips2018-12-212-CDHitSquad Records
Pure - Oedo KuipersSound Clips2018-11-23CDHitSquad Records
Scrooge - Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte - Original German CastSound Clips2014-12-05Audio FileHitSquad Records
Dracula - Original Graz CastSound Clips2008-06-20CDHitSquad Records 668283
The Count of Monte Cristo - English Concept AlbumSound Clips2008-12-12CDHitsquad Records 668291
Jesus Christ Superstar - Vienna Concert CastSound Clips2011-09-052-CDHitSquad Records 668325
Mary Poppins - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2015-08-142-CDHitSquad Records 668352
Jane Eyre - Original Austrian CastSound Clips2018-12-142-CDHitsquad Records 668403
Wonderful Town - German Cast2017-09-22CDHitsquad Records (Alive)
Betty Bernstein - Austrian CastSound Clips2017-10-06CDHitsquad Records (Alive)
Tschitti Tschitti Bäng Bäng - Original Munich CastSound Clips2014-09-26CDHitsquad Records (MG Sound)
Mozart! - Vienna Cast2016-06-17BlurayHitsquad Records (MG Sound)
Don Camillo & Peppone - Original Vienna CastSound Clips2017-04-142-CDHitsquad Records (MG Sound)
The Hunting Of The Snark - UK Tour CastSound Clips2017-09-29CDHitsquad Records (MG Sound)
Die größten Musicalhits aller Zeiten - Various Artists2017-12-012-CDHitsquad Records (MG Sound)
Heidi - Original CastSound Clips2019-01-25CDHitsquad Records (Mg Sound)
After All This Time - Pia Douwes2017-11-24CDHitsquad Records / MG Sound 668384
Light of the World: A Celebration of Life - Original Cast20022-CDIntellectual Reserve, Inc. 22323
Savior of the World: His Birth and Resurrection - Original Cast2000CDIntellectual Reserve, Inc. 50103
Savior of the World: His Birth and Resurrection - Original Cast20042-CDIntellectual Reserve, Inc. 50103
The Magic Show - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1998-10-20CDJanuary 7001
Flight School the Musical - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2016-08-04CDJoshua H. Cohen & David Mallamud 5638625004
The Holy Cows of Credence, South Dakota - Original Cast2010CDLaGuardia College Studio Recordings Sk 001115
Corcunda de Notre Dame, O - Portuguese Soundtrack1996CDLusomundo Audiovisuais S.A. 728296
Hércules - Portuguese Soundtrack1997CDLusomundo Audiovisuais S.A. 729024
Mulan - Portuguese Soundtrack1998CDLusomundo Audiovisuais S.A. 750706
The Music That Makes Me Dance - Patricia NessyCDManual Music
West Side Story - Studio Cast1997CDMCPS Quality Entertainment Division QED088
The Goldwyn Follies - Film2000-04-04VHSMGM / UA Studios
The Goldwyn Follies - Film2009-04-07DVDMGM-UA
Naughty Marietta - Film1987VHSMGM/UA
Billy Rose's Jumbo - Film1987VHSMGM/UA
Double Trouble - Film1992-06-24VHSMGM/UA
Rose Marie - FilmVHSMGM/UA
The Wizard Of Oz - Film1989VHSMGM/UA M301656
Kiss Me, Kate - Film1998-10-28LaserdiscMGM/UA Hom Video ML105277
Show Boat - FilmVHSMGM/UA Home Video
Kismet - FilmVHSMGM/UA Home Video
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - FilmVHSMGM/UA Home Video
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - FilmVHSMGM/UA Home Video
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - FilmVHSMGM/UA Home Video
Singin' in the Rain - FilmVHSMGM/UA Home Video
Singin' in the Rain - FilmVHSMGM/UA Home Video
The Wizard Of Oz - Film1992-04-15VHSMGM/UA Home Video
The Wizard Of Oz - Film1996-09-10VHSMGM/UA Home Video
The Band Wagon - Film1986VHSMGM/UA Home Video
Fiddler on the Roof - FilmVHSMGM/UA Home Video
Deep In My Heart - FilmVHSMGM/UA Home Video
Yolanda and the Thief - Film1998-09-01VHSMGM/UA Home Video
On the Town - FilmVHSMGM/UA Home Video
Bathing Beauty - FilmVHSMGM/UA Home Video
All Dogs Go To Heaven - Film1994-12-07VHSMGM/UA Home Video
Thousands Cheer - FilmVHSMGM/UA Home Video
Summer Holiday - Film1995-02-24VHSMGM/UA Home Video
The Opposite Sex - Film1995-02-24VHSMGM/UA Home Video
The Wizard Of Oz - Film2001-11-05VHSMGM/UA Home Video
Till the Clouds Roll By - Film1992-04-01VHSMGM/UA Home Video
The Duchess Of Idaho - Film1995-02-24VHSMGM/UA Home Video
Honolulu - Film1995-02-24VHSMGM/UA Home Video
Listen, Darling - Film1992-04-01VHSMGM/UA Home Video
Interrupted Melody - Soundtrack1994-06-30VHSMGM/UA Home Video
Broadway Serenade - Film1992-12-11VHSMGM/UA Home Video
The Jazz Singer - FilmVHSMGM/UA Home Video
The Sun Comes Up - Film1998-09-01VHSMGM/UA Home Video
The Merry Widow - Film1995-02-24VHSMGM/UA Home Video
Love Me Or Leave Me - FilmVHSMGM/UA Home Video
Meet Me in St. Louis - FilmLaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video
Hollywood Party - FilmVHSMGM/UA Home Video M206234
On the Town - Film1988VHSMGM/UA Home Video M600057
The Wizard Of Oz - Film1983LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video Ml100001
Meet Me in St. Louis - FilmLaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100005
An American In Paris - Film1989LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100006
That's Entertainment! - Film19882-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100007
Fame - Film19832-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100027
Fame - Film19902-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100027
Brigadoon - Film1988LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100040
Brigadoon - FilmSound Clips1983LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100040
On the Town - Film1990-10-01LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100057
Bells Are Ringing - Film2-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100063
A Day At The Races - Film1989LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100064
Royal Wedding - Film1990-01-15LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100083
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - Film1985LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100091
Till the Clouds Roll By - Film19902-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100094
The Pirate - FilmLaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video Ml100101
The Band Wagon - FilmLaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100113
Pennies From Heaven - Film1989LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100147
Singin' in the Rain - Film1983LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100185
Man of La Mancha - Film1993-11-102-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100240
Easter Parade - Film1992-01-22LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100256
High Society - FilmLaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100292
Anchors Aweigh - Film2-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100309
Yentl - Film19902-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100313
The Barkleys Of Broadway - Film Cast1988LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100321
Naughty Marietta - Film1995-08-25LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100371
Take Me Out to the Ball Game - Film1992-04-01LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100503
The Great Ziegfeld - Film1992-02-192-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100538
Strike Up the Band - Film CastLaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100565
Love Me Or Leave Me - FilmLaserdisc, DVDMGM/UA Home Video ML100755
Yankee Doodle Dandy - Film1991-01-152-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100792
Presenting Lily Mars - Film1992-04-15LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100827
Summer Stock - FilmLaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100851
In the Good Old Summertime - Film1991-06-14LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100860
Words and Music - Film2-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100861
The Great Waltz - Film1994-04-13LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML100985
Yolanda and the Thief - Film1992-07-01LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101049
Broadway Melody of 1940 - FilmLaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101111
Rhapsody In Blue - Film1992-01-292-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101149
Three Little Words - Film1992-06-17LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101189
New York, New York - Film19892-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101321
Hair - Film1992-06-242-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101330
Bathing Beauty - Film1994-02-23LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101375
For Me and My Gal - Film1989LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101379
The Merry Widow - Film1993LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101590
The Wizard Of Oz - Film1989LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101656
42nd Street - FilmLaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101672
Gold Diggers of 1933 - FilmLaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101673
Gold Diggers of 1935 - Film1991-08-07LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101674
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying - Film19902-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101705
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - Film1990-03-16LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101708
Gigi - Film1989LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101709
Victor / Victoria - Film19902-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101737
Silk Stockings - Film1989LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101738
Fiddler on the Roof - Film19902-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101744
It's Always Fair Weather - Film1990LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101816
Brigadoon - Film1990-07-01LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101817
Born to Dance - Film1992-02-05LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101826
Meet Me in St. Louis - Film1990LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101827
Tom Sawyer - Film1994-03-16LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101863
All Dogs Go To Heaven - FilmLaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101868
The Boy Friend - Film1990-11-152-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101870
The Unsinkable Molly Brown - Film19902-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML101876
All Dogs Go To Heaven - Film2-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102043
Love Me Or Leave Me - Film19912-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102091
That's Entertainment! - Film1991-07-173-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102126
The Band Wagon - Film1991-04-24LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102147
Singin' in the Rain - Film1991-07-08LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102166
West Side Story - Film19912-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102175
Bells Are Ringing - Film1991-08-072-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102178
Les Girls - Film1991-07-24LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102179
Kismet - Film1991-08-07LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video Ml102180
The Band Wagon - Film1991-02-153-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102195
Strike Up the Band - Film Cast1990-12-152-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102197
Roberta - Film
Dancing Lady - Film
1991-08-28LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video Ml102221
High Society - Film1991LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102262
Night and Day - Film1994-02-232-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102270
Show Boat - Film1991-11-09LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102302
Hollywood Canteen - Film1992-11-252-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102309
Romance on the High Seas - Film
My Dream Is Yours - Film
1991-10-162-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102323
Rose Marie - Film1991-12-11LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102324
Kiss Me, Kate - Film1991-10-02LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102325
Easter Parade - Film1992-03-11LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102419
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm - Film1992-02-12LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102427
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Film1993-01-132-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102429
That's Entertainment, Part 2 - Film19923-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102430
The Dawn of Sound
Broadway Melody - Film
The Hollywood Revue of 1929 - Film
1992-04-224-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102551
A Day At The Races - Film1992-03-18LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102562
Best Foot Forward - Film
DuBarry Was a Lady - Film
1992-07-15LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102570
Broadway Melody of 1936 - Film
Broadway Melody of 1938 - Film
1992-08-12LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102745
An American In Paris - Film1992-12-163-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102803
The Busby Berkeley Disc
The Busby Berkeley Collection - Compilation
19922-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML102812
That's Entertainment! III - Film1994-11-16LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML103028
That's Entertainment! III - Film19944-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML103059
The Dawn of Sound Volume II
Sally - Film
Good News - Film
19934-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML103065
Huckleberry Finn - Film1994-02-23LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML103989
The Ultimate Oz
The Wizard Of Oz - Film
19933-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML103990
The Student Prince - Film1993-09-292-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML104505
Good News - Film
Good News - Film
1993LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML104511
Meet Me in St. Louis - Film Soundtrack
Meet Me in St. Louis - Film
1994-12-213-Laserdisc, CDMGM/UA Home Video ML104754
Ziegfeld Follies - Film19943-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML104761
The Harvey Girls - Film
Summer Stock - Film
The Pirate - Film
1995-03-14LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML104869
The Complete Show Boat
Show Boat - Film
Till the Clouds Roll By - Film
Show Boat - Film
Show Boat - Film
19944-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML104870
How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Film1994LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML105107
The Gene Kelly Collection
It's Always Fair Weather - Film
Brigadoon - Film
On the Town - Film
19954-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML105144
Till the Clouds Roll By - Film
Words and Music - Film
Deep In My Heart - Film
3-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML105155
The Wizard Of Oz - Film1996-09-11LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML105204
Gigi - Film1998-02-18LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML106352
Singin' in the Rain - Film1998-03-252-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML106467
Meet Me in St. Louis - Film1998-11-17LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML107086
West Side Story - Film1998-10-282-LaserdiscMGM/UA Home Video ML107087
The Great Caruso - Film1989VHSMGM/UA Home Video SMV 10067
Ziegfeld Girl - FilmSound ClipsVHSMGM/UA HOME VIDEO-TURNER
Dames - Film1998-09-01VHSMGM/Ua Studios
Cabin in the Sky - Film1995-02-23VHSMGM/Ua Studios
The Fantasticks - FilmSound Clips1970-02-22VHSMGM/Ua Studios
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - Film1998-01-06VHSMGM/Ua Studios
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying - Film1998-01-06VHSMGM/Ua Studios
Meet Me in St. Louis - Film1994-04-13VHSMGM/Ua Studios
New York, New York - FilmSound Clips2000-04-04VHSMGM/Ua Studios
Presenting Lily Mars - Film1992-04-01VHSMGM/Ua Studios
That's Entertainment! - FilmSound Clips1994-08-08VHSMGM/Ua Studios
That's Entertainment! III - Film1995-07-18VHSMGM/Ua Studios
Yentl - FilmSound Clips1992-12-31VHSMGM/Ua Studios
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Film1997-08-12VHSMGM/Ua Studios
Los miserables - Original Argentinian Cast20003-CDMUSICUAR 2415
The Point - Definitive Collector's Edition
The Point - Film
Sound Clips2012-11-20DVDMVD Visual
Shock Treatment - SoundtrackSound Clips2013-08-06Audio FileOde Sounds & Visuals
Tommy - London Studio Cast2015-09-11CDOde Sounds & Visuals
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2018-10-26LPOde Sounds & Visuals
The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do The Time Warp Again - TV SoundtrackSound Clips2016-10-21CDOde Sounds & Visuals 8
The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Absolute Treasures
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Film Soundtrack
2015-07-24CD, 2-LPOde Sounds & Visuals ODE-00003-2
The Rocky Horror Show - Original Roxy CastLPOde Sounds & Visuals ODE-9009
The Rocky Horror Show - Original Roxy CastSound ClipsCDOde Sounds & Visuals R2 70090
The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Film Soundtrack4-CassetteOde Sounds & Visuals R4 71011
Live at the Algonquin: Kidding on the Square - Emily BerglSound Clips2011-12-05CDOn the Square Productions
Lover, Beloved: Songs from an Evening with Carson Mccullers - Suzanne VegaSound Clips2016-10-14CDPerpetual Sounds
People WIll Say We're In Love - Nicki AllanSound Clips2010-09-01CDPersuasive Records LM-0003734
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris - Cleveland Cast1996CDPlayhouse Square
The All Night Strut - Cleveland CastLPPlayhouse Square 1S-1001
Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris - Cleveland CastLPPlayhouse Square CLE-2S-101
Blast Off! The Live New Sound Of Louis Prima - Louis PrimaLPQuad ST 0030
Tribute - Victor De Diego QuartetSound ClipsCDQuadrant Records Q00046J
'S Wonderful: Gershwin Plays Gershwin - George GershwinSound Clips2005-05-164-CDQuadromania Klassik 222129-444
Tut Ankh Amon - Original Cairo CastSound Clips2011-03-25CDQuadrovision
Jeans 1 - Verious19872-LPQuakitel
Nosztalgia - Vico TorrianiEPQualiton EP 7333
A víg özvegy - Studio CastLP 10"Qualiton HLP OK 6516
West Side Story - Hungarian CastLPQualiton LP 6555
C'est La Guerre - Hungarian CastLPQualiton LPX 1208
Csárdáskirálynő - Studio CastLPQualiton LPX 6537
A Mosoly Országa - Studio CastLPQualiton LPX 6541
Luxemburg grófja - Studio CastLPQualiton LPX 6545
Bajadér - Hungarian CastLPQualiton LPX 6549
Cigányprímás - Hungarian Cast
Cigányszerelem - Hungarian Cast
LPQualiton LPX 6550
Marica grófnő - Hungarian CastLPQualiton LPX 6551
Me and My Girl - Hungarian CastLPQualiton SLPM16775
Cigánybáró - Studio CastLPQualiton SLPX 16557
Képzelt Riport Egy Amerikai Popfesztiválról - Original Cast1973LPQualiton SLPX 16579
Dubarry Grófnő - Studio Cast1975LPQualiton SLPX 16583
Jó Estét Nyár, Jó Estét Szerelem - Original Hungarian Cast1977LPQualiton SLPX 16606
Operetta Songs - Sylvia SassLPQualiton SLPX 16607
A Mosoly Országa - Studio CastLPQualiton SLPX 16612
Harmincéves Vagyok - Original Hungarian Cast1975LPQualiton SLPX 17494
Cirkuszhercegnő - Studio CastLPQualiton SLPX 6553
Sybill - Budapest Operette TheatreLPQualiton SMX 1803
Hegedűs a háztetőn - Hungarian CastLPQualiton SPLM-16719
My Fair Lady - Hungarian Cast1965LPQualitone LPX-6556
Oliver! - Hungarian CastLPQuality 16700
The Phantom Unmasked - Michael CrawfordSound Clips1990-08-17CDQuality CDL 15105-2
Joan Roberts Sings Her Hit Songs - Joan RobertsLPQuality Q719-26
Show Boat - Toronto CastSound Clips1994CDQuality RSPD 257
Ahmad Jamal - Ahmad JamalLPQuality V-1629
Jack the Ripper - Hamburg Cast1994CDQuality Entertainment Productions 39861902
When Love Songs Were Love Songs - Richard ClaydermanSound Clips1992-09-29CDQuality Records
The Love Songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber - Richard ClaydermanSound Clips1990-10-19CDQuality Records 15127
Amour and More ... - Richard ClaydermanSound Clips1992-03-09CDQuality Records CDL 15193-2
The Magic of the Musicals - Marti Webb and Mark RattrayCDQuality Television QTVCD 013
The Inspector General - Film2003-06-23DVDQuantum Leap
Doll Face - Film2008-03-17DVDQuantum Leap
The Pajama Game - Film2005-12-05DVDQuantum Leap
Happy Go Lovely - Film2005-08-22DVDQuantum Leap
Jane Eyre - Demo1998CDQuarternote Productions
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - Film Soundtrack2012-12CDQuartet
Tom Sawyer - Film Soundtrack2015-122-CDQuartet Records QR211
Stavisky - Soundtrack2017-04CDQuartet Records QR271
The Very Best of Dionne Warwick - Dionne Warwick2014-11-042-CDRhino/Union Square 5002288
What a Crazy World - Original SoundtrackSound Clips2001-11-26CDSanctuary
Royal Wedding - Film2001-03-05DVDSanctuary
Second Chorus - Film2001-03-05DVDSanctuary
Blood Brothers - Original London CastSound Clips2006-02-02CDSanctuary 327
One Day At A Time: The Ultimate Collection - Lena Martell20082-CDSanctuary CMDDD678
The Ultimate Collection - Petula ClarkSound Clips2002-06-112-CDSanctuary SANDD111
Starlight Express - Studio Cast
Cats - Studio Cast
2002CDSanctuary (Castle Pulse) PLSCD 586
Reggae for Kids: Movie Classics - Various ArtistsSound Clips2001-02-27CDSanctuary Records 3258
Springtime for Hitler - Studio CastSound Clips2001-07-10CDSanctuary records CMZX236
Songs from Annie - West End Orchestra & SingersSound Clips2002CDSanctuary Records PLS CD 572
The Swingle Singers Sing Irving Berlin - The Swingle SingersSound Clips2003-09-16CDSanctuary Records PLSCD 644
Hello, Dolly! - Studio CastSound Clips2002CDSanctuary Records Group PLS CD 617
Man of La Mancha - Australian Cast2015-08-07CDSquabbalogic
Esta é a Nossa Canção - Original Brazilian CastCDTadeuAguiareA
Live At The Talk Of The Town - Shirley Bassey1970LPUA UAS29095
Royal Wedding - Film1989-06-15VHSUav Corporation
The Blue Angel - Film1989-06-14VHSUav Corporation
Tubby the Tuba - Film1990-04-02VHSUav Corporation
Bye Bye Birdie - Television Cast2004-09-21VHSUav Corporation
Oh! Calcutta! - Film Cast1980-07-14VHSUAV Corporation
Happy Go Lovely - Film1989-06-15VHSUav Corporation
Lady of Burlesque - Film1989-06-14VHSUav Corporation
Good Morning Starshine - OliverCDUAV Entertainment
Greatest Ever! Musicals - Various2006-11-203-CDUnion Square
Elaine Paige Presents Showstoppers From the Musicals - Various Artists2017-11-243-CDUnion Square
Our Kind of Music: The Great American Songbook - Various Artists2017-12-013-CDUnion Square
Simply the Songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber - CompilationSound Clips2006-10-314-CDUnion Square CD030
Simply Broadway - CompilationSound Clips2007-09-034-CDUnion Square CD045
My Favourite Musicals - Various Artists2009-08-032-CDUnion Square USMJRDCD009
Classic Rock 2: The Second Movement - London Symphony OrchestraSound Clips2012-07-09Audio FileUnion Square Music
The 7 Ages of Woman - Barbara DicksonSound Clips2015-04-06Audio FileUnion Square Music
The Intro Collection: Broadway - CompilationSound Clips2009-01-013-CDUnion Square Music INTROTCD30
Oliver! - London Studio Cast2008-04CDUnion Square Music METRCD228
The Magical Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber - CompilationSound Clips20083-CDUnion Square Music METRTN002
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Germaine Montero Sings Songs from Mother Courage - Germaine MonteroLPVaguard VRS-9022
Jan Peerce Sings Songs From "Fiddler On The Roof" And Ten Classics Of Jewish Folk Song - Jan PeerceSound Clips1994-06-25CDVanguard 79258
Two By Two: Ruby Braff And Ellis Larkins Play Rodgers and Hart - Ruby Braff And Ellis LarkinsSound Clips2006-01-03CDVANGUARD 8507
George Feyer Plays George Gershwin
The Essential George Gershwin - George Feyer
Sound Clips1993-05-12CDVanguard OVC 6002
George Feyer Plays Jerome Kern
The Essential Jerome Kern - George Feyer
Sound Clips1993-05-12CDVanguard OVC 6015
Die Dreigroschenoper - Vienna State Opera1968LPVanguard SRV-273 SD
Ballad For Americans - Paul RobesonSound Clips1991-09-16CDVanguard VCD117/18
Music for the Theatre
Porgy & Bess / Themes from Show Boat - Maurice Abravanel & the Utah Symphony Orchestra
1991-11-26CDVanguard VCD72009
Jan Peerce Sings Songs From "Fiddler On The Roof" And Ten Classics Of Jewish Folk Song - Jan PeerceReel-to-ReelVanguard VG-9258
Une éducation manquée - Studio CastLPVanguard VRS 460
If This Ain't The Blues - Jimmy RushingLPVanguard VRS 8513
Sandhog - Studio Cast195478Vanguard VRS 9001
Doubles In Brass - Don ElliottLP 10"Vanguard VRS-8016
Jo Jones Plus Two - The Jo Jones TrioLPVanguard VRS-8525
Sandhog - Studio Cast1954LPVanguard VRS-9001
Die Dreigroschenoper - Vienna State Opera1955LPVanguard VRS-9002
Rare Wine - Shannon BolinLPVanguard VRS-9003
Songs I Taught My Mother - Charlotte Rae1955LPVanguard VRS-9004
Carol Channing - Carol Channing1961LPVanguard VRS-9056
Zero Mostel Sings Harry Ruby's Songs My Mother Never Sang - Zero Mostel1966LPVanguard VRS-9229
Just A Groove - Buck ClaytonLPVanguard VRS8517
An Evening with Yves Montand - Yves MontandLPVanguard VSD 63/64
Tuscaloosa's Calling Me...But I'm Not Going! - Original Off-Broadway Cast1976LPVanguard VSD 79376
Visions - Bunky GreenSound ClipsLPVanguard VSD 79413
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Carol Channing - Carol Channing1961LPVanguard VSD-2011
A Hand of Bridge - Studio CastLPVanguard VSD-2083
Zero Mostel Sings Harry Ruby's Songs My Mother Never Sang - Zero Mostel1966LPVanguard VSD-79229
What Makes a Man a Man? - Larry Paulette1977LPVanguard VSD-79386
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Jonny Spielt Auf - Austrian CastSound Clips1994-01-04CDVanguard Classics 8048
Die Dreigroschenoper - Vienna State OperaSound Clips1994-04-29CDVanguard Classics 8057
Germaine Montero Sings Songs from Mother Courage - Germaine MonteroSound Clips1997-06-24CDVanguard Classics 8095
Die Dreigroschenoper - Studio Cast (Lotte Lenya)1968LPVanguard Everyman Classics SRV-273 SD
Days Of Wine And Roses - Beegie AdairSound Clips2003-11-25CDVillage Square
Music from the Musical: Evita
Evita - West End Orchestra & Singers
Sound Clips2012-02-10CD-RVirtual Insanity - OMP
The Nine Lives of L. M. Montgomery - Original Cast2008-11-04CDVirtual Studios NLM2426
Jane Eyre - Premiere Cast Recording2000CDWhiteRose / Quarternote Productions