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1. Blues In The Night
2. Love Is Just Around The Corner
3. Old Ninety-Seven
4. Spring, Spring, Spring
5. Them There Eyes
6. Somebody Bad Stole The Wedding Bell
7. St. Louis Blues
8. Accentuate The Positive
9. Java Jive
10. Hear Them Bells
11. The New Ashmolean
12. Take Me Back To Little Rock
13. The First Baseball Game
14. Lora-Belle Lee
15. My Gal Is Mine Once More
16. Jamboree Jones
17. In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening [The Keystone Girl]
18. Queenie, The Quick-Change Artist [The Keystone Girl]
19. I Guessed It Was You All The Time [The Keystone Girl]
20. Don’t Care For The Heck Of It [The Keystone Girl]
21. I’m All Tied Up [The Keystone Girl]
22. But They Better Not Wait Too Long [The Keystone Girl]
23. When I Get You In The Back Of My Cadillac [The Keystone Girl]
24. At The Party [The Keystone Girl]
25. Any Similarity Is Just Co-Incidental [The Keystone Girl]
26. Little Lost Dream [The Good Companions]
27. Slippin’ Around The Corner [The Good Companions]
28. The Pleasure Of Your Company [The Good Companions]
29. I’ll Tell The World [The Good Companions]
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