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Broadway Bares Openings - Broadway Bares CastsSound Clips2010CDBroadway Cares / Yellow Sound Label CD356 / 8308072
Matilda - Original Broadway CastSound ClipsAudio FileBroadway Records / Yellow Sound Label
The Visit - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2015-07-10CDBroadway Records / Yellow Sound Label
Bandstand - Original Broadway Cast2017-06-30CDBroadway Records / Yellow Sound Label
The Beast in the Jungle - Original ScoreSound Clips2018-09-14CDBroadway Records / Yellow Sound Label
Nevermore: The Imaginary Life & Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2015-06-162-CDBroadway Records / Yellow Sound Label 2615
John & Jen - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2015-06-16CDBroadway Records / Yellow Sound Label 2715
Wildhorn & Friends: Bonnie & Clyde and a Whole Lotta Jazz - Concert CastSound Clips2016-06-03CDBroadway Records / Yellow Sound Label 5415
Matilda - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2013-10-22CDBroadway Records / Yellow Sound Label BRYSL-CD01
The Swing Set - Jim CarusoSound Clips2011-01-11CDYellow Sound Label
The Burnt Part Boys - Original CastSound Clips2011-12-06CDYellow Sound Label
First Things Last - Lance HorneSound Clips2011-01-18CDYellow Sound Label
Out Of Context: The Songs Of Michael Patrick Walker - Various ArtistsSound Clips2011-11-08CDYellow Sound Label
See Rock City and Other Destinations - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2013-03-19CDYellow Sound Label
I'll Cover You - Telly LeungSound Clips2012-12-04CDYellow Sound Label
Next Thing You Know - Studio CastSound Clips2012-09-04CDYellow Sound Label
Fugitive Songs, A Song Cycle - Studio CastSound Clips2012-09-18CDYellow Sound Label
Kerrigan-Lowdermilk Live - Concert CastSound Clips2013-05-21Audio FileYellow Sound Label
Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Musical Mystery - Original CastSound Clips2013-07-16CDYellow Sound Label
Grind - Film SoundtrackSound Clips2014-08-25Audio FileYellow Sound Label
The Memory Show - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2015-03-24CDYellow Sound Label
Altitude - Jose Llana2016-05-13CDYellow Sound Label
Bare Naked - Lynne ShankelSound Clips2017-01-242-CDYellow Sound Label
Iowa - Original CastSound Clips2017-04-28CDYellow Sound Label
Kris Kringle - Studio CastSound Clips2018-02-09Yellow Sound Label
A Letter to Harvey Milk - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2018-07-06CDYellow Sound Label
Bella: An American Tall Tale - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips9999CDYellow Sound Label
The Other Josh Cohen - Studio CastSound Clips2018-10-19CDYellow Sound Label
77th Street - Margo SeibertSound Clips2018-10-26CDYellow Sound Label
Indecent - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2019-01-25CDYellow Sound Label
I Bought A Blue Car Today - Alan CummingSound Clips2009-09-22CDYellow Sound Label 566463
And Now I Swing - Chita RiveraSound Clips2009-10-13CDYellow Sound Label 566473
Marcy & Zina: The Album - Marcy Heisler & Zina GoldrichSound Clips2009-11-03CDYellow Sound Label 566493
Imaginocean - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2010-07-27CDYellow Sound Label 566553
Fly by Night - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2015-06-16CDYellow Sound Label 566983
First Date - Original Broadway CastSound Clips2013-10-15CDYellow Sound Label 566993
Alan Cumming Sings Sappy Songs: Live at the Cafe Carlyle - Alan Cumming2016-02-05CDYellow Sound Label 567063
The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2014-06-10CDYellow Sound Label 567113
Tamar of the River - Original CastSound Clips2014-09-23CDYellow Sound Label 567123
Heathers - Original Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2014-06-17CDYellow Sound Label 5671493
Herringbone - Concert CastSound Clips2014-12-022-CDYellow Sound Label 567203
Sing You to Sleep - Anika LarsenSound Clips2014-12-09CDYellow Sound Label 567423
I've Been Played: Alysha Umphress Swings Jeff Blumenkrantz - Alysha UmphressSound Clips2015-01-06CDYellow Sound Label 567433
Songs For You - Telly Leung2015-11-24CDYellow Sound Label 66863
Murder Ballad - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2013-05-28CDYellow Sound Label YSL 567103
The Last Smoker in America - Off-Broadway CastSound Clips2013-07CDYellow Sound Label YSL566883
Stars of David - Studio CastSound Clips2014-12-16CDYellow Sound Label YSL567153