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1. DESERT SONGThe Desert Song (The Desert Song) -- June Bronhill, Edmund Hockridge 3:04
2. FRENCH MILITARY MARCHING SONGFrench Military Marching Song (The Desert Song) -- 4:38
3. ROMANCERomance (The Desert Song) -- 2:10
4. THE SABRE SONGThe Sabre Song (The Desert Song) 4:36
5. DO RE MIDo Re Mi (The Sound of Music) 2:51
6. THE SOUND OF MUSICThe Sound Of Music (The Sound of Music) 3:32
7. MY FAVOURITE THINGSMy Favourite Things (The Sound of Music) 2:10
8. CLIMB EVERY MOUNTAINClimb Every Moutain (The Sound of Music) 2:25
9. THE LONELY GOATHERDThe Lonely Goatherd (The Sound of Music) 3:18
10. SIXTEEN GOING ON SEVENTEENSixteen Going on Seventeen (The Sound of Music) 2:20
11. THE PROPHET OF THE BLUE PAGODAThe Prophet of the Blue Pagoda (The Land of Smiles) 2:29
12. THE EQUATIONThe Equation (The Land of Smiles) -- June Bronhill, Peter Grant 4:43
13. SHE HAD A LETTER FROM HER LOVEShe Had a Letter from Her Love (Merrie England) 3:30
14. IN ENGLAND, MERRIE ENGLANDIn England, Merrie England (Merrie England) 2:03
15. DUETDuet (The Merry Widow) -- June Bronhill, Thomas Round 2:35
16. INTRODUCTION & VILJAIntroduction and Vilja (The Merry Widow) 6:25
17. EURYDICE COUPLETEurydice Couplet (Orpheus in the Underworld)3:00
18. INVOCATION TO DEATHInvocation to Death (Orpheus in the Underworld) 2:22
19. THE GOLDEN SONGThe Golden Song (Lilac Time) -- June Bronhill, Thomas Round 3:52
20. THE FLOWERThe Flower (Lilac Time) -- June Bronhill, Thomas Round 3:59
21. WHEN THE LILAC BLOOM UNCLOSESWhen The Lilac Bloom Uncloses (Lilac Time) -- June Bronhill, John Cameron 4:47
22. WERE YOU NOT TO KOKO PLIGHTEDWere You Not To Koko Plighted (The Mikado) -- June Bronhill, Andrew Gold 2:14
23. I HAVE A SONG TO SING,Have a Song to Sing O! (The Yeoman of the Guard) -- June Bronhill, Martyn Green 3:34
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