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Jerry Herman's Broadway at the Hollywood Bowl - Concert Cast1997-07-29VHSUni/Varese Sarabande
Saturday Night Fever: Themes from the Musical - Grant GeissmanSound Clips1999-11-30CDVarese 302 066 095 2
A Broadway Valentine - VariousSound Clips2002-02-05CDVarese 3020621212
The Best of the Broadway Divas - CompilationSound Clips1997-08-26CDVarese 5855
john & jen - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1996-03-14CDVarese VSD-5688
The Best of Cabaret - VariousSound Clips1997-08-26CDVarese VSD-5854
The Paul Simon Album - Various ArtistsSound Clips1998-09-08CDVarese VSD-5888
Duets - Petula ClarkSound Clips2007-03-13CDVarese Fontana 066791
L.A. Confidential - Film SoundtrackSound Clips1997-08-26CDVarese Sarabande
The 50's Remembered: The Pop Vocalists Era: Toni Arden, Kitty Kallen, Jane Morgan, Sylvia Syms - Various ArtistsSound Clips1997-02-11CDVarese Sarabande
All the Love - Fran JeffriesSound Clips2000-10-24CDVarese Sarabande
Some Like It Hot - SoundtrackSound Clips2010-03-05CDVarese Sarabande
Sugar Babies - Broadway Cast2010-03-05CDVarese Sarabande
The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective - Film Soundtrack1992-03-17CassetteVarese Sarabande
The Point - London Cast2016-07-01CDVarese Sarabande
Charlotte's Web - Film Soundtrack2017-11-17LPVarese Sarabande
Style - Al MartinoSound Clips2000-04-18CDVarese Sarabande 061057
The Story Goes On - Liz CallawaySound Clips2001-04-03CDVarese Sarabande 062019
Anything Goes: Rebecca Luker Sings Cole Porter - Rebecca LukerSound Clips2001-10-09CDVarese Sarabande 062030
Inside the Music - Donna McKechnieSound Clips2002-04-30CDVarese Sarabande 062124
Broadway Inspirations - CompilationSound Clips2002-06-11CDVarese Sarabande 062128
A Cabaret Cocktail - CompilationSound Clips2002-07-02CDVarese Sarabande 062137
Love Is Good - Christine AndreasSound Clips2002-08-20CDVarese Sarabande 062138
Heart & Soul on Broadway - Various ArtistsSound Clips2002-10-29CDVarese Sarabande 062148
The Ethel Merman Disco Album - Ethel MermanSound Clips2003-01-28CDVarese Sarabande 062170
Anywhere I Wander - Liz CallawaySound Clips2003-01-28CDVarese Sarabande 062172
Believe: The Songs of the Sherman Brothers - Studio CastSound Clips2003-04-22CDVarese Sarabande 062175
Just in Time: Judy Kuhn Sings Jule Styne - Judy KuhnSound Clips2003-05-13CDVarese Sarabande 062180
Jazz Live - Billy Stritch2003-06-24CDVarese Sarabande 062183
Colored Lights: The Broadway Album - Deborah GibsonSound Clips2003-11-04CDVarese Sarabande 062195
Holiday In Plaid: Plaid Tidings - Stage CastSound Clips2003-12-16CDVarese Sarabande 062197
Paris Sessions - Tierney SuttonSound Clips2014-09-16CDVarese Sarabande 062427
A Broadway Christmas - Studio CastSound Clips1998-08-25CDVarese Sarabande 065517
Love Decides - Jane OlivorSound Clips2000-11-07CDVarese Sarabande 066198
Best Foot Forward - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2001-05-01CDVarese Sarabande 066221
Marilyn Monroe: The Diamond Collection
There's No Business Like Show Business - Film Soundtrack
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips2001-11-13CDVarese Sarabande 066306
Lost Treasures - Doris DaySound Clips2003-11-25CDVarese Sarabande 066519
Romantic Standards: The Great American Love Songs - CompilationSound Clips2004-02-03CDVarese Sarabande 066538
Andy Warhol Presents Man on the Moon: The John Phillips Space Musical
Space - Demo
Man On The Moon - Off-Broadway Cast
Romance Is on the Rise - Genevieve Waite
Sound Clips2009-07-21CDVarese Sarabande 066965
Show Boat - Studio CastSound Clips2013-05-07CDVarese Sarabande 067186
The Love Album - Doris Day2016-04-22CDVarese Sarabande 067423
Popeye - Film Soundtrack
Popeye - Demo
Sound Clips2017-09-282-CDVarese Sarabande 067430
Julie's Greenroom - TV Soundtrack2017-05-05CDVarese Sarabande 067487
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Film Soundtrack2017-08-04LPVarese Sarabande 206654
Unsuspecting Hearts - Emily Skinner & Alice RipleySound Clips1999-10-26CDVarese Sarabande 302 066 074 2
If Love Were All - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1999-10-05CDVarese Sarabande 302 066 083 2
Rose of Washington Square - Film SoundtrackSound Clips1999-11-02CDVarese Sarabande 302 066 089 2
Screen Magic - VariousSound Clips2000-08-15CDVarese Sarabande 302 066 146 2
Latin Broadway - Various ArtistsSound Clips2000-10-10CDVarese Sarabande 302 066 188 2
Rita Moreno - Rita MorenoSound Clips2000-10-17CDVarese Sarabande 302 066 189 2
Downhearted Blues: Live At The Cookery - Alberta Hunter2001CDVarese Sarabande 302 066 247 2
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2004-02-24CDVarese Sarabande 302 066 542 2
Huckleberry Finn - Film Soundtrack
Tom Sawyer - Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips2004-08-31CDVarese Sarabande 302 066 601 2
Promises, Promises - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2005-04-12CDVarese Sarabande 302 066 647 2
Man of La Mancha - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2005-04-12CDVarese Sarabande 302 066 648 2
State Fair - Film Soundtrack
State Fair - Film Soundtrack
Sound Clips1999-11-02CDVarese Sarabande 302 066075-2
At Long Last Love - Film Soundtrack2015-10-16CDVarese Sarabande 302 067 342 8
Charlotte's Web - Film Soundtrack2018-02-16CDVarese Sarabande 302 067 512-8
After the Fair - York Theatre CastSound Clips1999-09-07CDVarese Sarabande 302066075-2
Camelot - London CastCDVarese Sarabande 47206
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum... in Jazz - Trotter TrioSound Clips1996-03-26CDVarese Sarabande 5057
Unsung Sondheim - Various ArtistsSound Clips2002-06-04CDVarese Sarabande 5433
Anywhere I Wander - Liz CallawaySound Clips1993-09-28CDVarese Sarabande 5434
Toonful: Songs from the Classic Animated Films - Michelle Nicastro1993-10-26CDVarese Sarabande 5437
Prettybelle - Studio CastSound Clips1993-08-17CDVarese Sarabande 5439
Bring Back Birdie - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1993-08-17CDVarese Sarabande 5440
Part of Your World: Debbie Shapiro Gravitte Sings Alan Menken - Debbie GravitteSound Clips1994-05-24CDVarese Sarabande 5452
Sugar Babies - Broadway CastSound Clips1993-10-26CDVarese Sarabande 5453
Lucky Stiff - Original Cast MembersSound Clips1994-02-15CDVarese Sarabande 5461
Unsung Musicals - Studio CastSound Clips1994-02-15CDVarese Sarabande 5462
She Loves Me - Broadway CastSound Clips1993-11-23CDVarese Sarabande 5464
Just in Time: Judy Kuhn Sings Jule Styne - Judy KuhnSound Clips1995-01-31CDVarese Sarabande 5472
Lost in Boston - Studio Cast1994-06-21CDVarese Sarabande 5475
Lost in Boston II - Studio CastSound Clips1994-10-25CDVarese Sarabande 5485
Hans Christian Andersen - Studio Cast
The Court Jester - Soundtrack
1994-06-07CDVarese Sarabande 5498
A Grand Night For Singing - Original Cast membersSound Clips1994-09-13CDVarese Sarabande 5516
Heartbeats - Pasadena Playhouse1994-08-16CDVarese Sarabande 5527
Our Private World - Sally MayesSound Clips1994-10-25CDVarese Sarabande 5529
Merrily We Roll Along - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1994-11-01CDVarese Sarabande 5548
Passion... in Jazz - Trotter Trio1994-11-08CDVarese Sarabande 5556
Lost in Boston III - Studio CastSound Clips1995-04-25CDVarese Sarabande 5563
Unsung Musicals II - Various ArtistsSound Clips1995-03-14CDVarese Sarabande 5564
The Andrew Lloyd Webber Album - Laurie BeechmanSound Clips1995-04-25CDVarese Sarabande 5583
This Funny World: Mary Cleere Haran Sings Lyrics By Hart - Mary Cleere HaranSound Clips1995-05-23CDVarese Sarabande 5584
The Story Goes On - Liz CallawaySound Clips1995-08-29CDVarese Sarabande 5585
Loving You: Paige O'Hara Sings Jerry Herman - Paige O'HaraSound Clips1995-07-18CDVarese Sarabande 5586
Diva by Diva - Judy KayeSound Clips1997-11-04CDVarese Sarabande 5589
Das Barbecü - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1995-03-07CDVarese Sarabande 5593
The Mystery Of Edwin Drood - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1995-03-28CDVarese Sarabande 5597
Sweeney Todd ... in Jazz - Trotter Trio1995-07-03CDVarese Sarabande 5603
Radio Gals - Original CastSound Clips1995-04-11CDVarese Sarabande 5604
A Hollywood Christmas - Studio CastSound Clips1998-08-25CDVarese Sarabande 5621
Shakespeare on Broadway - Studio CastSound Clips1996-02-13CDVarese Sarabande 5622
No One Is Alone - Laurie BeechmanSound Clips1996-09-10CDVarese Sarabande 5623
Henry, Sweet Henry - Original Broadway Cast1995-06-06CDVarese Sarabande 5631
Toonful, Too: More Songs from the Classic Animated Films! - Michelle NicastroSound Clips1995-10-10CDVarese Sarabande 5640
Anything Goes: Rebecca Luker Sings Cole Porter - Rebecca LukerSound Clips1996-03-26CDVarese Sarabande 5647
Doing Something Right - Randy GraffSound Clips1996-06-18CDVarese Sarabande 5652
Ethel Merman's Broadway - Original CastSound Clips1995-10-10CDVarese Sarabande 5665
Forbidden Hollywood - Los Angeles CastSound Clips1995-11-07CDVarese Sarabande 5669
Company... in Jazz - The Trotter TrioSound Clips1995-11-07CDVarese Sarabande 5673
Broadway Bound - Studio CastSound Clips1996-05-21CDVarese Sarabande 5676
john & jen - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1996-01-30CDVarese Sarabande 5688
You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile - Jason GraaeSound Clips1996-07-16CDVarese Sarabande 5711
London Pride: Songs From The London Stage - TwiggySound Clips1996-10-08CDVarese Sarabande 5715
The Musical Adventures of Peter Pan - Studio CastSound Clips1996-10-22CDVarese Sarabande 5722
Bed & Sofa - New York Cast1996-07-02CDVarese Sarabande 57292
The Michel Legrand Album - The Trotter TrioSound Clips1996-08-27CDVarese Sarabande 5735
Cowgirls - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1996-07-16CDVarese Sarabande 5740
The Alan Menken Album
Part of Your World: Debbie Shapiro Gravitte Sings Alan Menken - Debbie Gravitte
Sound Clips1996-08-27CDVarese Sarabande 5741
The MGM Album - Debbie GravitteSound Clips1997-03-25CDVarese Sarabande 5742
Under Paris Skies - Andy WilliamsSound Clips1997-08-12CDVarese Sarabande 5743
The King And I - Broadway CastSound Clips1996-10-01CDVarese Sarabande 5763
Lost in Boston IV - Studio CastSound Clips1997-04-22CDVarese Sarabande 5768
Unsung Musicals III - Various ArtistsSound Clips1997-05-20CDVarese Sarabande 5769
Highlights From Unsung Irving Berlin
Unsung Irving Berlin - Various Artists
Sound Clips1996-10-22CDVarese Sarabande 5770
I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1996-11-26CDVarese Sarabande 5771
Hey, Love - Original CastSound Clips1997-03-25CDVarese Sarabande 5772
The '50s Remembered: The Pop Vocalists Era - Various ArtistsSound Clips1997-02-11CDVarese Sarabande 5782
Chicago... and All That Jazz - The Brad Ellis Little Big BandSound Clips1997-03-11CDVarese Sarabande 5798
You Gotta Have Heart: The Songs of Richard Adler - Marlene VerPlanckSound Clips1997-07-01CDVarese Sarabande 5804
Sondheim at the Movies - Studio CastSound Clips1997-09-09CDVarese Sarabande 5805
No Way to Treat a Lady - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1997-04-22CDVarese Sarabande 5815
Surrender (The Remix) - Helen ReddySound Clips1998-09-15CDVarese Sarabande 5818
A Little Night Music - Terry TrotterSound Clips1997-09-09CDVarese Sarabande 5819
Sondheim: A Celebration - S.T.A.G.E. ConcertSound Clips1997-08-122-CDVarese Sarabande 5820
Cole Porter: A Musical Toast - S.T.A.G.E. ConcertSound Clips1997-07-01CDVarese Sarabande 5826
Because of You: Fifties Gold - Jeff HarnarSound Clips1997-06-17CDVarese Sarabande 5831
Play On! - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1997-05-20CDVarese Sarabande 5837
The Best of Off-Broadway - Off-Broadway Casts1997-08-26CDVarese Sarabande 5856
Prime Time Musicals - Studio CastSound Clips1997-10-21CDVarese Sarabande 5858
The Gay 90s - Original CastSound Clips1997-10-14CDVarese Sarabande 5867
Cinderella: Songs From The Classic Fairy Tale - Various ArtistsSound Clips1998-03-10CDVarese Sarabande 5875
The Burt Bacharach Album: Broadway Sings the Best of Burt Bacharach - Studio CastSound Clips1998-04-07CDVarese Sarabande 5889
Songs from the Silver Screen - Judy KayeSound Clips1998-02-24CDVarese Sarabande 5894
There's No Business Like Show Business - Film SoundtrackSound Clips1998-03-03CDVarese Sarabande 5912
The Irish, And How They Got That Way - Original Cast membersSound Clips1998-03-24CDVarese Sarabande 5916
Lerner, Loewe, Lane & Friends - S.T.A.G.E. ConcertSound Clips1998-03-242-CDVarese Sarabande 5917
Xena: The Bitter Suite - TV SoundtrackSound Clips1998-03-24CDVarèse Sarabande 5918
The Ferrante & Teicher Collection - Ferrante & TeicherSound Clips1998-04-28CDVarese Sarabande 5919
Broadway's Biggest '97-'98 - CompilationSound Clips1998-04-28CDVarese Sarabande 5923
Follies: Themes from the Legendary Musical - Trotter TrioSound Clips1998-06-02CDVarese Sarabande 5934
Color, Rhythm and Magic: Favorite Songs from Disney Classics - Earl RoseSound Clips2000-03-14CDVarese Sarabande 5939
Cabaret - Themes from the Hit Musical - Studio CastSound Clips1998-06-16CDVarese Sarabande 5945
A Broadway Love Story - Christiane NollSound Clips1998-08-25CDVarese Sarabande 5956
Duets - Emily Skinner and Alice RipleySound Clips1998-10-27CDVarese Sarabande 5958
Center Stage - Helen ReddySound Clips1998-09-22CDVarese Sarabande 5962
Here For You - Petula ClarkSound Clips1998-10-20CDVarese Sarabande 5978
As Thousands Cheer - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1999-03-23CDVarese Sarabande 5999
The Grass Harp - Original Broadway CastSound Clips1999-07-13CDVarese Sarabande 6010
The Sondheim Collection - CompilationSound Clips1999-04-20CDVarese Sarabande 6012
Little By Little - York Theatre CastSound Clips1999-05-04CDVarese Sarabande 6024
The Stephen Schwartz Album - Studio CastSound Clips1999-07-27CDVarese Sarabande 6045
Matters of the Heart - Patti LuponeSound Clips1999-09-21CDVarese Sarabande 6058
The Story Hour - Sally MayesSound Clips1999-10-05CDVarese Sarabande 6076
Promised Valley - Studio Cast1984LPVarese Sarabande 740.230
Camelot - London Cast1982LPVarese Sarabande OCV 81168
The Racers / Daddy Long Legs
Daddy Long Legs - Film Soundtrack
2002-11-20CDVarèse Sarabande SRS 2015
Highlights From Varése Sarabande Spotlight Series - CompilationSound Clips1997CDVarese Sarabande VAR-01
The First Nudie Musical - Soundtrack1978LPVarese Sarabande VC 81028
Stages - Original Cast1978LPVarese Sarabande VC-81083
Reel Imagination: Classic Songs from Family Films - Michelle Nicastro1994-10-11CassetteVarese Sarabande VSC-5537
Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas - TV SoundtrackSound Clips2018-11-02CDVarese Sarabande VSD 00011
Ruthless! - Los Angeles CastSound Clips1994-03-29CDVarese Sarabande VSD 5476
On My Own - Michelle Nicastro1997-08-26CDVarese Sarabande VSD 5810
The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective - Film SoundtrackSound Clips1995-05-09CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5359
Toonful: Songs from the Classic Animated Films - Michelle Nicastro1994-03-21CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5437
The Secret Garden - London Studio CastSound Clips1994-04-12CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5451
Colette Collage - Studio CastSound Clips1994-05-24CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5473
This Heart Of Mine: Classic Movie Songs Of The Forties - Mary Cleere HaranSound Clips1994-04-26CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5482
Reel Imagination: Classic Songs from Family Films - Michelle Nicastro1994CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5537
Reel Imagination: Classic Songs from Family Films - Michelle Nicastro1994-10-11CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5537
The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public - Original Broadway Cast1994-10-11CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5542
Hello, Dolly! - Broadway CastSound Clips1994-11-22CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5557
On The Waterfront - Soundtrack1995-05-23CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5638
Toonful, Too: More Songs from the Classic Animated Films! - Michelle NicastroSound Clips1995CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5640
Drat! The Cat! - Studio CastSound Clips1997-08-12CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5721
I Do! I Do! - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips1996-06-04CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5730
The Charming Miss Edie Adams - Edie AdamsSound Clips1997-07-15CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5797
The Best of Off-Broadway - Off-Broadway Casts1997-09-15CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5856
The Night Of The Hunter - Studio CastSound Clips1998-10-06CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5876
Ragtime: Themes From the Hit Musical - Studio RecordingSound Clips1998-01-27CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5880
A Broadway Love Story - Christiane NollSound Clips1998-09-01CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5956
Here For You - Petula Clark1998CDVarese Sarabande VSD-5993
Little Me - Broadway CastSound Clips1999-03-09CDVarese Sarabande VSD-6011
The Kander and Ebb Album - Brent BarrettSound Clips1999-07-13CDVarese Sarabande VSD-6044
Guys and Dolls - Earl RoseSound Clips2005-05-24CDVarèse Sarabande VSD-6659
Unsung Irving Berlin - Various ArtistsSound Clips1995-09-262-CDVarese Sarabande VSD2-5632
Rita Moreno - Rita MorenoSound Clips2011-12-12CD-RVarese Sarabande Records 066189
Sweet and Lovely: The Best of Nino Tempo & April Stevens - April Stevens & Nino TempoSound Clips1996-04-09CDVarese Vintage