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1. The Indian Princess: Chorus
2. The Indian Princess: Song: 'Ever, Ever Cheery!'
3. The Indian Princess: Song: 'Och! Hubbaboo! Gramachree! Hone!'
4. The Indian Princess: Dialogue Quartetto
5. The Indian Princess: Finale To The First Act
6. The Indian Princess: Incidental Music To Act Two, Scene 2: Smith Brought In Prisoner; Smith Is Led To The Block; The Princess Leads Smith To The Throne; She Supplicates The King For His Pardon; Smith Is Pardoned - General Joy Diffused
7. The Indian Princess: Song: 'Fair Geraldine'
8. The Indian Princess: Glee: 'Without A Penny Of Money'
9. The Indian Princess: Song: 'When The Midnight Of Absence'
10. The Indian Princess: Song: 'Careless Ned'
11. The Indian Princess: Song: 'Captain Smith'
12. The Indian Princess: Finale
13. The Ethiop: Overture
14. The Ethiop: Symphony: 'While Cephania Comes On In Her Barge'
15. The Ethiop: Chorus: 'Queen Of The East'
16. The Ethiop: Air: 'The Camel's Bell'
17. The Ethiop: Trio: 'Mighty Man! If I Surrender'
18. The Ethiop: Duet: 'How Boon Are The Hours'
19. The Ethiop: Chorus: 'The Bezestein'
20. The Ethiop: Musical Colloquy
21. The Ethiop: Subterranean Chorus
22. The Ethiop: Chorus: 'Address Of Conspirators To Orasmyn'
23. The Ethiop: Accompanied Recitative: 'Nourreddin At The Top Of The Catacomb'
24. The Ethiop: Chorus: Solo, Semi-chorus, And Chorus Of Conspirators
25. The Ethiop: Pas seul
26. The Ethiop: Song: 'Corner Houses'
27. The Ethiop: Air: 'These Keys Can A Treasure Unfold'
28. The Ethiop: Finale
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